Chapter 167: Indeed Very Chaotic

    Chapter 167: Indeed Very Chaotic

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    The tourist group Ye Mo joined was a rather popular one in Luo Cang. Perhaps everything was arranged, so the tour leader never asked Ye Mo anything. He probably knew that Ye Mo was just using the tour to get to Hong Kong.

    When the tour got to Hong Kong, the first thing they did was shopping, but Ye Mo separated with the tour group. He was planning to do his own thing first and get the Silver Heart Grass before treating the patient.

    Ye Mo new that the big boss of Metal River was Metal Mountain, and he knew that the latter was at Hong Kong. However, he didn't know where Metal Mountain lived. Ye Mo was not worried though. Since Metal Mountain lived in Hong Kong, then he must have his power here. He only needed to go up to them.

    Before getting on the plane, the tour leader said that Miao Pu was the most chaotic. Although it was very popular, foreign tourists should not go there. Ye Mo wanted to find Metal Mountain, so of course, he needed to go to the most chaotic place. Metal Mountain was the mafia lord; the darker and the more chaotic a place was, the easier it would be for him to get news of Metal Mountain.

    Miao Pu was indeed filled with people and all sorts of entertainment facilities. Outside, there were all sorts of fast food restaurants and stalls. It was like a big market.

    And, there were all sorts of snacks that made people really want to try. Ye Mo saw one shop's fish balls rice cake made very exquisitely and couldn't resist to buy one. The owner was in his 50s and he heard people call him Uncle Pei. His business wasn't bad.

    The time Ye Mo came wasn't the traffic peak yet, and there were still a few empty spots. This uncle's skills were indeed very good, and his movements were clean. Just a few minutes after sitting down, this uncle brought him a hot bowl of rice cakes decorated with a golden fish ball on top.

    "You must be from mainland." After giving Ye Mo the bowl of rice noodles, the uncle didn't have anything to do, so he casually started a conversation.

    Ye Mo ate a mouth of rice noodles and indeed it tasted well. It was a bit spicy, but the taste was authentic. He didn't feel strange hearing the owner's question. His accent was different to the one at Hong Kong after all.

    The two spoke for a while before a ruckus sounded. Ye Mo turned around and looked. Two group of people had started fighting opposite the vegetable market. Two people even ran over here.

    The people chasing behind pulled out a hack knife from somewhere and chased.

    Ye Mo looked at the two groups fighting. This place was indeed chaotic. The rice noodle shop owner immediately said, "Young man, you must not look, these sort of things happen every few days. Don't bother them and they won't come to you."

    Ye Mo nodded and continued eating his rice noodles. When the rest of the people saw the fight was coming over here, they all quickly put down their bowls and rushed away, afraid to be caught in the crossfire. Then, the only two people remaining at the shop were the boss and Ye Mo. Ye Mo was still eating his rice noodles, however, even the people nearby the stall retreated.

    However, one of the two people who ran away ran to the rice noodle shop door was blocked.

    One of the slightly fat youth was kicked in the chest by the man with the sword and was rammed towards Ye Mo's table.

    "Punk, piss off, Da Tang has business here." Then, the three youths who chased here saw Ye Mo was still eating noodles and kicked over one of the pots Uncle Pei was cooking with. Immediately, the rice noodles inside poured out.

    Ye Mo's good mood was ruined. He took the bowl and walked to the youth who was just talking and covered his face with the bowl before coldly saying, "So what if I don't piss off?"

    "Arghhhh...." The youth howled as his face was burned red and white by the boiling hot rice noodles.

    "Charge, hack this bastard..." This youth endured the pain, raised his sword and charged at Ye Mo.

    The other two reacted and both held up their swords as they charged towards Ye Mo as well.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Ye Mo kicked consecutively, and the youth who charged towards him were all kicked over. Ye Mo didn't even move from his position.

    After the few youth were kicked to the ground, they looked at Ye Mo in terror. After a while, they finally crawled up and slowly retreated. They knew they met a tough one.

    "Punk, watch out, just you wait, f*cking with the Da Tang..." One youth retreated while he left behind some tough words, but before he finished, Ye Mo went up and kicked this guy right on the face.

    The talking youth was kicked out many meters by Ye Mo again. His nose was bleeding and two of his teeth fell out. Then, he turned around in terror, not daring to say anything.

    That slightly fat youth also got up shakily and wanted to retreat.

    "You, come over," Ye Mo suddenly said.

    This youth walked shakily in front of Ye Mo. "May, may I ask, what you want me..."

    Ye Mo's movements were too scary just then that he couldn't even say a complete sentence.

    "Do you know Metal River?" Ye Mo casually asked.

    "Metal River?" the fatty's expression changed immediately and said, "I don't know, I'm going." Then, the fatty stumbled out of the shop.

    Ye Mo didn't go stop him. He thought that if you don't know never mind then, why so scared?

    At this moment, the Uncle Pei looked at Ye Mo with admiration before coming up and saying, "Young man, the people you just hit are from Da Tang. Even the police can't do anything about them. You should leave quickly. If they come, it will be hard for you to escape."

    He believed that although Ye Mow as good at fighting, but that didn't mean anything in front of Da Tang.

    Ye Mo thanked this Uncle Pei for his warm heart and stood up. At this moment, the police cars finally came. After leaving the shop, Ye Mo prepared to find a hotel to live first. He wasn't afraid of the mafia's revenge; he just didn't want to be wasting time with the police.

    Ye Mo was disappointed on not being able to hear about Metal River. However, his main purpose coming to Hong Kong was to get his Silver Heart Grass back. The second purpose was to cure disease, so he needed to find a place to stay first and go to a nightclub at night to search for more information.

    After finding a place to live, Ye Mo took a shower, and when it was night time, Ye Mo was prepared to go to that \Uncle Pei's place to have another bowl of rice noodles before searching for news of Metal River.

    But when Ye Mo came to this place, he found that the shop was closed and a lot of people surrounded the door. There were blood stains on the ground.

    Ye Mo immediately had a bad feeling. Then, he heard someone say, "Uncle Pei was a good man for his entire life but was hacked just because he reminded that mainland kid."

    "What happened to that uncle Pei you were talking about?" Ye Mo immediately came and asked.

    The crowd all turned to leave as soon as they saw Ye Mo. No one wanted to talk to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo grabbed the nearest old man and asked, "Tell me, what happened to Uncle Pei?"

    The elder had a face of fear when he saw Ye Mo grab him, so he quickly said, "I don't know, let me go."

    "Oh, you don't know? Then I'll immediately go around saying you are advertising the bad things Da Tang has done," Ye Mo cruelly said.

    The old man was so scared by Ye Mo words that he immediately said, "Please don't say that, Lao Pei was killed just because he told someone who got into conflict with the Da Tang to leave quickly. This mainland youth got away, but Lao Pei lost his life."

    Obviously, this old man didn't know Ye Mo was the mainland youth Lao Pei told to leave.

    Ye Mo's face immediately grew bleak. He was extremely furious. Lao Pei was killed by these people just for warning him. It seemed that before he found Metal River, he needed to go visit Da Tang.

    "Where are the fugitives?" Ye Mo asked. In the Hong Kong now, the fugitive shouldn't be able to get away with murder especially in broad daylight.

    "Already ran, the police are chasing after him, I don't know the specifics." the old man replied quickly, but seeing from his expression, it was certain that this would end with no result.

    "Where do the Da Tang people usually gather at?" Ye Mo asked again.

    The old man looked around and saw no one come to help him. He was more and more worried and quickly said, "Normally, at San Li Feng's Earth Heart Entertainment. That's Da Tang's land, I beg you, let me go."

    Ye Mo let go of his hand and the old man ran away quickly. He didn't even dare to turn around to look at Ye Mo.

    Earth Heart Entertainment? Ye Mo never thought he would come to Hong Kong to fight with the mafia as soon as he destroyed Metal River in Luo Cang. To be honest, he didn't want to do it at all. It wasn't that he was scared, just that it was troublesome. Plus, what the mafia did had nothing to do with him, but he always happened to meet these people.

    Normally, people who encounter these things would try to get away as far as possible with guilt. But Ye Mo wouldn't; he couldn't let Lao Pei die for no reason due to him.

    In addition, perhaps he could hear about Metal River in Da Tang. Ye Mo called a taxi and headed straight for Earth Heart Entertainment. If possible, he didn't mind eradicating Da Tang too.
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