Chapter 176: The Nightmare in Yun Bings Eyes

    Chapter 176: The Nightmare in Yun Bing's Eyes

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    "You're saying you are Ye Mo? The Ye Mo of Beijing Ye Family? That Ye Mo who made Ye Beirong send away his two sons?" The old man didn't continue but he was already sure that this Ye Mo was indeed that Ye Mo.

    If he really was that abandoned son of the Ye Family, then that meant he was the person even the Song Family didn't dare to mess with him-much less his Ou Family that was lesser than the Song Family. This Ye Mo had killed more than a few of the Song Family's people. Last week, the moment before Song Shaochen died, he said he understood. No one knew what he understood, but everyone speculated that it should be related to Ye Mo.

    Even though everyone in the Song Family knew that Song Shaochen was killed by Ye Mo, still no one dared to find Ye Mo. The Song Family didn't even dare to touch Ye Mo, so Ye Mo wasn't bluffing at all when he said he wasn't afraid of the Ou Family.

    Although this old man didn't know why the Song Family was so scared of Ye Mo, but he knew that although the leader of the Song Family Song Qiming was careful, there was no way that he would give up revenge on the person who killed his son. So, there must be scarier things about Ye Mo that he, Ou Jinlong, didn't know.

    Ou Jinlong's face looked bad, it wasn't that he didn't want Ye Mo to leave, but that he regretted what he said just then. Why didn't he investigate Ye Mo and at least know what he looked like. Although he was sure that the Ou Family wouldn't be afraid of Ye Mo, he didn't want to have to fight Ye Mo first and let other people get the advantage.

    If Ou Jinling could realize this problem, so could that middle-aged man. A slightly famous family in Beijing would've heard of Ye Mo's name.

    Before Ye Mo appeared in Beijing, there were the six most cocky young masters.

    They were very cocky, but since Ye Mo appeared in Beijing, one of them has been sent away, and one was killed. The remaining four were all sent away by their family for fear of meeting Ye Mo. But now, the Ou Family sent their young master to America but Ye Mo found them.

    "Very cocky are you, I'll kick you to death." That bulging eyed youth saw Yun Bing hide fearfully behind Ye Mo and was very angry. Why didn't she hide behind him? He finally couldn't resist it after hearing Ye Mo's words and kicked to Ye Mo.

    It was too late now for Ou Jinlong to stop him ow.

    Ye Mo looked at this youth coldly and also kicked back. Ye Mo's leg landed on the youth's knee. There was a teeth rubbing sound and Ye Mo's feet continued as it landed on the youth's chest.

    The youth was kicked out many meters away until he crashed on the wall and fell down. Blood spewed out of his mouth and one leg was obviously broken by Ye Mo.

    "You..." Ou Jinling had an anticipation of Ye Mo's cockiness but didn't expect it to be of this degree. Kicking his grandson like that in front of him; if Ye Mo used a little more force, someone would have died.

    Yun Bing was scared witless. Ye Mo actually kicked the direct grandson of Ou Jinling half dead and even broke his knee caps. How could she not be scared. She just thought about what should we do now? Ye Mo got into a feud with the Ou Family because of her. She could only try to think of ways for Ye Mo to get away as far as possible.

    However, what made Yun Bing more confused was that Ou Jinlong actually didn't go on a tantrum. He just said "you" in extreme fury and stopped.

    Ye Mo sneered. "What about me? Very cocky? You're right, I'm cocky to you. I'm going now, is there someone going to stop me?"

    Ou JInlong's face was green with anger. Although his Ou Family wasn't one of the 5 big families of Beijing, but their power was no less than that of the 5 great families. Normally, even the five great families tried to avoid conflict with the Ou Family. Thus, there was 6 young masters of Beijing not 5.

    How could Ou Jinling do nothing when a young man smashed into his door and acted so cocky in front of him. Even when he's retired, he still couldn't let it go.

    "Okay, okay..." Ou Jinlong was so angry he was stuttering. He couldn't understand why the Song Family people could endure after Ye Mo killed their people. Ye Mo didn't kill his people, but he could no longer endure it. If the Song Family could even endure that, it seemed that they were really on the downfall."

    Ye Mo sneered and looked at Ou Jinlong. "You're welcome to find your revenge, but don't blame me if you don't return. I hate people who threaten me. I'll give you a chance to exact revenge now. And, old thing, I'm warning you. If you dare to touch one of Yun Bing's hair next time, I will annihilate the Ou Family. I'm going, I'll be waiting for you to come for me."

    Then, Ye Mo took Yun Bing and Tingting and just left. He couldn't even be bothered to look at Ou Jinlong who was shaking with fury.

    Ou Jinling breathed heavily and almost fainted.

    After a while, he finally recovered with people patting his back. The first thing he said when he woke up was, "No matter the cost, we will send this punk to hell. If he thinks we're like the five great families, then he's blind."


    After the three had left that little district very far, Yun Bing finally woke up to reality and said, "Ye Mo, hurry up and run as far as possible. Quick, when the Ou Family is ready, you won't be able to leave."

    Ye Mo smiled faintly. "Don't worry, Mrs. Yun, I'm fine, I have feud with even the Song Family, but I'm still walking fine on the streets much less the Ou Family."

    At this moment, Ye Mo had greater realization of the importance of strength. If he hadn't reached Stage 3 Chi Gathering, then perhaps his bones would've been chewed away by the Song Family. Even if the Song Family didn't, Nan Qing would've devoured him.

    "You don't know how fierce the Ou Family is, I beg you, please go." Yun Bing saw Ye Mo was untouched and immediately began to worry.

    "Mummy, why do you want Big Brother Mo to leave? Isn't it good for him to stay with us?" Tingting saw that her mum wanted Ye Mo to leave and couldn't help but to ask.

    Yun Bing carried up Tingting and said, "Tingting, why are you calling him big brother? You need to call him uncle, okay?"

    Tingting raised her lips and said, 'At Hong Kong, I saw many older people call him Brother Mo, so of course I will call him Mo big brother."

    "What? Tingting, you went to Hong Kong? How did you go there?" Yun Bing finally thought of asking how Tingting went to Hong Kong and forgot about Ye Mo's situation.

    Ye Mo recounted what happened in Hong Kong.

    "You know Tingting?" Yun Bing asked Ye Mo with curiosity.

    Ye Mo said, "I saw her that day in your room."

    Yun Bing immediately remembered that Ye Mo stayed in her house for a few days. She seemed to have thought of something and blushed. Yun Bing's face was pale due to what happened before, and now, it was very obvious when it suddenly changed red.

    "Mum, why is your face red?" Tingting immediately noticed and asked.

    Yun Bing awkwardly said, :Tingting let's go, mummy will buy you some snacks."

    Yun Bing moved Tingting's attention to snacks in one sentence and she unexpectedly didn't request Ye Mo to leave.

    Tingting wanted to go eat KFC so the three could only go eat some junk food, but Tingting was very happy.

    "Are you going back to Ning Hai today?" Yun Bing suddenly asked Ye Mo. Although she wanted to be with Ye Mo, she didn't have any reason. Now that Tingting was by her side, she felt very happy. Even if she was killed due to the Ou Family's revenge, she didn't feel it was that bad.

    Of course, Ye Mo didn't know what Yun Bing was thinking but it was nighttime, and he didn't know how long it would take to get back to Ning Hai, so he said, "Not going back."

    "Then we'll go live at a hotel?" Yun Bing immediately asked and felt anticipation.

    Ye Mo shook his head. "I have a place to live in Beijing, it's where my Sister Ye Ling and Brother Ye Zifeng live at. But they never go there so we'll go there today, what do you think, Mrs. Yun?"

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Yun Bing actually felt better and immediately said: "Okay, it would be best not going to hotel. I didn't expect you to have somewhere to live in Beijing, but can you stop calling me Mrs. Yun from now on? Just call me Yun Bing or Sister Bing."

    "No problem, Sister Bing." Ye Mo was very grateful to Yun Bing risking her life to save him, and he never had the chance to repay her. Now that he could help her, he was very happy.

    Suddenly, Yun Bing seemed to have thought of something and looked at Ye Mo and said, "Your sister and brother? Are you the Ye Family's... Oh, sorry, I only heard about this from other people."

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "Don't worry, it's the truth, but my sister Ye Ling is very nice to me. So although I'm not of the Ye Family in Beijing, Ye Ling is still my sister and Ye Zifeng is still my brother."
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