Chapter 142: Brother and Sister

    Chapter 142: Brother and Sister

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    Ye Mo saw that Ye Ling wanted him to run and felt touched. Although the things Ye Ling did was very naïve, her intent was to save Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng. From that perspective, she did suffer many hardships. Ye Mo knew that Ye Ling didn't like him, but why did she still do so much for him?

    Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand, touched Ye Ling's hair and sighed. "Stupid, if I leave now, you would be dead. Don't worry. Since I can kill Song Shaowen and still have nothing happen, nothing will happen now. Plus, I didn't kill Song Shaochen."

    Ye Ling felt weird after being touched by Ye Mo. A faint sense of being cared for circulated er heart. She had never been cared for. Even her brother Ye Zifeng always complain that she was too immature. But now, she had this feeling. Her fatigued heart seemed to have something to depend on. She suddenly wanted to lay in Ye Mo's arms and call him big brother, but at the same time, she felt distant with the Ye Mo in front of her compared to the original Ye Mo.

    The two sunk into silence, but Ye Ling soon reacted. She thought about Ye Mo's safety and hurried, "You didn't kill Song Shaochen? Then if he calls the cops on you, where will you go? Even if he doesn't call the cops, the Song Family knows you're in Beijing, you still wouldn't be able to escape, what shall we do..."

    Ye Mo smiled. "Don't worry, the Song Family doesn't dare to look for me now. Nothing will happen tomorrow." Ye Mo saw things clearly. Since he came to Beijing and the Song Family didn't look for him, then they wouldn't look for him now. Even if they were to, it would be after they've completely investigated the situation. If Song Jiaming knew he could come back safely from the Nan Qing's HQ and still look for trouble with him without any reason, then the Song Family wouldn't be still alive today.

    Ye Ling looked at Ye Mo in a daze; she didn't know why Ye Mo said the Song Family didn't dare to look for him. She also knew that Ye Mo wasn't the same as before.

    Although Ye Mo didn't kill Song Shaochen, he still left a time bomb on him. Song Shaochen didn't have long to live. Ye Mo thought that after he left Beijing, the Song Family wouldn't be able to do anything to him, but they could attack Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng. Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt like he had a headache. Now, he didn't dare to overtly eradicate the Song Family. Since he couldn't, he needed to worry about this.

    Seeing that Ye Mo was in thought, Ye Ling said, "Where would you stay tonight?" Ye Ling wanted to call him brother but couldn't. The original Ye Mo had too much of a bad impression in her mind.

    Ye Mo came back from his thought and decided he would think about it later. Now that Ye Ling asked, he said, "I have a place to live, what about you? I'll send you back."

    "Mhm, I'm living at campus." Ye Ling wanted to ask how Ye Mo had been, but didn't know where to start. Plus, she saw the ordinary clothes on him and knew he wasn't living a wealthy life. Perhaps he was even living a desolate life. She was scared that if she asked, Ye Mo would be sad. She didn't know where he got his powers from, but eventually, she couldn't resist and asked. Ye Mo didn't know where to start, so he simply described his life and didn't mention him going to the desert and being hunted. These things were too distant with Ye Ling's life. He didn't want Ye Ling to be worried.

    From Ye Ling, Ye Mo heard that Ye Zifeng had been very busy recently, but Ye Ling didn't know why. Ye Zifeng barely discussed such things with Ye Ling.

    The two walked as they talked and came back to Hua Uni. At the door, Ye Mo remembered Zhuo Yangqing. He looked around and Zhuo Yangqing was long gone.

    "Go back to the dorms first, I'm going. Tomorrow, find Zifeng, we need to talk." Ye Mo sent Ye ling to the door. He wanted to go scout at the Song Family. If the Song Family decided to shatter the glass and fight him, he needs to be prepared.

    "Come inside and have a seat." Seeing Ye Mo was going, Ye Ling couldn't resist to say. She still had a lot of things she wanted to talk about, plus, Ye Mo changed too much that made her feel dependent on him. At the moment, she actually didn't want him to leave.

    Ye Mo hesitated and saw the "males are forbidden" sign. Although he also went to Uni at Ning Hai, he had never been to the female dorms. Now that the weather was getting warmer, it didn't seem appropriate to go into the female dorms.

    Ye Ling saw Ye Mo's gaze and knew he was worrying he couldn't go in, so she hurried to say, "It's okay, the He Ma at the door is very nice to me, she'll definitely let you in. Plus, all of the girls in my dorm aren't here tonight. They are going to a social with Shi Uni."

    Originally, Ye Mo didn't worry about going in; he had too many ways to, but he was just worried it would affect others. Now that Ye Ling said this, he wanted to go in and see too. He just wanted to see if he could set up a simple defense formation there. And, he wanted to talk to Ye Ling. If she didn't want to stay in Beijing, she could go to Luo Cang.

    It was just as Ye Ling said; the aunty at the door just looked once at Ye Mo and didn't stop him from going in.

    Ye Ling's dorm was closed and it was pitch black. Ye Ling was right; the girls weren't back.

    Ye Mo habitually scanned his spirit sense out and was immediately shocked. There were still 3 people inside the dorm.

    Just when Ye Mo wanted tell Ye Ling that, Ye Ling had opened the door and said, "Come in, there's no one inside..."

    Before Ye Ling finished speaking, the light was opened, scaring Ye Ling. In the middle of the table was a big cake.

    The three girls saw Ye Ling come in and all yelled, "Happy birthday Ling!"

    However, the three soon saw Ye Mo behind her and yelled in surprise. One of the girl who just wore shorts quickly took a pair of pants and put them on.

    "You guys..." Ye Ling was shocked at the scene in front of her.

    One of the taller looking girl reacted and said, "Ling Zi, didn't think you would be celebrating your birthday with your boyfriend. We still wanted to give you a surprise. Hehe, hurry up and introduce him, he's really handsome."

    Ye Ling just remembered that today was her birthday; she was so busy that she forgot. She couldn't help but feel grateful to her dorm mates for preparing this for her. She immediately said, "Xiao Dan, Lulu, Tianhe, thank you guys so much, you remembered my birthday."

    "Eat the cake later, Lu Lu is right, introduce your boyfriend. We can't wait. This is the first time you brought your boyfriend back," that short haired girl also said.

    "You guys are mistaken, this isn't my boyfriend." Ye Ling waved her hand.

    "Pfft... You brought him back and you even said 'no one's here you can come in'. Did you think we didn't hear it, do you think we're third wheeling? Don't worry, after you introduce, we can give you guys some space. He Ma just called to say you're back, but she never said you brought a boyfriend," the short haired girl said.

    Ye Mo touched his nose awkwardly. He didn't think Ye Ling's classmates were all back, and today was Ye Ling's birthday. It seemed he couldn't tell her about going to Luo Cang today. And, Ye Ling's friends were all wearing casual clothes. It wasn't convenient for him to stay here. Ye Mo could only say, "How about I go first? We can talk tomorrow."

    Ye Ling also knew that Ye Mo probably had some things to discuss with her, but now he couldn't say it. She could only nod her head.

    "Huh, why are you leaving, you just came in? Today is Ye Ling's birthday, you're not even helping her celebrate it. At least leave after eating the cake or introduce yourself. And you still need to invite us to dinner tomorrow," that girl wearing shorts finally dropped the awkwardness and said.

    "Dan dan was seen in her undies, of course she needed someone to compensate her with food now, haha..." that short haired girl said immediately.

    Ye Mo felt more awkward; he didn't even remember Ye Ling's birthday as her brother, while Ye Ling's dorm mates remembered it. He thought about Su Jingwen's birthday. They both came from big families. Why was Ye Ling's birthday so different to Su Jingwen's? The Ye Family was much bigger than the Su family.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt bitter. Perhaps Ye Ling really had been enduring a lot of hardship these years.

    Seeing Ye Mo stand silently at the door, Ye Ling thought Ye Mo was thinking about her life and said, "Brother, I don't care that much about my birthday, as long as you and Zifeng is fine, everything is good. Go back first, I'll come look for you tomorrow."

    Ye Ling hugged Ye Mo after. It was the first time she called Ye Mo brother, but she didn't feel it to be weird at all. Perhaps she would no longer have to live that worrying life. At least, Ye Mo was so much better than she had thought.

    She felt Ye Mo's hug was very firm and warm, giving her a sense of security from the bottom of her heart.
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