Chapter 179: The Killing Blow That Was Not Used

    Chapter 179: The Killing Blow That Was Not Used

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    Ye Mo returned home but Yun Bing wasn't there. After he gave the grass to the person Han Zaixin sent, he was prepared to call Yun Bing when the door opened by itself. At the door stood a sturdy man in his 30s. His hair was long and his forehead was broad. If it wasn't for that triangular shaped eyes, he would look quite majestic. But that triangular eyes ruined the overall image and made him seem violent.

    "You got balls, how dare you go on a rampage at my Ou Family." Although the man's voice was low, it had this sharpness in its tone that made people feel uncomfortable.

    Ye Mo stopped what he was doing and looked at the man before calmly saying, "You are Ou Tanhu? Not bad, the Ou Family acted quite fast."

    "Indeed, I'm Ou Tanhu. Young man, you have balls, but if you think the Ou Family is a sissy like the Song Family, then you just wait and die. 21 years ago, there was a big family that was no lesser than the current five big families. Do you know how they disappeared? Indeed, you got it, my Shi Xiong [1] and I killed them in one night, regardless of old and young. It seems it's your Ye Family this time. Don't worry I will make it clean. At most, I'll just hide for another few years." Ou Tanhu seemed to be smiling, but his cold tone didn't have the slightest feeling of a smile.

    Ye Mo's eyes frowned thinking this person was so sinister. Even he didn't plan on killing the entire Song Family; at most, he would the main members and kick them out of Beijing.

    No matter what, Ye Mo was not planning to let this man go. He was too cruel, and that Shi Xiong he mentioned was also very evil. Once in conflict with these type of people, one must kill them immediately or there would be unfathomable consequences.

    "You just got here?" Ye Mo suddenly thought of Yun Bing. She wasn't here, could she be taken away by the Ou Family.

    Ou Tanhu sneered. "You don't have much of a future, we martial artists can have woman any time and place we want, but you're still thinking about her even now."

    Ye Mo didn't expect Ou Tanhu to know what he was thinking with just one sentence. This guy was no impulsive man like Han Zaixin described. He was obviously a cunning person.

    Ye Mo sighed. If Ou Tanhu was really impulsive, he would've been long dead. It seemed that Han Zaixin was also tricked by Ou Tanhu's façade.

    "Where do you want to fight, lead the way." Whether or not Yun Bing was taken away by the Ou Family people, he needed to finish Ou Tanhu now.

    "You're bold." Then, Ou Tanhu didn't even look at Ye Mo and went downstairs.

    Ye Mo closed the door and followed Ou Tanhu onto his car without asking a question. He could tell that Ou Tanhu was strong, but he was still a little weaker than Daoist Xian. He could kill Daoist Xian, so why would he worry about an Ou Tanhu. But this man was at most in his teens 21 years ago, and he could still kill old and young. It could be seen how cruel he was. It was such a waste that he didn't live in the cultivation realm.

    Ou Tanhu seemed to know that Ye Mo would follow him. He got in a range rover and drove to the rural areas. He knew that Ye Mo must be decent, but it would cause too much attention in the city. That wouldn't benefit him killing the Ye Family later.

    Ye Mo scanned Ou Tanhu with his spirit sense. It appears that he came bare handed, but his real weapon was a short sword that was packed at his chest. Plus, Ou Tanhu was tall and big, thus that small sword was covered by his clothes.

    Ou Tanhu didn't drive very farl as soon as they left the city, he stopped by an abandoned sewer station. Perhaps to him, it would only be a few minutes before he killed Ye Mo.

    Ou Tanhu got off the car and looked at Ye Mo with a sneer. "No need to say any last words, your Ye Family will end today. But don't worry about Yun Bing, although I haven't taken her away, but I really want to know what a woman who you can't forget tastes like."

    Ye Mo suddenly closed his eyes as though Ou Tanhu was just air.

    "F*ck, you want to die." Ou Tanhu was very angry and suddenly punched towards Ye Mo's chest. Before his fist arrived, the wind arrived.

    Ye Mo saw Ou Tanhu's anger but shook his head. He didn't think Ou Tanhu would be angered so easily.

    No matter what Ou Tanhu was like, he underestimated Ye Mo. He thought he could easily take out Ye Mo and didn't need waste time talking to him, but he was also someone who could be easily taken out in Ye Mo's eyes.

    Ye Mo struck out his fist without hesitation, and it collided with Ou Tanhu's fist.

    Ou Tanhu sneered. This punk dared to clash fists with him. His fist was originally going to be a hollow attack, and he was going to cut Ye Mo in half when he dodged. He didn't like to waste time. Although he could still kill Ye Mo without using the sword, he would never go for a harder way if there was an easier way.

    Now that Ye Mo dared to clash fists with him, he turned his hollow attack into a real attack and smashed with full force towards Ye Mo's chest. He was confident he would shatter Ye Mo's arms and crush Ye Mo's chest.

    The instant their fists clashed, Ou Tanhu knew it wasn't good. The inner qi Ye Mo had on his fists were much purer than the inner qi he had.

    Ye Mo was a inner qi master. The moment Ou Tanhu realized this, his back immediately sweated. He underestimated Ye Mo too much. He shouldn't have used all his power in that fist and should've have left some power.

    If he saved some power, he could still change his attack or even take out his sword and kill Ye Mo, but now, that was impossible, their fists have clashed.

    Ou Tanhu just felt as though his fists hit steel, but this was not over. After the steel shattered his bones, it reached out and grabbed his fist.

    Ou Tanhu was regretting it so much. If he didn't change his movem kept his punch a hollow attack and then sneak attacked Ye Mo with his sword, he was 90% sure it would hit Ye Mo. Even if he didn't sneak attack, as long as he didn't underestimate Ye Mo, he still felt that Ye Mo was no match for him.

    But there was only once chance and he wasted it, even destroying his left hand in the process. He didn't expect Ye Mo's inner qi to be so pure, was this even still inner qi? He had never heard of someone who was able to cultivate their inner qi to be so pure and thick. Perhaps this wasn't inner qi, but his thought stopped there. Before he had the time to retreat, he heard another crack, like a branch that had been snapped.

    There was massive pain and Ou Tanhu's heart sankl he knew his hand was snapped, but this wasn't what made him terrified the most. The most terrifying thing was that he couldn't even see his left hand. Ye Mo just pulled off his hand.

    One missed move and this was the result. Ou Tanhu looked at his blood dripping wrist as the veins on his head bulged. There was madness and ferocity in his eyes as he smashed his right fist towards Ye Mo without thinking of the consequences.

    Ye Mo sneeredl this guy still wanted to use the move he wasn't able to use before. Did he not know there was a sword hidden on his chest? Ye Mo was sure Ou Tanhu had a way to pull out the sword instantly and stab it to him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have so much faith in it.

    Ye Mo still didn't dodge and struck his fist out. Ou Tanhu cruelly smiled; Ye Mo broke his wrist, so he wanted to slice Ye Mo into a million pieces.

    But soon, he felt something was wrong as a frosty wind swept towards his right fist, what was this? Ou Tanhu's eyes were good, but he just felt a frosty wind and didn't see any projectiles.

    Was his sensors wrong? Ou Tanhu's eyes narrowed; even if it was a projectile, he would still attack and kill Ye Mo with the sword.

    But the next moment, Ou Tanhu's heart was scared sh*tless. He found that his wrist hand fell to the ground for no reason, still in a fist shape.

    Projectile? Was that frosty wind really a projectile and such a powerful one? Ou Tanhu screamed inside. He didn't think he would lose so completely and simply.

    "You..." Before he could ask who the hell Ye Mo was, he was kicked in the chest.

    Spew. Ou Tanhu spat out mouthfuls of blood and laid paralyzed on the ground, and his organs were completely shattered with this kick. He only had one thought: such thick inner qi, how did he cultivate this?

    "I'm not reconciled to this..." Ou Tanhu spat out more blood and yelled hysterically.

    Ye Mo walked forward, pulled out a sword from Ou Tanhu's clothes and sneered. "You're not reconciled to this, is it because you didn't get to use your sword?"

    "You..." Ou Tanhu completely froze, how did Ye Mo know the sword was his killing blow?


    [1] TL note: Shi Xiong/Di: elder/younger disciple under the same master, referring to male

    Shi Jie/Mei: elder/younger discple under the same master, referring to female.

    Not necessarily always under the same master, can be used just as a way to refer to people
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