Chapter 143: Helpless Song Qiming

    Chapter 143: Helpless Song Qiming

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    That "brother" made Ye Mo freeze mentally. Ever since coming to this world, it was destined that he would be lonely. But today, someone called him brother. This indescribable feeling flowed through Ye Mo's heart that made him decide to protect Ye Ling for her life. Not for anything else, but just for that brother.

    "Aiyou, so emotional... Ling Zi, you really make people cringe. But your boyfriend is quite handsome, I also want to hug your brother. Don't be stingy," the short haired girl said.

    Of course she was joking, she didn't really mean to go hug Ye Mo.

    Ye Ling really enjoyed Ye Mo's hug and hearing what the short-haired girl said, she suddenly smiled and pulled the short-haired girl's hand and dragged her into Ye Mo's arms. She moved aside. "Okay Tian He, you can hug for however long you want. I won't be jealous at all. But, don't let go."

    Tian He was pulled into Ye Mo's arms; Ye Mo wanted to push her away, but was scared he would hurt her feelings.

    Meanwhile, Tian He thought it was just a hug, so she wrapped her arms around Ye Mo's waist.

    Ye Mo didn't feel anything when he was hugged by Ye Ling, but he didn't expect Tian He to hug him with such force. He immediately felt two balls of softness in front of her chest and that faint aroma of a girl. His blood speed up, and he had a biological reaction.

    His crotch immediately rammed against Tian He's stomach. He was originally planning to eat a piece of cake, but he hurriedly said, "I'm going." Then, he rushed out of the dorms and disappeared.

    "What's wrong, Tian He? Why did you scare Ling's boyfriend away? Is it because your chest is too powerful?" When Ye Mo left, the two other girls came up and teased her.

    Tian He's face was shot red. Although she was acting tough, it was just in her words.

    However, when the other two girls asked, she recovered and smiled. "Ling, your boyfriend's thing is so big. I could feel it. What a man... But I still quite like his hug, he smells very nice."

    "What? You really felt that? It's really big?" To their surprise, Ye Ling asked Tian He with a face full of joy.

    Tian He was grabbed by Ye Ling, but this was nothing. When Ye Ling asked that question, the dorm mates were completely shocked.

    "Hey, Ling Zi, are you dumb, how can you not know your boyfriend's thing? Why are you asking me? But your boyfriend is really excellent. Sigh, I don't know where you found him. Why don't I have that kind of luck?" Tian He also had a boyfriend but was never like Ye Mo who could give her a refreshing and calm sense during hugs.

    "Okay, we really admire you two, next time when Ling Zi's boyfriend comes, I also want to hug him," the taller girl said.

    "And me..." Dan Dan hurried to say.

    Tian He threw up the finger,/ "You two cougars, but Ling Zi, even if it's really big, you don't need to be so happy. You'll be taking in quite a load."

    However, Ye Ling murmured, "It was indeed a lie..."

    She was thinking about Ye Mo's diagnosis. It was fake. If Tian He didn't say it today, she would've thought it was real. Now, it seemed that the DNA test was also fake. Her big uncle did this. At this moment, she only felt happy because Ye Mo had completely changed.


    Although it was very late, the lights were still on at the Song Family. Even Song Shaochen was in the family meeting.

    Ye Mo's guess was right. The Song Family didn't dare to fight Ye Mo at all costs. Song Qiming was very careful. Before he understood Ye Mo's trump card, he didn't dare to move. If Ye Mo really could enter a heavily guarded place like the Nan Qing HQ, then it would be all too easy for him to kill everyone in the Song Family especially how Ye Mo did things without thinking the consequences.

    Thinking about their conflict with Ye Mo, Song Qiming's face was very bad. It was too embarrassing for such a powerful family to not be able to touch Ye Mo. If it was someone else or even a gang, the Song Family could get rid of them easily.

    "Shaochen, did you just say in the blink of an eye, all the bodies in the room disappeared? He could even catch a bullet?" Song Hai needed to be clear on this. He had been responsible for the intel of the family. This was the first time he heard of such a capability of Ye Mo, and that meant he didn't do his job well.

    "Yes, Uncle Hai, I didn't say a single lie. He could really stop the bullet with two fingers. My pistol is the Howard PPK. You should know its speed, but he caught it with his finger. Plus, I'm sure I wasn't out for more than five minutes. When I woke up, nothing changed except the bodies have disappeared." Song Shaochen still felt fear when saying this.

    Song Qiming looked with one eye towards Song Hai and wanted to ask about Sai Na, but remembered that he just sent out the order today, so things shouldn't be this fast.

    Song Hai's heart was skipping. Although the leader didn't say anything, he knew that he hadn't been able to find out a lot of Ye Mo's powers. He didn't do his job properly. He had made up his mind to increase the intensity of the research in Sai Na; he couldn't made a mistake again.

    Seeing Song Hai's expression, Song Qiming didn't pay more attention to him. He turned his head and asked Song Shaochen, "What else did he say?"

    Song Shaochen looked worriedly at Song Qiming's furious face and answered after some hesitation, "When he left, he told me to bring back a message. He said don't piss him off, if we do, he will make the Song Family disappear in one night. And, when he left, he carried Ye Ling and jumped from the fourth floor."

    "What?" Song Qiming obviously heard it, but he exclaimed in shock. If Ye Mo could jump off by himself, he wouldn't be so shocked. But carrying a person and jumping off the fourth floor, this was absurd.

    Just when everyone thought the leader would be angry by Ye Mo's threat, Song Qiming calmed down instead. He started to contemplate, and after a while, he looked at Song Qikan and said, "Qikan, what do you think?"

    Song Qikan frowned and said, "According to Ye Mo's habits and what Shaochen reported, if Ye Mo said that, it means he can really do it. My opinion is to wait for the result of the Sai Na investigation. After we know Ye Mo's limits, then we can make a move. Plus, if we are to move, we can't do it alone. We need to invite some people. Of course, we must also notify Hu Qiu's master."

    Song Qiming nodded. "This is what I think too, okay, that's it for today. When the investigation comes out, we'll have another meeting, but before this, if anyone dares to look for trouble with Ye Mo or someone related to him, I won't let him go. Dismissed."


    Ye Mo left Qing Hua University and prepared to look for a place to stay when his phone rang. It was Li Hu. He was very happy when he knew that Ye Mo came to Beijing. He just said he was busy in the day and his phone was shut.

    Ye Mo just said a location when his phone shut down. He hadn't charged this phone, and it just answered two phone calls before running out of battery.

    Now, Ye Mo still hadn't ate yet. Originally, Zhuo Yangqing wanted to invite him to dinner, but due to Qing Xun's things, Zhuo Yangqing didn't have the time to redeem it, so Ye Mo went to look for Ye Ling.

    Li Hu came very quickly and drove a normal jeep. As soon as he got off, he grabbed Ye Mo's hands excitedly. "Brother Ye, if it wasn't for you last time, we would've probably died much less retrieve the item. I've been waiting for days, and you're finally here. Let's go. You should sleep at my place tonight. You must come to my base with me tomorrow. Those brats keep saying I'm bragging. You need to help me teach them a lesson."

    Li Hu was straightforward and very social, and he already saw Ye Mo as his friend.

    Ye Mo could tell that this guy had been bragging about him in front of others, but they couldn't find him so his words were ignored. Ye Mo smiled. He didn't have the time to help Li Hu show off. He just wanted to get his money and solve the problems here so he could go back to cultivate. The more people he got into conflict with, the more he felt his power was insignificant.

    From Lang Ji's mouth, Ye Mo heard that Xian Daoist in Metal River was much stronger than Wu Qiang. Moreover, it was said that he was about to breakthrough. If things were really as Lang Ji said, then his powers would only seem overwhelming to normal people, but for the real strong people out there, he was still missing a bit. Thinking about this, how could Ye Mo have the mood to show off in front of normal soldiers?
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