Chapter 162: Su Jingwens Means

    Chapter 162: Su Jingwen's Means

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    Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei woke up very soon. Su Jingwen found that she and Xiao Lei had been brought inside a room. Although their hands weren't tied up, they felt weak and couldn't even stand up.

    Su Jingwen looked at Wang Peng and Suo Lin who sat opposite and immediately understood that they were drugged. Xiao Lei encountered this situation more than Su Jingwen and also understood what had happened.

    "What do you want?" Xiao Lei didn't even look at Suo Lin. Not long ago, Suo Lin was still a handsome god to her, but now, he was just a scum.

    Originally, Suo Lin was prepared to explain to their reproach, but he didn't expect Xiao Lei and Su Jingwen to pretend he didn't exist.

    This ruined his mood.

    "Wang Peng, you're really despicable. Even if you have us through this means, you think you can run away? Unless you kill me. Even if you kill me, you won't live a stable life. Do you think your father's status can protect you? Quit dreaming." Su Jingwen seemed very calm. As long as Wang Peng felt threatened, then Suo Lin was nothing.

    Wang Peng's eyes showed indifference. "Jingwen, how have I treated you, don't you understand? When your mother was angry, I ran around everywhere for you and even contacted hospitals. But how did you treat me? It isn't much to say you were heartless. You know your father also wanted to introduce me to you. Although my father is the director of the organization, but he is important for your father's future career. Plus, am I not worthy of you?"

    Su Jingwen sneered and didn't even say anything this time.

    "Jingwen, we haven't seen each other for a few years, so I feel sorry doing this to you the first time we meet. But, I'm also doing this for your benefit. It's true that we're going to be filming a movie. This time, the Song Family is investing in it, and Young Master Peng will advertise it. I'm the main character, and you are the female main character. I'm sure you will be famous immediately. Plus, you know Young Master Peng's family conditions. There's no harm for you," Suo Lin said after noticing that everyone ignored him.

    At this moment, Xiao Lei suddenly looked at Suo Lin and coldly said, "Scum."

    Suo Lin's face immediately turned pale; he stared at Xiao Lei and said, "Xiao Lei, don't look too high of yourself. You're just a secondary item. Since you want to follow Su Jingwen, then don't blame me. After you enter this circle, you will know I'm doing this for your benefit. Young master Peng, I will be helping Xiao Lei change her views first."

    Seeing that Suo Lin was coming to pull Xiao Lei's clothes, Su Jingwen suddenly felt disappointment. She wasn't disappointed at Suo Lin, but at herself for having a good impression towards such a scum. Was it just because he was a little handsome?

    "Stop." Although Xiao Lei wanted to maintain her composure, she couldn't stay calm when Suo Lei was actually coming to tear off her clothes.

    Although Suo Lin stopped, he smiled. "Xiao Lei, I admit you're very pretty, but I've also f*cked a lot of girls prettier than you. Perhaps once you enter our circle, you'll realize how pathetic your resistance is today. Of course, I know that you think I'm bullsh*tting now. I won't explain to you. Don't worry, regardless of whether it's your first time, I will still be very gentle."

    Su Jingwen coldly stared at Suo Lin who was not far away. She still seemed calm though.

    "Jingwen..." Xiao Lei's calmness was pretended, but she didn't know if Su Jingwen was pretending. She had experienced much more than Su Jingwen. There was no reason Su Jingwen wasn't to be scared. At this time, Xiao Lei called out to her helplessly. She thought of that day when she went to Flowing Snake and Ye Mo jumped from the sky. She then thought of Wang Qianjun. What difference was there between him and this Suo Lin in front of her?

    Although Su Jingwen's calmness wasn't completely fake, only she knew that her hand was shaking. She didn't even want another guy to enter her car, so how could she be willing to be raped? At this moment, she held a Spirit Cleansing Charm. She didn't know if it was useful for this sedative, but if it was, she would throw out the fireball immediately.

    At this moment, she only had enough strength to hold the Spirit Cleansing Charm but couldn't throw it out. If she threw the Fireball Charm now, she wouldn't even be able to throw it on them.

    "Xiao Lei, grab my hand," Su Jingwen suddenly said. Xiao Lei stared nervously at Suo Lin. She subconsciously grabbed Su Jingwen's hand after she was told.

    "Lin." Su Jingwen grabbed the charm and read.

    Even that used up all of her strength.

    "Charm?" Wang Peng subconsciously said. Before he could react, the Spirit Cleansing Charm turned into a cool weak light spraying onto Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei.

    "Tie them up." As soon as Wang Peng finished, Su Jingwen had dragged Xiao Lei many steps back having a standoff with opposite party.

    "What happened? Young Master Peng? Didn't you say that the spray would make them powerless for 24 hours? How come they look like they recovered and what was that white light?" Suo Lin looked at Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei in shock. Although he was shocked, he wasn't scared at all. After all, it was two girls. So what if they recovered their strength? This was a hotel, not their home.

    Wang Peng's face sunk and replied, "It should be charms. She has a few of them. Didn't think these things would really work. I forgot that she even had them."

    "What?" Suo Lin looked at Wang Peng in more astonishment. If Wang Peng wasn't the son of a high up government official, he would've swore at him already. Charms? What bullsh*t.

    Even Wang Peng didn't really believe that the charms Su Jingwen would really work.

    "What? Jingwen?" Even Xiao Lei knew that she had recovered.

    Su Jingwen had used this Spirit Cleansing Charm before and knew it was authentic. Now that Xiao Lei asked, she held the fireball charm in her hand and said, "I'll tell you this later."

    Wang Peng's face changed as he looked at Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei. He wasn't sure if Su Jingwen still had charms. If she still had attack charms, then he really felt threatened. If only he knew earlier, he would've tied them up.

    After a while, Wang Peng thought that if Su Jingwen really had an attack charm, then it would be suicide if he rushed up now. And judging how she had one hand in her pocket, it was really hard to say. However, it seemed that this charm couldn't attack too far. He only needed to not get too close to her.

    Thinking about this, Wang Peng ignored Suo Lin and carefully walked to the tea table. Then he quickly grabbed a heat preserving bottle and threw it towards Su Jingwen's head.

    As long as he beat down Su Jingwen and not give her time to activate the charm, then Xiao Lei wouldn't be a concern.

    Suo Lin froze the moment he saw Wang Peng throw out that bottle. Wang Peng was just saying how pretty Su Jingwen was, but now, he was merciless. If this bottle were to hit her face, then she would be in a serious condition.

    Su Jingwen stared in anger at Wang Peng and Suo Lin. As soon as they came in front of her, she would use the Fireball Charm. She knew that the charm wouldn't be able to hit the two if they were too far. She only had one Fireball Charm, so she only had one chance. But she didn't expect Wang Peng to be suspicious of her having more charms after seeing her use one. The sinister Wang Peng actually quickly grabbed a bottle and threw it at her. Su Jingwen's heart immediately sunk.

    She regretted not attacking herself. Now, she was on the passive end. However, she didn't have time to use the Fireball Charm with the speed the bottle was coming at her.

    Bang! There was a crisp sound. No one expected that the bottle didn't hit Su Jingwen but was stopped in front of Su Jingwen by a light barrier. The bottle flew back at a faster speed and hit Wang Peng right on the face. Wang Peng didn't even moan before falling to the ground, obviously knocked out.

    Suo Lin and Xiao Lei were shocked by this magical scene. They could no longer react, but Su Jingwen did. Although she didn't know what had happened, but she knew now was her best chance to counterattack.

    She took the Fireball Charm, walked up a few steps, and threw it towards Suo Lin while saying, "Lin."

    Before Suo Lin could react, he was immediately surrounded by a ball of fire. He howled and rolled on the ground before soon passing out like Wang Peng.

    The charm Ye Mo sold Su Jingwen was the lowest grade fireball. It wasn't enough to take Suo Lin's life, but soon, he was burned into deformity by the fireball. Not only was all his hair burned, but his face was also a charcoaled mess. He shrivelled on the ground while constantly spasming.

    "Jingwen, what was that? What just happened?" Xiao Lei reacted and pulled Su Jingwen over while asking in shock.

    "I just used a Fireball Charm to beat Suo Lin. Quick, let's call someone." Su Jingwen looked at Suo Lin who was burnt black. Although she was scared, but she felt more satisfaction.

    "Charm, it's really charms, was what Cheng Fei said true?" Xiao Lei murmured to herself.

    "We'll talk about this later, call first," Su Jingwen said.

    "Call the police?" Xiao Lei also calmed down.

    Su Jingwen shook her head. "We can't call the police, who knows if Wang Peng has made some arrangements. I'll call my dad." Then Su Jingwen immediately dialled her dad's number.

    After the call, Su Jingwen saw Xiao Lei start to tie up Wang Peng while in a daze. She suddenly thought of something. What was that light barrier that blocked Wang Peng's bottle?
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