Chapter 175: Meeting Yun Bing Again

    Chapter 175: Meeting Yun Bing Again

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    He must say that Lin Long did things fast and found that girl again in less than an hour.

    Ye Mo took a good look at the girl and was sure it was the girl he saw last time at Yun Bing's house. She did look very cute. The girl seemed to know she was in a bad situation and was scared. She wouldn't talk no matter what.

    Ye Mo sighed, such a smart girl; she actually knew she was at a disadvantage.

    "What's your name?" Ye Mo asked.

    The girl bit her lips and didn't talk.

    Ye Mo could only say, "I know your mum, do you want me to take you to your mom?"

    "You're lying." This time, the girl's reply was quick and crisp.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "I didn't lie to you, you mother is called Yun Bing, she saved me once and is my teacher. If you trust me, I can take you to your mother."

    "You really know my mother? I'm Tingting. If you can really take me to my mother, I will go with you." Obviously, the girl was believing what Ye Mo was saying. This also meant that she knew about her mom's situation.

    Before Ye Mo replied, the phone on the table suddenly rung. Ever since he got the phone from Han Zaixin, he had never picked up a call and always kept it in his storage ring. Even if someone called, it wouldn't reach. He didn't expect that as soon as he took it out, someone would call him.

    Ye Mo picked up the call and soon, there was a joyful voice:,"Leader, I have reached him."

    Han Zaixin's voice immediately sounded, "Brother Ye, your phone is really hard to reach. Finally, I reached you today."

    Ye Mo frowned; he was scared of Han Zaixin looking for business with him but now it came.

    "Sorry, Brother Ye, I really need your help this time. If you are free, come to Beijing, we'll talk in person. It's hard to explain on the phone." Although Han Zaixin said sorry, his tone didn't sound like he was sorry at all.

    Ye Mo helplessly hung up; he was going by Beijing anyways to see Ye Ling and Zifeng, so he might as well go and see Han Zaixin.

    Ye Mo stood up and said to Jiao Bianyi, "You found Tingting, I owe you one. I'm going to leave with Tingting now."

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Jiao Bianyi's face erupted with joy. Although Ye Mo didn't leave any contact methods, but he promised he owed him one. This couldn't be bought with money. He knew how strong Ye Mo was, so how powerful was his promise? What couldn't he do?

    He didn't leave a contact method meaning that if it wasn't something big, then don't bother him. If he really couldn't deal with the situation, then try and find him. Moreover, it could also mean that if it was mafia wars, then don't ask him for help.

    Regardless of what it meant, since Ye Mo said that, it meant a lot to Jiao Bianyi. He didn't even need Ye Mo to do anything. As long as he put the word out, then his Western Sand's status would rise straight up.


    Ye Mo came back to Beijing and called Ye Ling only to know that Ye Zifeng went to America with the Investigation squad. Ye Ling also found an excuse to go but she couldn't reach Ye Mo before she left.

    Although Ye Ling didn't say what sort of investigation squad it was, but Ye Mo knew something about it. It seemed that Ye Beirong wanted to cultivate Ye Zifeng heavily. This investigation squad must be related to government. Perhaps once Ye Zifeng came back, he only needed to write an article and would soon receive a decent position.

    Ye Mo wouldn't mind about these things, but since Ye Zifeng liked it, he would let him be. Everyone had their own path. "Brother Mo, my family before was living at Li Yang district." Coming to Beijing, Tingting was soon excited. After leaving the airport, she could point out to a lot of things.

    "Do you want me to send you back?" Hearing this, Ye Mo casually asked Tingting.

    Tingting raised her lips and said, "I don't want to go back, they don't even let me go out to play. At most, I can go to kindergarten or go on the plane to America. They would never let me see my mum. I hate this place. The friends at kindergarten all have mothers but I don't. And my step mum isn't nice to me at all."

    "Okay, in that case, I'll take you to your mum." Ye Mo laughed to himself. A little girl 6 years old really knew a lot.

    "Brother Mo, this district is where I lived before." Tingting pointed to a luxurious mansion and said.

    The driver heard this was where Tingting used to live and immediately had a look of admiration and carefulness because he knew that those who lived here weren't simple. Normal people couldn't come in here at all.

    Ye Mo subconsciously scanned out his spirit sense inside. His spirit sense had reached 100 meters. Ye Mo's face immediately changed. He actually saw Yun Bing; she was sitting in one of the mansions. Her face was pale and hair messy. She just kept shaking her head while saying something. Her eyes were red.

    "Driver, stop the car." Ye Mo immediately felt something happened to Yun Bing.

    "Brother Mo, are you going to take me to where I lived before?" Tingting saw that Ye Mo took her and flipped over the wall to get in. She felt this was fun but still asked worriedly.

    "I'll take you to see your mother." Ye Mo walked faster and quickly entered this mansion.

    Yun Bing's voice also sounded, "I didn't take Tingting away, give me back Tingting, give her back to me." Her tone was screeching.

    "Give her to you, who knows where you got Tingting to." A young woman came up to Yun Bing and slapped her in the face.

    Yun Bing seemed to be dumbed. Seeing this palm come, she didn't even react.

    Ye Mo suddenly appeared before Yun Bing and grabbed this hand. He twisted the hand and this woman was flung out away onto a distant corner. Ye Mo didn't use much force and just threw the woman away.

    "Ye Mo, is that you?" Yun Bing hadn't seen Tingting who was let go by Ye Mo. She just saw Ye Mo and couldn't control her emotions. She fell into Ye Mo's arms and started crying.

    Ye Mo looked awkwardly at Yun Bing in his arms. Yun Bing's soft body and mature smell reached into his arms.

    "Okay, you slut, keeping other men, no wonder Tingting.... The woman had woken up and saw Yun Bing in Ye Mo's arms and immediately screamed. But she just said half and saw Tingting standing at the side. She immediately stopped.

    Yun Bing also reacted. She remembered where this place was; this was the place she feared the most. She actually did that to Ye Mo. If she wasn't terrified to a certain degree, she really wouldn't do that. Plus, she had been thinking about Ye Mo a lot and Ye Mo suddenly appeared in front of her. That's why she did that.

    The Ou family only needed a word and she was moved from Ning Hai to Beijing by her own family. When her family brought her here, they left immediately not caring about her life or death.

    Seeing Yun Bing get up, Ye Mo finally felt relieved and said to Yun Bing, "Ms. Yun, this is your daughter Tingting. After I found her, I was prepared to take her back to Ning Hai but I saw you here so I came."

    Yun Bing had forgotten to ask how Ye Mo saw she was here and just stared straight at Tingting. After a while, tears started to cover her face, "Tingting is that you? Mummy really miss you."

    "Mummy." Tingting also recognized that this messy haired person was her mom and rushed into her arms. The two hugged and cried.

    Ever since Tingting was born, she barely spent time with Tingting, but the connected spirit between the mother and daughter couldn't be separated.

    "Who are you? How dare you come into our Ou Family." At this moment, a middle-aged man walk out.

    Ye Mo sneered but didn't talk. He turned to Yun Bing and said, "Mrs. Yun, since Tingting is fine, we'll take her and leave."

    After crying for a while, Yun Bing had came to her sense. She just realized what her situation was and terror showed in her eyes once again.

    "Leave? Do you think you can come and leave our Ou family?" This middle-aged man sneered again.

    As soon as he spoke, another youth with swollen eyes and an old man in his 50s came. The old man had a man in his 30s behind him. Ye Mo could tell that that man was not bad.

    The swollen eyes youth looked at Ye Mo before saying, "Yun Bing, since my brother doesn't want you, marry me. As long as you marry me, I will help you with everything."

    "Bastard," that old man swore.

    The youth didn't care and said, "Didn't big brother already go to America? And I really like Yun Bing."

    The old man ignored the youth and looked at Yun Bing and Tingting before saying, "Tingting tell me, did this bad woman trick you away?"

    "You are the bad person, she's my mummy." Tingting immediately grabbed Yun Bing's hand.

    The old man ignored Tingting and turned to look at Ye Mo. "Although our Ou Family isn't a big family in Beijing, but it isn't a place where someone can come and go as they please. Feng An, call Tan Ye and see if we should send him straight to police or teach him a lesson first."

    "Yes." The man behind the old man immediately took out a phone.

    Ye Mo sneered. "I, Ye Mo, can go wherever I want. There's no one who can stop me. Even if your Ou Family is one of the five big families, I, Ye Mo, can come and go as I please much less when you're not. What can you do?"
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