Chapter 141: Black Hearted Song Shaochen

    Chapter 141: Black Hearted Song Shaochen

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    Ye Ling felt a fit of comfort for no reason after hearing Song Shaochen's words. Although she was of the Ye Family and looked like a princess, only she knew the hardship within. She needed to put on a happy face when she went home and needed to ridicule Ye Zifeng. That wasn't all, she even need to secretly use the money she saved and stole to ask Gu Luo for help.

    Today, it was her first time seeing her opponent act low in front of her. She even forgot the disgust when Ye Mo killed.

    "You want me to let you go?" Ye Mo looked at Song Shaochen and blandly said.

    "Yes, as long as you are willing to have mercy, I will pay you back ten times..." Hearing Ye Mo's tone soften, Song Shaochen said hurriedly.

    "He's called Gu Luo? This name is really strange and I detest this guy." Ye Mo looked once at Gu Luo.

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Song Shaochen's eyes suddenly turned cold and pulled out a small 3 edged prick from somewhere and just stabbed it onto Gu Luo's back without hesitation.

    When the prick was fully submerged, Gu Luo then turned around and looked at Song Shaochen in disbelief. He pointed with his finger wanting to say something, but eventuall, he couldn't. He just looked with fury as he fell to the ground. Perhaps he couldn't understand why he would die in Song Shaochen's hands after serving him for so long.

    Ye Mo thought that this Song Shaochen was a cruel character. He actually knew where to pierce so that one would die the quickest. It definitely wasn't his first time doing this.

    Ye Ling looked at Gu Luo fall to the ground with massive amount of blood emerging from his back like a spring, and she finally couldn't take it as she fainted in Ye Mo's arms.

    "Young Master Chen..." Gu Luo's two henchmen looked at Song Shaochen and couldn't believe that he would kill his most trusted man. They didn't know if they should attack Song Shaochen or still be on the same team with him.

    Just when the two were still hesitating, Song Shaochen already charged over and killed another. The remaining one reacted, and when Song Shaochen stabbed towards him, he actually pulled out a knife and stabbed it into Song Shaochen's left shoulder.

    Although Song Shaochen was injured, it wasn't lethal. Plus, the damage of the knife was far from that of the prick. The man holding the knife was killed, but Song Shaochen could still stand up and looked worriedly at Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo looked coldly at Song Shaochen; he killed without any moral burden, and he was killing his trusted men. His actions were swift without any hesitation. It could be seen that not only was he cruel but also had some power.

    When he was talking to him before, he still seemed shaky, but Ye Mo would never believe him. Song Shaochen was obviously acting, but he acted too much. Regardless whether he was acting or not, Ye Mo wouldn't let this guy go.

    "Brother Ye, I've already done as you told and killed these few people you don't like." Then Song Shaochen took out a bag from his pocket and said, "This is the Ye Family's Feng Shui Dragon Balls, I only told Ye Ling to get two."

    Song Shaochen walked to a chair with pale face and put the bag on the chair. Although his shoulder was bleeding heavily, but he didn't seem to notice it. Instead, he opened the bag and said, "I'll show it to you."

    Ye Mo just stared coldly at Song Shaochen; he was very smart and cunning, but Ye Mo had already seen the evil in his eyes with his spirit sense. Even if he didn't, he knew that Song Shaochen's actions were abnormal.

    His hand was already so heavily injured, but he didn't stop the bleeding and instead was going to open up the bag. If it really was the Dragon Balls inside, he could've just given it to him. Thinking about this, Ye Mo scanned the bag with his spirit sense.

    At this moment, however, Song Shaochen pulled out a gun from the bag with unimaginable speed. At the same time, his gun was already pointed at Ye Mo. This was all done in less than two seconds.

    Song Shaochen had a lot of faith in his gun prowess and his speed was very fast. The gun was pointed at Ye Mo's head. He didn't think Ye Mo could still live after getting shot in the head. Even if Ye Mo was a disciple of ancient martial arts, he wouldn't be able to dodge this.

    Thinking that he was about to kill Ye Mo, Song Shaochen was excited. He could almost already see the leader of the Song Family's praise him, and that the first in the third generation title would be his.

    But in the spur of a moment, Song Shaochen didn't have this thought anymore. He just looked at Ye Mo who stared at him with cold eyes as though a monkey being stupid. At the tip between his fingers was a bullet.

    Ye Mo noticed Song Shaochen's actions as soon as he took the gun out of the bag. The moment Song Shaochen fired, Ye Mo used his spirit chi to form a force field, and the bullet was slowed down. That way, Ye Mo caught the bullet easily. Even if he fired when Ye Mo wasn't ready,although Ye Mo wouldn't be able to catch the bullet, he would still be able to dodge it.

    Song Shaochen seemed like he saw a ghost and made a sound after a long while. "You, you can catch a bullet, you..." He was dumbfounded. This was the first time he met someone who could catch bullet. No one would believe it.

    Seeing Song Shaochen's worried look, Ye Mo sneered. "Don't worry, I won't kill you now." Then, the bullet in his hand dropped to the floor in a clank. Song Shaochen's heart skipped. Although he was still on the edge, he gradually calmed down after hearing Ye Mo's words.

    Of course, Ye Mo wouldn't kill Song Shaochen now. Although he could and knew the Song Family wouldn't do anything to him, he was just scared that if the Song Family was infuriated and fought with him, then Dongfang Xi's prediction would quite possibly come true.

    If Ye Mo and the Song Family fought, no matter how he beat up the Song Family, he would only have one choice and that was to leave the country. In Ye Mo's perspective, even if he was to fight the Song Family, he couldn't do it overtly. He could make them feel scared, but he couldn't force them into a corner.

    He could kill Gu Luo and his henchmen, but he couldn't kill Song Shaochen now. He still needed to do the after work for the business in the room. Ye Mo believed that Song Shaochen didn't dare to make it known, and neither did the Song Family.

    Plus, this was Beijing not the borderlands. It was fine to kill at the borderlands but not in Beijing. Now that so many died in the room, and despite most of them were killed by Song Shaochen, someone needed to take care of the aftermath. It was better to leave Song Shaochen to do that.

    Ye Mo wasn't an idiot. He had arrived at Beijing for more than a day and still didn't receive any attacks or threats. That meant the Song Family was holding themselves back. Perhaps what happened in Sai Na had already reached the Song Family. Ye Mo would definitely not believe that the Song Family didn't know he arrived at Beijing, because when he came, he just waltzed right in.

    Ye Mo patted his hand and took out the two Dragon Balls and looked. He couldn't help but to shake his head. It was just two normal magic artefacts with a sliver of spirit chi.

    Song Shaochen looked at Ye Mo and didn't dare to move. He now understood why the leader ordered not to touch Ye Mo. He was too scary; no wonder he could kill Hu Qiu.

    Ye Mo looked at Song Shaochen and patted his shoulder. Song Shaochen felt as though a big metal hammer whacked his heart a few times. That pressure made him faint.

    After burning away the bodies in the room, Song Shaochen woke up again and found that all the bodies had disappeared. There was just some blood stains and burnt smell. He didn't know how long he was out for, but he knew it wasn't long. Ye Mo had dealt with the bodies in such a short time, and Song Shaochen suddenly felt his body was cold.

    This was why Ye Mo couldn't be touched.

    "Do you know why I didn't kill you?" Ye Mo looked at Song Shaochen who had a spookily pale face and said.

    Song Shaochen subconsciously shook his head.

    Ye Mo smiled. "Take care of this place and perhaps after a few days, you would understand why I didn't kill you. Oh, and tell your leader this, don't piss me off; piss me off and I'll make the Song Family disappear in one night."

    Then, Ye Mo carried the still unconscious Ye Ling and actually jumped out of the window.

    Song Shaochen looked at Ye Mo disappear and now realized his life was saved. He looked at Ye Mo jump to the window and was shocked once again, this was fourth storey. But he soon knew that it was time to clean up. Thinking about this, Song Shaochen didn't even have time to dress his wound and just called the family straight away.


    Just when Ye Mo didn't know where to take Ye Ling, Ye Ling woke up. She saw Ye Mo carrying her and made a small struggle, Ye Mo put her down.

    Ye Ling stared at Ye Mo for a while before remembered what happened before. Her face was full of worry; Ye Mo murdered someone, and she saw it with her own eyes. What to do?

    Ye Ling didn't even get time to ask how Ye Mo came to Beijing and just looked at him and said worriedly, "Hurry up and run now, you killed the Song Family's man, they won't let you go. Go now..."
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