Chapter 165: Battling Daoist Xian

    Chapter 165: Battling Daoist Xian

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    If Hu Qiu's whips were an onslaught of whip shadows, then Daoist Xian's whip was a screen of whips. Not only did it seal Ye Mo's front, back, and lateral sides, but it also brought a strong oppressive feeling.

    Comparatively, Hu Qiu's whips were child's play.

    Ye Mo was sure that if he was still Stage Two Chi Gathering, he would meet his end. This person's whip was too strong, and he was someone who truly cultivated out inner qi. His inner qi was on par with Ye Mo's chi. It could be said that other than Ye Mo's identity as a spirit chi cultivator and could use some magic, then he was worse than this Daoist Xian in other aspects.

    This was because Daoist Xian hadn't progressed. Ye Mo estimated that even he would be no match for Daoist Xian after he progressed.

    If Ye Mo wasn't a cultivator, he could fight in close ranged battles with Daoist Xian; however, he was indeed a cultivator. Fighting with this Daoist Xian in close range was fighting with a shortcoming to the opponent's strength.

    Ye Mo's fists surged with chi and hit out tens of strikes. The fist winds struck with the screen of whips, creating cracking sounds. Daoist Xian took a few steps back and looked at Ye Mo in shock. He didn't expect that Ye Mo could stop his whips containing chi with just his fists.

    The young man looked only in his 20s, so even if he started to train in his mother's womb, he couldn't be a match to him.

    Ye Mo struck back Daoist Xian and also took a few steps back. This Daoist Xian wasn't easy, but Ye Mo didn't dare to use Wind Blade and fireball now. He could only look for his chance and use the Wind Blade at that time. The moment he used it and failed, Daoist Xian would be wary. He wouldn't even think about fireball, since it would only be a waste of his chi. With this Daoist's agility, there was no way his fireball could land.

    The weakness of the fireball was exposed in such a battle. If Ye Mo was in Foundation Establishment, then he could casually use fireballs, and perhaps this Daoist Xian would be gone with one fireball. However, he was only Stage 3 Chi Gathering. Perhaps before he even used his second fireball, that whip would come.

    With Daoist Xian's experience, it was very easy to see the weakness of his fireball.

    "Young man, you're very good. No wonder my two disciples would die to you. But if that's all you got, then don't even bother asking about the hidden sects. Go die with my two disciples." Then, Daoist Xian didn't even wait for Ye Mo to catch his breath before his whip turned into a black shadow striking towards Ye Mo's waist.

    Ye Mo just struck away Daoist Xian's whip and his hand was still hurting. He knew that this whip wasn't made from ordinary material. Just as Ye Mo expected, Daoist Xian's whip was made from a weapon making sect. This whip was an attacking magical artefact.

    Looking at Daoist Xian's whip looming over, Ye Mo frowned. He thought that he should prepare a weapon for himself. Otherwise, he would be fine with ordinary people, but against this Daoist or someone similar to him, he was at a disadvantage.

    Bang! Bang! Ye Mo's fists struck the whip.

    Although his spirit sense was strong, this Daoist Xian's movements were extremely rapid. As soon as Ye Mo knew where the whip would come, it had already come.

    Seeing Ye Mo deflect his whip for the second time, Daoist Xian's sneered. He also saw Ye Mo's disadvantage and he didn't believe that Ye Mo had more inner chi than his decades of training.

    When Daoist Xian's second whip was stopped by Ye Mo, he didn't even pull the whip back. The whip turned in mid air and attacked for the third time. It seemed to Ye Mo there was only one whip shadow, but luckily Ye Mo had spirit sense. Although the use of spirit sense was very little when fighting with someone like Daoist Xian, it still had some use.

    Before this whip even hit Ye Mo, there was a searing feeling coming from it. Ye Mo's spirit sense had noticed that this whip was thicker than the other two.

    Ye Mo immediately knew this was Daoist Xian's killing blow and focused.

    The feeling this whip gave Ye Mo was that the center of weight wasn't at the middle of the whip but at the handle. If he attacked the middle of the whip like he did before, he would be helping Daoist Xian to make the whip attack himself with greater power. In that case, it would be like fighting with himself and Daoist Xian.

    Ye Mo's eyes grew cold; this Daoist Xian was so sinister. If he didn't have spirit sense, perhaps he would've fallen into the trap. Once he was hit by such a powerful whip, he couldn't even think how he was going to take on the next attack.

    Luckily, although he was a Dao Cultivator, he didn't drop his martial arts. He could even use his qi into martial arts. Otherwise, he would lose with just his stage 3 chi gathering.

    When the searing whip came, Ye Mo suddenly struck out his fist towards the middle of the whip. Daoist Xian's eyes were filled with joy. There was contempt at the corner of his mouth, and he thought no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he was still going to drink his piss.

    But suddenly, he felt something wasn't right. Although Ye Mo struck his whip, he didn't feel anything on it. Or perhaps, Ye Mo's hand didn't even touch his whip, what was this?

    Daoist Xian wouldn't believe that Ye Mo could tell where the force of his whip was at. He was already half a step into Earth Level. Not even an Earth Level fighter would be sure to tell where the power of his whip was, so how could Ye Mo see it?

    But what made him more shocked happened, Ye Mo suddenly disappeared into thin air.

    Daoist Xian was very confident in his whip. He sealed all of Ye Mo's escape routes forcing Ye Mo to clash with him, so how could Ye Mo disappear?

    Then, immediately after, Daoist Xian found Ye Mo. He seemed to have used something to go invisible, but Ye Mo couldn't hide his inner qi waves from him.

    In that moment of hesitation, Daoist Xian's whip slowed a little, and just at that point in time, Ye Mo had grabbed the handle of the whip.

    "Suicidal." Daoist Xian sneered. He didn't know how Ye Mo found out, but even if he did, grabbing the handle of the whip was suicide.

    Just when Daoist Xian wanted to use more inner qi as he kicked towards Ye Mo, he felt a certain coldness. Amongst the heat of his searing whip, there was a sudden gust of coldness that made him shiver.

    He had fought countless people and knew that any bad premonition could make him lose his life. Daoist Xian was a careful person and could no longer care about Ye Mo. He wanted to retreat as soon as possible.

    But then immediately, his two legs felt cold.

    Not good! Daoist Xian immediately knew he was struck by some projectile. What was it though? Even he couldn't notice it! Even if he couldn't block ordinary projectile, he could still feel it. However, the projectile this young man used today wasn't something he could notice. He only felt some coldness on his leg.

    Drop! Daoist Xian suddenly lost his balance and fell to his ground. What made his heart shiver was that he found both his legs were cut off by something sharp and fell aside far away.

    Under such shock and anger, Daoist Xian's hand loosened, and his whip fell into Ye Mo's hands.

    Ye Mo took a careful look at the whip. It was indeed not bad; even the materials were good, and he couldn't tell what it was made from.

    Daoist Xian quickly stopped the bleeding in fear. Even now, he still didn't know what Ye Mo used to cut off his legs.

    Ye Mo looked at his hand from which a layer of skin came off. Blood even seeped out of it. He casually put away the whip, looked at Daoist Xian and said, "You're very strong, the strongest opponent I have faced. You're not the one who injured me the most, but you're not bad."

    "What projectile did you use? And where did you put the whip?" Daoist Xian had regained his composure.

    Ye Mo sneered. "You still have the mood to care about that? Let's talk about where you planted my Silver Heart Grass, so I won't get angry."

    Daoist Xian didn't expect that despite him having the upper hand, he somehow had his legs severed in the turn of an eye, and he was now someone so vulnerable.

    Daoist Xian had regained his calm and knew that he had no way out of this young man's hands.

    After staying silent for a while, he calmly said. "If the moment I felt that coldness I jumped up or took the whip back to defend, you're projectile wouldn't be able to reach me?"

    Ye Mo smiled plainly and said, "Indeed, that way, I wouldn't be able to hit you."

    "Then why didn't you use your projectile to hit my arms? Even if I took the whip back, wouldn't you have much greater chance of cutting my hands off?" Daoist Xian was full of regret. He didn't think that frosty wind would be so scary. If Ye Mo just used that frosty wind projectile to hit his arms, although he would lose one arm, he would probably have greater chance of surviving.

    "Because I don't want you to go, as long as you can't move, it would be easier for me to kill you." Ye Mo didn't originally expect his Wind Blade to be able to cut off Daoist Xian's legs. He just wanted Daoist Xian's legs to be injured so his fireball would be effective. He didn't expect that this Daoist Xian didn't even take back his whip to block the Wind Blade.

    Then, Ye Mo used a fireball which struck Daoist Xian's broken legs. Under the fire, it immediately turned into nothingness.

    Seeing Ye Mo could use a fireball so easily, Daoist Xian's face was now full of extreme terror. He didn't feel such terror when he knew he was going to die. After a moment, he said, "Just who are you?"
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