Chapter 177: Is There Going to Be a Spark?

    Chapter 177: Is There Going to Be a Spark?

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    Ye Mo arranged Yun Bing and Tingting into Ye Ling's room while he slept in Ye Zifeng's room.

    Tingting had been very tired going from Hong Kong to Beijing. She went to bed early after having a shower. However, Yun Bing stayed on the bed unable to sleep. She was thinking about what Ye Mo was doing, and how he knew that she was forcefully sent to the Ou family.

    Ye Mo, however, was looking through those materials in the room. He was still missing a few materials to make the flying sword, so he packed them away and took out the map Mo Kang drew him. If what Mo Kang said was true, then he must go to that place. Even if there wasn't Space Abyssal Rock, those precious herbs would be very important to him.

    After cultivating for two hours, Ye Mo was prepared to sleep when his door was knocked. Ye Mo subconsciously scanned out with his spirit sense and saw Yun Bing wearing her pyjamas standing at the door. Her face was still a bit red.

    Sick? Didn't really look like it.

    Ye Mo opened the door and was just about to talk when Yun Bing rushed into his arms. He felt a soft pleasant scented body as his head buzzed. He just cultivated and his blood was gushing. At this time, Yun Bing rushed into his arms and so he was astonished.

    Yun Bing didn't think much, she was just really grateful to Ye Mo from the depth of her heart. If it wasn't for Ye Mo, she wouldn't even be able to see Tingting and would've probably died a few months ago.

    Ye Mo gave her a sense of security. She really liked that feeling; it made her peaceful and she really enjoyed it. When Ye Mo left, she always longed for that feeling. Sometimes, she thought she shouldn't; she was a few years older than Ye Mo, and Ye Mo was her student. How could she think like that?

    But today on the bed, she kept thinking about Ye Mo. She really couldn't fall asleep. She pumped courage for herself for a long time before finally having the guts to knock on Ye Mo's door.

    She really liked sleeping beside Ye Mo; that sense of comfort and serenity, she really liked it. Furthermore, in her heart, Ye Mo was impotent, so he couldn't do anything. Even if she slept by Ye Mo, Ye Mo wouldn't do anything to her. When Ye Mo treated Ning Qingxue and saw her busty white chest, he was also a bit itchy at heart. He hugged Luo Susu and Lu Susu even kissed him when he was unconscious. Although it wasn't intentional, his heart still rippled after thinking about it. But no matter what, he had never felt such a hot sensation like now.

    Yun Bing was like a ball of fire; a soft ball that gradually surrounded him. He just finished cultivation and this soft heat latched onto him making him unable to hold on.

    He never had sex, but it didn't mean he didn't know about it. His body immediately started to react.

    The moment Yun Bing hugged Ye Mo closely, she was so comfortable she almost moaned. After a long time, she could finally fall asleep in Ye Mo's arms. Even if the Ou Family took revenge on them tomorrow, at least she had a great night.

    But Yun Bing immediately felt something was wrong, she felt a hot sturdy rod against her stomach, what was it? She subconsciously grabbed it...

    "Ahhhh." She immediately reacted. Before she was fully aware of what happened, she was so scared she ran out of the room and went into her own. She closed the door and breathed heavily. Ye Mo's body wasn't what she thought it was. He was very normal. After a long time, Yun Bing asked herself, why did she run? She went over there, meaning that she wouldn't mind it. Yun Bing Understood that the reason she had the guts to knock on Ye Mo's door was because she knew Ye Mo couldn't do that. But the reality was the opposite. Not only could Ye Mo do that, he was also very sturdy and healthy. At least she grabbed it with her own hands and it was really...

    Yun Bing felt her face was hot and started to regret. She should've stayed. She suddenly really wanted it, but she had the courage to go to Ye Mo's room because she didn't think about it. Now that she thought about it and knew that Ye Mo could do it, she no longer had the courage to go over.

    She suddenly really hoped Ye Mo would come and call her over and she would immediately go. She felt her face was burning and heart pumping fast. For 28 years, she never had such thoughts and strong desires.

    After a long time, Ye Mo didn't call her and her heart gradually cooled. She suddenly felt ashamed for having such thought. She felt she was trying to entice Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo didn't expect Yun Bing to scream and run after finding out that he was normal and felt a little awkward. He understood why Yun Bing came.

    Although Ye Mo was aroused by Yun Bing just then, he was a cultivator. After a few Spirit Cleansing Chants, he suppressed his fire.

    Ye Mo laid on the bed reminiscing Yun Bing. Her body was very soft and bouncy. He had seen her nude before but never like today with fire and desperation. He remembered that Tian He. She was also wearing pyjamas and hugged him; he remembered he also reacted that day.

    Was it related to what he was cultivating? How could he not deal with this little enticement?

    Although Ye Mo didn't know why Yun Bing came to find him at night, he knew that since she came, she wouldn't reject him too much. If he went now and shamelessly pursued her, perhaps she would agree.

    Ye Mo shook his head. He felt that if something happened between him and Yun Bing now, it would be complete lust. Although he felt Yun Bing was a good person, he wasn't at the degree of falling in love with her.


    Ye Mo suddenly thought of Luo Ying and Lu Susu. The two seemed to move about in front of his eyes and they overlapped each other. This feeling was very strange. He even wanted to grab Luo Susu's hand and ask if she was Luo Ying?

    But Luo Susu was in her twenties and she didn't seem to be in the same situation as him. How could she be Luo Ying?


    In the morning, Ye Mo found that Yun Bing had already made breakfast. Yun Bing was still a bit embarrassed to look at Ye Mo. She didn't even dare to meet eyes with Ye Mo. However, Ye Mo didn't care; he ate breakfast and played with Tingting for a while before saying, "Sister Bing, I'm going out to do something and going back to Luo Cang in the afternoon. Are you still going back to Ning Hai?"

    "You live at Luo Cang now?" Yun Bing suddenly remembered she hadn't asked where Ye Mo lived at now.

    Although she knew that the Ou Family probably feared Ye Mo a little, but Ye Mo lived at Luo Cang and she lived at Ning Hai. The Ou Family couldn't deal with Ye Mo, but they could do something to her and Tingting.

    "I'm living at Luo Cang now, but..." Ye Mo saw the worry in Yun Bing's eyes and thought for a while before saying, "Don't worry about the Ou Family, I will remove this threat for you.


    Ye Mo's phone couldn't be reached again; just when Han Zaixin was worried, he received news that Ye Mo came to Beijing and caused some trouble at the Ou Family.

    Han Zaixin's eyes brightened up. He was just thinking about how to make Ye Mo submit himself, but now Ye Mo went to start trouble with the Ou Family. This Ye Mo was a restless one.

    "Brother Han, are you thinking of some nasty idea again, making me do free labor?" Just when Han Zaixin was thinking about how to make Ye Mo do things for him willingly, Ye Mo's voice suddenly appeared by his ear, scaring Han Zaixin that he almost jumped.

    His place was heavily guarded, how did the guards not notice him when Ye Mo came?

    "how did you come in?" Han Zaixin looked at Ye Mo in surprise and asked.

    Ye Mo smiled and said: "It'snot important how I came in. what's important is what you want with me. Otherwise, I'm going back. I'm really busily lately, I don't have time to chat with you."

    Han Zaixin laughed and put aside how Ye Mo came in. he thought if Ye Mo didn't have some power, he wouldn't need him in the first place.

    "Of course I need your help, you must not decline. It's said very clearly on our agreement last time." Han Zaixin quickly said. He was afraid Ye Mo would say he had no time.

    Ye Mo smiled and said: "indeed, I especially took out the agreement and looked. It said very clearly. I will do something for Flying Snow once every two years and this first time was after I chose real materials. Now, I haven't chosen anything yet, how can you make me help you? This is said clearly on the paper, do you want me to show you."

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Han Zaixin rubbed his head helplessly. He thought that he didn't need Ye Mo for normal things and Flying Snow could deal with the problems 99% of the times so he asked for Ye Mo to help once in two years. He didn't expect the trouble to come quick so he had to beg Ye Mo to help.

    "this, that's correct but I really need your help this time. Although Zhang Jue is not bad, he is still missing something...." Han Zaixin knew he had no right to ask for Ye Mo to help this time but he really couldn't find anyone better than Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo sneered but didn't talk. Although his cultivation was progressing slow now but he didn't want to waste tie on this. He would do as he said and it wasn't yet time to fulfil his promise yet.

    "I can help you deal with the Ou family. And, the Ou family is prepared to make a move on you." Han Zaixin suddenly said.

    Ye Mo said plainly: "they are not a threat the reason I didn't do anything yesterday was because Tingting was there. So I don't need you to mind this thing."

    "Don't do something rash." Han Zaixin quickly said.
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