Chapter 174: Jiao Bianyis Idea

    Chapter 174: Jiao Bianyi's Idea

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    But before this youth spoke, a middle-aged man rushed in the door followed by two people. The man rushed in front of Ye Mo and quickly took out a plane ticket and said, "Predecessor Mo, I've brought the plane ticket here, do you have any other requests?"

    Ye Mo raised his head. He didn't expect the person to be Jiao Bianyi. This Western Sand big boss came personally just to give him a plane ticket.

    Ye Mo took the plane ticket and his document before saying, "Thank you, Mr. Jia, just don't call me predecessor from now on.

    "Yes, Brother Mo." Of course, Jiao Bianyi knew how strong Ye Mo was and didn't dare to say no. to him; it was a heavenly fortune to be able to help Ye Mo.

    Gu Yi already felt that Jiao Bianyi seemed like the big boss of Western Sand. Now that he heard Mr. Jiao and looked at the two people behind him, one of which was Lin Long, he immediately knew that the person who came was really the big boss of Western Sand, Jiao Bianyi.

    Gu Yi was immediately scared pale. Although he had some power, but it was nothing compared to Jiao Bianyi. He didn't think the big boss of Western Sand would be so respectful to Ye Mo and call him brother. Who was this young man sitting here and eating?

    Thinking about how he was threatening him before, no wonder he told him to piss off. Gu Yi's back was already sweating.

    Gu Yi quickly bowed in apology and stepped back.

    Although Ye Mo had detested Gu Yi a lot, he didn't want to be bothered with him. although Jiao Bianyi noticed something, but since Ye Mo didn't say anything, he couldn't really do much.

    Sit, I have things to ask you," Ye Mo said to Jiao Bianyi.

    "Yes, Brother Mo." Jiao Bianyi was happy. It seemed Ye Mo had some good impression of him.

    That girl didn't know who Jiao Bianyi was. She saw a middle-aged man call Ye Mo brother and couldn't help to laugh. This scared Gu Yi that he immediately pulled her trying to get her away.

    However, this girl suddenly yelled at Gu Yi, "Gu Yi, keep your hands off, don't pull me."

    Hearing the girl's reproach, he carefully looked at Ye Mo and didn't even dare to breathe loud. Then, he actually turned and ran away.

    No matter how dumb the girl was, she knew that Ye Mo was no ordinary person. She saw that even a young master like Gu Yi was so scared of Ye Mo. He was prepared to tell Ye Mo to move before, but now, he didn't even care about her and just left. If it wasn't for the power of Gu Yi's family and his decent character, the girl wouldn't come to the date. However, she didn't expect that the person who invited her would ran away before they even ate. Funny how she was still thinking of an excuse to leave later.

    "Hm, are you called Shi Ying?" the girl didn't leave and studied Ye Mo before asking in surprise.

    Jiao Bianyi cursed, hoping this garrulous girl would go away. He finally got close to Ye Mo a little, and this retarded girl was talking nonsense. If it wasn't for Ye Mo, he would've gotten people to throw her out.

    Ye Mo looked at this girl in surprise. He thought that when he used the name Shi Ying, he already used chi to obfuscate the camera. How did this person know him? Only Yun Bing knew he was Shi Ying. Was this girl really related to Yun Bing?

    Seeing Ye Mo was shocked, this girl just sat straight down.

    She knew she had guessed right and said in a satisfied manner, "Because I'm the person who admires Shi Ying the most. I've watched his fighting recording countless times. Your body shape looks like him. This isn't the main thing. It's primarily because I'm really good at dealing with tapes. As long as I have an approximate face, I can refine it out. Although you have more defined features than the image I refined, but you still look quite similar."

    Ye Mo helplessly said, "Yes, I am Shi Ying, that isn't my real name, my real name is Ye Mo."

    "Ah, it really is you. I'm so lucky, you don't know how many people in my school admires you. I didn't think I would meet you today. I'm Wu Bing, let's shake hands." Then, Wu Bing already extended her hand. She seemed to act as though she was close with him.

    Ye Mo could only shake hands with her.

    Jiao Bianyi almost looked at Wu Bing in jealousy. It was good being a girl, so easy to shake hands. He couldn't do the same as she did. Thinking about this, he felt depressed. He came specially just for Ye Mo, but was interrupted by this girl who still hasn't stopped.

    Wu Bing's hand felt boneless. Ye Mo thought of Luo Susu; when he hugged her before, he didn't notice it at the time due to the danger, but now, he remembered that Luo Susu's waist also felt boneless and was very comfortable.

    Seeing that Ye Mo not letting her hands go, Wu Bing blushed and quickly pulled out her hands. Ye Mo also noticed his impoliteness and awkwardly smiled. However, Jiao Bianyi understood it as Ye Mo having a liking into younger girls. Since he now knew Ye Mo had this fetish, he would make sure Ye Mo was happy next time.

    Of course, Ye Mo didn't know what the two were thinking. His face recovered and turned to Wu Bing and said, "Wu Bing, I have some things to discuss with Mr. Jiao, you may do as you wish."

    Seeing that Ye Mo implied she should leave, although she still wanted to talk with Ye Mo for a while, but she looked at Peng Yang and Lin Long behind her and seemed to realize she shouldn't stay here. She immediately stood up and said, "Brother Ye, you are my idol, can you leave me your number?"

    After saying this, she saw Ye Mo didn't reply, so she awkwardly said, "Brother Ye don't worry, I won't call you on a whim, I just want to keep a number to fulfil my idol dream...."

    Seeing Wu Bing act so awkward, Ye Mo thought that even if she called him, she wouldn't reach him. He kept his phone inside his ring, so signal wouldn't even be able to travel inside. It didn't matter if she gave her his number.

    Ye Mo took out his phone and said, "Tell me your number, I'll call you." However, he was surprised holding the phone. The phone Han Zaixin gave him was too good. It has been so many days, and there still was battery.

    "Lovely!." Wu Bing immediately told Ye Mo her number and Ye Mo called.

    After Wu Bing was satisfied, Jiao Bianyi then carefully asked, "Brother Mo, what orders do you have? As long as it's something I can do, I will try my best."

    Ye Mo nodded and said, "Not long ago, I saw Lin Long chase after a woman and seemed to want to keep the girls, what's that about?"

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Jiao Bianyi's face immediately changed. He thought Ye Mo wanted to praise him but didn't expect it to be this. If that woman and girl was related to Ye Mo, he would be dead.

    "What's that about?" Jiao Bianyi immediately looked at Lin Long seriously and asked.

    Seeing that Ye Mo still hadn't forgotten about this, Lin Long immediately started to sweat. He walked shakily in front and said, "Master Jiao, Brother, it's because Old Cang want him as his daughter, so...."

    "Be clear." Jiao Bianyi couldn't care about other things. It would be too late if Ye Mo asked.

    "Yes, that girl was illegally brought to Hong Kong by an illegal immigrant, but because that person was out of money, he wanted to sell the girl. He met our people but before the price was set, he accidentally let that girl run. That was originally the end to that but because the girl looked adorable, so Lao Cang wanted to take her in as a daughter. We didn't expect that girl to be taken away by a human trafficking woman. When we were chasing, we met Brother." Lin Long didn't dare to hide and told the truth.

    Ye Mo was 90 % sure that girl was the girl he saw on the photo on Yun Bing's wall.

    He immediately said, "You guys go and bring the girl here immediately, I know her."

    Lin Long's heart sank, thinking it was over. But he nodded and turned to leave.

    "Brother Mo, this thing is because my people are ignorant, we didn't know..." Jiao Bianyi didn't think this sort of thing would happen. He also felt depressed. He finally had some connection to Ye Mo and didn't expect to anger him with another.

    Ye Mo, however, waved his hand and said, "You are not to be blamed for this, just bring the girl here."

    Seeing Jiao Bianyi's worry, Ye Mo asked, "Do you have power in mainland?"

    Jiao Bianyi quickly shook his head. "No, power is mainly focused in the hands of Metal River and Nan Qing on the mainland. Our Western Sand is mainly situated in Hong Kong, but I heard Nan Qing has been having inner turmoil. Many Nan Qing power at the borders are being corroded by other powers.

    "Nan Qing is still in inner turmoil?" Ye Mo felt strange. After he killed Qian Longtou, he just left. Lang Ji should've been able to control Nan Qing, otherwise, how could he send people to Beijing to discuss with the Ye Family?

    Jiao Bianyi looked at Ye Mo's expression and knew Ye Mo didn't know about this, so he quickly said, "After Qian Longtou was dead, Lang Ji controlled Nan Qing in a very short time but this balance was broken in a week. It is said that many old members of Nan Qing didn't follow Lang Ji and ganged up on him. In the battle, Lang Ji was said to be heavily injured and now, Nan Qing is falling apart but there is still no result."

    Ye Mo finally knew that these series of things happened in Nan Qing. He couldn't help but to feel regretful. If Lang Ji controlled Nan Qing, then perhaps he could use Nan Qing to do things for him, but this Lang Ji was too useless and couldn't even do that.
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