Chapter 153: The Ye Familys State

    Chapter 153: The Ye Family's State

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    Of course, Ye Mo knew what Ye Ling was thinking. Ye Ling was scared he would massacre the Ye Family. Ye Mo wouldn't be so stupid. Even if Ye Ling had no feelings for the Ye Family, he still couldn't kill people now, much less when she did have sentiments for them. Even if he were to kill, he would have to do it in secret. That way, even if everyone were to know his actions, none of them would have the evidence.

    If Ye Wenqi didn't dare to slap himself, then don't blame him for playing dirty. He crushed three small pieces of ore and shot one into Ye Wenqi's body, and another two towards the men who whipped Ye Ling. Then, he carried Ye Ling and left.

    Looking at Ye Mo's disappearing shadow, Ye Beirong seemed to have aged ten years. After a long time, he murmured, "Is the Ye Family going to end?"

    Ye Wenqi didn't realize that his life was saved by Ye Mo. Now that Ye Mo left, he immediately said, "Father don't worry, since Ye Mo didn't kill today, then he shouldn't. Although he's strong, he's only one person. Could he compare with the entire family? Would he not be afraid of the country's judgement."

    "Shut up, you think I don't know your little acts? You wanted to suppress Ye Mo, that's fine, but now you even want to touch Ye Zifeng. You didn't know anything about Ye Ling stealing the Dragonballs? Although Ye Ling is unforgivable, but you knew what Ye Ling did and you didn't stop her. I originally thought that after the Ye Family leaves the political scene, I might as well give you the family. But now, it seemed like I was very wrong," Ye Beirong spoke so hastily that he coughed.

    Seeing no one from the Ye Family was awake to reality, Ye Beirong sighed once again. The only elite of the Ye Family was kicked out. One that was slightly better was also suppressed. In order to protect Ye Zifeng, he had to send Ye Zifeng to England, and now, Ye Wenqi still talked with arrogance. Ye Mo wasn't even afraid of Nan Qing, even the Song Family felt fearful of Ye Mo, why would he be scared of the Ye Family?

    Ye Beirong said with a lack of interest, "I'm really disappointed. The Song Family could find out Ye Mo's power and his identity and not dare to fight him, but our Ye Family acted like a fool and didn't know anything. Ye Long, your intel job is really well done. Wenjin, the Gu Luo guy Ye Ling knew was introduced by you, right? Why is Ye Lu fine? Do you all think I'm old."

    Ye Wenqi had a pale face but didn't argue.

    Seeing everyone was silent, Ye Beirong was more disappointed. After a while, he said, "Ye Wenqi, tomorrow, apply for a relocation out of Beijing, you can decide where you go. Wenjin, tomorrow, hand in a resign and go with your second brother and do business. From today onwards, no one is allowed in the Ye Family mansion without my permission."

    Saying this, Ye Beirong pretty much removed Ye Wenqi and Ye Wenjin from the authority center of the Ye Family. Although he gave Ye Ling to Ye Wenqi to deal with, Ye Wenqi didn't have any kinship in mind, and that made him greatly disappointed.

    "Grandpa, in that way, wouldn't our family gradually leave the 5 Great Families of Beijing?" Ye Huang heard that his father was leaving Beijing and he was not satisfied. He knew that once he left Beijing, he would no longer be the Ye Family young master.

    "Hmph, the 5 Great Families, once I'm dead, why should the Ye Family be one of the 5 Great Families? Stop dreaming. Let our fame stop here. If anyone stirs up trouble, go clean up yourself. Everyone leave, Ye Long and Beiguang stay." Ye Beirong finished the words and leaned tiredly against the chair.

    He had a plan. It was an all in bet. If he failed, the Ye Family would indeed leave the Beijing authority center. As such, he wouldn't tell his plan here.

    The Ye Family members dejectedly left the meeting room. Although Ye Wenqi wanted to argue a little, but he knew that what his father decided on was adamant. He already had no choice but to retreat.

    At last, the entire room was only left with Ye Beirong, Ye Long, Ye Beiguang and the Brother Jing who never spoke.

    Unexpectedly, the Brother Jing who never spoke smiled and spoke after everyone left, "Beirong finally made up his mind to take this step, but that Ye Mo is indeed an elite such talent. Not much young people these days can compare with him.

    Ye Beirong smiled with great fatigue. "I knew I couldn't hide it from Brother Jing, but I really have no choice. Not many of my sons are talented. They only know how to fight amongst themselves. Wenqi is only a little smart but still can't be the leader of the family. My original plans are wrong. Although Ye Mo ravaged the Ye Family, but this might not be a bad thing. You can't rise from the ashes without being burned first."

    The old man nodded. "Brother Beirong is right in taking this step, after Wenqi and Wenjin leave Beijing, you can bring Zifeng back and gradually hand the family over to him. Although Ye Mo is not on good terms with the Ye Family, he seems to be pretty good to Ye Ling. That would be mean he would be good to Zifeng. As long as Zifeng is the leader of the Ye Family, then if something were to happen, Ye Mo wouldn't stand and watch. Looking at his wide connections and his fierce means, you can just tell the Ye Family will blossom."

    Ye Long finally understood what the leader meant. He wanted to say something but eventually couldn't.

    Ye Beirong looked at Ye Long and said, "Originally, I gave most of the authority to Wenqi and Wenjin. Your resources were limited, so I don't blame you for not having enough intel. But from today on, I will give a lot of resources to you. If you still can't make some progress, then decide what to do yourself."

    "Yes, leader, don't worry, I won't disappoint you." Ye Long was full of joy after hearing this. His resources were too limited. It was incomparable to that of Song Hai from the Song Family. The main reason was because most of the authority were in Ye Wenqi's and Ye Wenjin's hands.


    In an house in Beijing, although Ye Ling brought Ye Mo here, Ye Mo was still unfamiliar with it. He didn't have any impression of living here. The room was relatively clean, so it could be seen that although Ye Ling rarely came to live here, she frequently came to clean it up.

    Ye Mo went out to buy some simple meals and a few sets of clothes. Under Ye Mo's chi cultivation treatment, Ye Ling had pretty much fully recovered. Now that she had eaten something, she felt even better.

    "Brother, how did you know I was captured? How did you know I was in the mosque, did you ask someone?" After Ye Ling recovered, the first thing she wanted to know was how Ye Mo knew she was captured.

    Ye Mo still said in a self blaming tone, " I went to an elite social night in Beijing, and because I taught Song Yi a lesson, I heard people talking about the Ye Family. I was worried about you so I went to your dorm but didn't find you there. My first reaction was that something happened to you. I went to the Ye Family, and luckily, you were still alright, otherwise, I really wouldn't be able to forgive myself."

    "Thank you, brother. Before, I always looked down on you, but now, I know how naïve I was. There are some things you can't resist no matter how much you reject it. You and second brother are the most important people to me. Without you, I may have died. After mum and dad passed away, I thought no one would care about me. I don't know how many times I felt sad and helpless, but now, I know I still have my brother. But grandpa is so cold-hearted..." Then Ye Ling fell into Ye Mo's arms and started crying.

    Ye Mo patted Ye Ling's back and blamed himself. To be honest, he never thought of Ye Ling and how she was doing. As for what she did for him, he didn't know at all.

    If he wasn't trying to find Ye Zifeng this time, even if she was beaten to death, he wouldn't even know. Even if he knew, he wouldn't care at all. But now, he understood that there was something in this world called feelings-kinship. Ye Ling looked down on him but still did many things for him quietly in her own way for no other reason but him being her brother. Just for that kinship.

    As for Ye Mo, he came to Beijing only because someone owed him money and also because he was going to help treat a friend's son. Even Ye Zifeng, he only thought of visiting him after getting here. Now, he understood that for someone like him who seemed no one knew and cared in this world, at least he still had a sister who cared about him.

    For the first time, Ye Mo felt some warmth at the bottom of his heart, making him lose himself in thought. After a while, he said in a self blaming tone, "Sorry, Ye Ling, I never thought about you and made you suffer so much, I..."

    Ye Ling suddenly said in a happy tone, "Brother, then if something good happens from now on, you need to remember me. In fact, I'm really happy to see you so strong and capable. Dad must be happier. Although I didn't achieve it, but dad's last wishes came true. After second brother comes back, we will move out together. I won't stay in Beijing anymore, I don't like it here."

    Then, Ye Ling suddenly thought of something. She immediately said, "Brother, then big uncle saying that you are naturally impotent must be fake, right? I knew it, if Tian He didn't tell me yesterday, I would've thought it was true. They really are bad to the bone."

    Ye Mo touched his nose in a fit of awkwardness; he thought against it, but the results were indeed correct. He didn't want to talk about this topic with Ye Ling.

    "Hehe, brother, why are you being shy? You're already at this age. Okay, I'll save your face and won't talk about it. I feel really energetic. It's night already, so I'll invite you to a good meal tomorrow." Ye Ling laughed. She didn't think Ye Mo would be this shy. Her dorm mates were so much more open.

    This time, their talk was much more intimate than last night. After this, Ye Mo and Ye Ling felt the care they had for each other; their originally distant relationship became closer.

    "Brother, I'm going to take a shower and sleep. I'm going to invite my dorm mates tomorrow for food, we'll go together. You can sleep in second brother's room." Ye Ling wanted to shower and sleep. Although she had recovered, she still felt tired soon.

    Ye Mo, on the other hand, gathered those few ores and prepared to make a storage ring that night and a protective amulet for Ye Ling. He didn't want Ye Ling to undergo such torture again.
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