Chapter 178: Ou Familys Dependence

    Ye Mo knocked the table before slowly saying, "Perhaps I won't just be doing that."

    Then he stood up. He was now Stage 3 Chi Gathering. If the Ou Family dared to make a move, then he was prepared to exterminate them and then go exterminate the Song Family before finding the hidden sects. Although he knew he probably won't get far with his current power in the hidden sects, he believed he could at least stay alive.

    "Wait, what's your condition. I'll see if I can do it." Seeing that Ye Mo was going to leave, Han Zaixin finally couldn't sit down anymore. He believed that if Ye Mo were to go, it would be much harder to find him again.

    Ye Mo smiled thinking he fell for it. He turned around and looked at Han Zaixin. "The girl behind you last time was your granddaughter?"

    Han Zaixin thought, "Does he have an interest in her?" He felt joyful but pretended to be angry and said, "Don't think about my granddaughter. She's not ordinary, normal people can't even begin to think about her. Although you are not bad, but I think, sigh, it's still a bit hard."

    Han Zaixin knew that it was hard to find a person in the mortal world to marry her, but he really admired Ye Mo's abilities. If he really did like his granddaughter, then he wouldn't mind helping him.

    Ye Mo said once again, "Elder Han you're thinking too much. Your granddaughter is so excellent, how can do I dare to think about her. Plus, I already have someone I like, don't worry about it Elder Han."

    "Then what do you mean?" Han Zaixin asked annoyedly.

    Ye Mo said, "If I guessed right, your daughter is from the hidden sects right? My first condition is simple, that is, after I've done what you want, your granddaughter will lead me into the hidden sects. As long as I go in, she doesn't need to do anything else."

    "Keep dreaming." Han Yan with a ice cold face walked in. She was hiding behind the door while listening to Ye Mo's request. She quickly stepped out fearing that her grandpa would agree.

    Ye Mo smiled and didn't say anything. He knew where Han Yan was hiding; if he could enter the hidden sects with Han Yan's help, it would save him a lot of time. Even someone as rich as Mo Kang spent 16 years knowing the way and how to get in. As such, this made Ye Mo worry about getting in the hidden sects.

    Han Zaixin waved his head. "Don't mention this, this isn't something that only Yan Er could decide. If she brought you in, she wouldn't be able to get away with it herself. What's your second condition."

    Ye Mo shook his head and said, "Since we can't even agree on the first, there's no use talking about the second."

    Han Zaixin's mouth spasmed, thinking that this guy really stood firm. He turned and said to Han Yan, "Bring that ore and show him."

    Hearing about ore, Ye Mo's ear moved and immediately focused his attention.

    Han Yan walked over helplessly and took out a wooden box. She opened it and there was a pale green ore. It seemed like jade, but Ye Mo could tell it wasn't jade.

    Ye Mo took the stone and scanned it with his spirit sense. "Green Silver Sand?"

    "You know this stone? This is a stone, why do u call it sand?" Han Yan subconsciously asked.

    Ye Mo put down the stone and said, "This stone is useless for you, you can give it to me and count it as my first condition." If Ye Mo had this ore, then he would only be missing two materials to make his flying sword.

    Han Yan sneered. "Good things are useless to me, you really overestimate yourself. Tell me, why is this big rock called sand?"

    Ye Mo explained, "Of course it's called sand, did you think sand had to be very small? I've seen Green Silver Sand much bigger than this, at least ten times bigger."

    Han Yan had a look of disbelief. This guy really knew how to bluff. If grandpa didn't value him so much, she would teach him a lesson. Although he was not bad, but he should probably be a far cry from her. But grandpa had to say she couldn't do this alone and needed Ye Mo's help.

    Han Zaixin laughed and said, "Okay, this is yours, let's hear your second condition."

    Ye Mo spoke, "The second condition is of course to kick the Ou Family out of the Beijing upper class. If you can't even do this, then I'd rather not have your Green Silver Sand."

    It was impossible not to take the Green Silver Sand. Ye Mo wanted to see how powerful Han Zaixin was. If it wasn't enough, then he would do it himself. The Ou Family was scarier than the Song Family; Ye Mo could tell from Ou Jinlong's arrogant expression.

    The Song family didn't dare to touch his family before something happened to him, but the Ou Family dared to do so. Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng were still at Beijing.

    Han Zaixin thought for a while before saying, "Ou Family is nothing to worry about. However, they have one in the politics and one in martial arts. Ou Tanye, don't worry aboutt him. although he has a pretty high position, but he has done too much illegal things. The reason we haven't brought him down is because of the other person in the Ou Family, he's called Ou Tanhu.

    He is a mad man. He came from the hidden sects and isn't the least bit reasonable. Even we can't do anything about him. After he murders, he will escape to the hidden sects and come back after a while. We don't know why he can come and go out of the hidden sects. That time in Beijing... never mind, let's not talk about this.

    "I presume he might even be stronger than you. Not even Yan Er is a match for him, so before something happens to Ou Tanhu, I wouldn't touch the Ou Family, but I can help you resolve the issue."

    Ye Mo sneered and said, "No need, I'll deal with it myself."

    "I'm genuinely trying to warn you, although you're not bad, but I feel you're not as strong as Ou Tanhu. Once you completely piss them off and Ou Tanhu is involved, then that would be a certain death situation," Han Zaixin worriedly said.

    Ye Mo didn't reply Han Zaixin and said to himself, "I need to go back to Luo Cang once."

    "Didn't you say you agreed to help me once? Why are you going back to Luo Cang now? I haven't told you what I need help with," Han Zaixin quickly said.

    Ye Mo thought that if he went back to Luo Cang and this Ou Tanhu did things without thinking consequences, then it would be really bad. Although he was like that too sometimes, he still had his sense. He did everything with a purpose. However, he heard this Ou Tanhu was a mad man. After he did those crazy things, there would be no use even if he killed him.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "You should know where I used to live in Ning Hai right"

    "This I know." Han Zaixin's old face blushed. He had done his research on Ye Mo. He even knew that Ye Mo was the masqueraded Shi Ying at Ning Hai.

    Ye Mo also knew that Han Zaixin would definitely investigate him, but he didn't mind it. He said, "Send someone to come get some grass with me and help me plant it in my flower pot at where I live in Ning Hai. Oh and tell Xu Wei that I planted it and ask her to help me look after it for a few days."

    "Of course," Han Zaixin agreed without hesitation.

    "Okay, I'll be going first. Prepare to deal with the Ou Family. Don't make me do it, if I do it, it won't be in the way you want. I will deal with Ou Tanhu. After I'm done with the Ou Family, then you tell me what I need to do." Ye Mo turned and left, of course, not forgetting about the Green Silver Sand.

    Seeing Ye Mo was still adamant on taking on the Ou Family and even Ou Tanhu after his persuasion, Han Zaixin wanted to say something but eventually didn't.

    "Grandpa, do you want me to help him?" Han Yan knew Ou Tanhu wasn't someone easy to deal with.

    Han Zaixin shook his head and said, "if he really could finish Ou Tanhu, then I'll take this opportunity to remove the Ou Family. But if he isn't a match for Ou Tanhu, and still goes to fight him ignoring my persuasion, then there's no benefit in him participating in this. It could only mean that I picked the wrong person. A person so impulsive cannot take this mission of mine."

    "But grandpa, I feel that Ye Mo is a very impulsive person," Han Yan said.

    Han Zaixin shook his head. "Not necessarily, although Ye Mo is impulsive, he doesn't seem to be that impulsive. Plus, this time, the Ou Family has decided to make a move on Ye Mo, but I just haven't told him yet. I wanted to use this mission to draw him away from Beijing to escape Ou Tanhu, but he insists on fighting so we'll see how strong he really is".

    "Grandpa, what if he really could kill Ou Tanhu?" Han Yan suddenly felt that Ye Mo wasn't that simple. From how she didn't realize he got in the door today, she realized that she couldn't completely read him.

    "If Ou Tanhu really is no match for Ye Mo, then things would be good. Some things really need to be managed. Hidden sects, they are a hidden calamity; although they don't come out to fight for power, but the occasional one or two who comes out can immediately upset the balance." Han Zaixin sighed.

    After a long while, Han Zaixin stood up again and said, "No matter if Ye Mo can succeed, we must prepare. Yan Er, I'm going out. Once Ye Mo comes back again, it would mean that he has finished Ou Tanhu. Then you can tell him the thing. If he didn't.... then never mind."
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