Chapter 180: Attack

    Chapter 180: Attack

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    "My shi xiong will exact revenge for me." These were Ou Tanhu's last words.

    Ou Tanhu was very decisive, and Ye Mo wasn't able to ask anything useful from him. He was not only cruel to others but cruel to himself as well. However, Ye Mo found two words-broken fists-from the hilt of that sword.

    The work was not bad, same quality as that whip Ye Mo got.


    When Ye Mo went back home, Yun Bing and Tingting had come back. After asking, he knew that Yun Bing went out to help Tingting buy clothes.

    Now that he had pulled out the tooth of the Ou Family, Ye Mo estimated that there was not much danger for Yun Bing, so he went for Han Zaixin. He would leave the remaining things for Han Zaixin to deal with. If he couldn't even do such a simple thing, it would mean that he i\was not genuine.

    For someone who wasn't genuine, Ye Mo would rather not have the Green Silver Sand than cooperating with them. Ye Mo wouldn't be like Ou Tanhu and go out killing everyone, but if Han Zaixin didn't make an attack, then he would kill at least all the heads of the family.

    "Why did you come back so fast? Weren't you going to look for Ou Tanhu?" Han Zaixin wasn't at home but Han Yan was. She seemed to be immune to Ye Mo popping in and out of nowhere.

    Ye Mo dropped the sword and sai, "There's no longer such a person."

    "What? You killed Ou Tanhu this quick?" Han Yan picked up that sword in disbelief and checked it carefully before saying, "Indeed, this is his sword, it has the mark of the Broken Fist Hall.

    "Broken Fist Hall?" Ye Mo repeated; he still remembered that Ou Tanhu said his Shi Xiong would avenge him so he need to be wary. Since his shi xiong could kill an entire big family with him, it meant that this shi xiong was also a cruel character.

    Han Yan seemed to realize she said something she shouldn't have and quickly said again, "Wait, I'll call my grandpa."


    Mi Yang Lake was the most beautiful lake in Beijing, not only was it beautiful, but it also crossed a sixth of Beijing so it was also called a sixth lake. Mi Yang Lake not only had an army stationed there from the Beijing military district, but all the upper class and leaders of Beijing were living around here. Thus, Mi Yang Lake was also called the Wealthy Lake by normal citizens.

    At this moment, in the most heavily guarded building sat 6 old men; even the youngest among them was older than 50.

    "Zaixin, you're saying that Ye Mo really has enough capability to finish Ou Tanhu? This isn't a joke, if that ferocious tiger is pissed off, the Ye Family would also be in danger." The person speaking was in his 60s, middle build and seemed slightly slim, but his spirit was high.

    Han Zaixin said, "Director, don't worry, if Ye Mo really is no match for Ou Tanhu, I have made preparations, I won't let what happened 20 years ago happen again."

    "Yes, we'll get rid of that tiger even if it costs something. Even without Ye Mo, we would still do this. This Ou Tanhu is getting more and more out of control," the old man nodded and said hardly.

    No one else spoke, they knew it would cost them heavily to kill someone like Ou Tanhu. There was an ancient martial arts cultivator who was weaker than Ou Tanhu, but in order to capture him, the country lost an entire special forces before finally killing him. One special forces squad, how much would it cost for a country to train them?

    It could be imagined that in order to capture Ou Tanhu, the losses wouldn't be a simple number. Because behind Ou Tanhu, there was a hidden sect; if they angered this sect, then the country's losses would be inestimable.

    This was why all hierarchy felt threatened by the hidden sects because they had the capability. Good thing was they usually didn't intervene in national affairs and even send some people to help with things.

    This Ou Tanhu was also very cunning. After he did that thing 20 years ago, he went and hid in the hidden sects for 10 years before coming out. Each time, he didn't come out for long as though reminding others that the Ou Family still had him.

    If Ye Mo could kill Ou Tanhu, it would be the best for the country because the person who killed him was Ye Mo. Eventually, the hidden sects would go look for Ye Mo's trouble not someone else. Although some hidden sects people work for the country, the hidden sects also had a rule in which the people from hidden sects must not fight each other for outside world reasons. If they did, perhaps the hidden sects would've been long gone.

    Only someone like Ye Mo who didn't know anything dared to kill Ou Tamhu.

    The old man who was about the same age as Han Zaixin said, "I heard Ye Mo finished off Nan Qing's Qian Longtou. If he really has so much power, then perhaps he really can."

    Before Han Zaixin spoke, a guard rushed in with a phone and said, "Elder Han, an urgent call."

    All the people here in this meeting were the hierarchy of China. Even if the guard didn't say it was urgent, they knew it would be urgent.

    Han Zaixin picked up the phone and it only took a few sentences before hanging up in joy.

    "What is it, Old Han," the most impetuous old man asked.

    Han Zaixins said with joy and surprise, "I just received news that Ye Mo killed Ou Tanhu and is now talking with Han Yan. The news is from my granddaughter, it will be reliable."

    "What? That evil tiger of the Ou Family has been killed? Zaixin, Shiping, immediately carry out no. 2 plan. Subjugate Ou Tanye and Ou Zhen," the old man stood up in excitement and said.

    Not only did this man stand up in excitement but so did everyone else. It was two different concepts: Ye Mo killing Ou Tanhu and the country killing Ou Tanhu. Without Ou Tanhu, the Ou Family was not a concern.


    Han Yan put the phone down and looked at Ye Mo thinking that the old man was always wiser. She didn't see anything extraordinary about Ye Mo but her grandpa could.

    Thinking for a while, she said to Ye Mo, "Since you can kill Ou Tanhu, it means you are capable to carry out this mission. I will tell the plan to you and we can discuss what to do."

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Don't tell me, I don't want to know now. You can contact me after I see what happens to the Ou Family, I'm going first."

    Ye Mo walked out without hesitation and there was nothing Han Yan could do.


    When Ye Mo came back, Yun Bing and Tingting sat nervously in the house. Perhaps Yun Bing noticed something was wrong. Seeing Yun Bing's helpless manner, Ye Mo felt helpless.

    Seeing Ye Mo come back, Yun Bing stood up in joy. It could be seen that she was really happy.

    "Let's go, I'll take you guys to get something to eat," Ye Mo estimated that even if Han Zaixin agreed to bring down the Ou Family, it wouldn't be this quick.

    Tingting, who was waiting desperately, heard Ye Mo's words and immediately ran over. To her, eating was the most important thing. She heard from Ye Mo that the Ou Family was dealt wit,h and she didn't need to worry about the Ou Family anymore and could stay with her mum all the time. Yun Bing obviously seemed delighted. Although she didn't know how Ye Mo did it, she trusted in Ye Mo.

    Because from running into conflict with the Ou Family yesterday till now, nothing had happened to her. It meant that the Ou Family was cautious of Ye Mo. Yun Bing was thinking through whom Ye Mo reached accordance with that the Ou Family had to let her go. She never would've thought Ye Mo was completely destroying the Ou Family from its roots.

    Ye Mo feared eating KFC the most, but luckily, Tingting didn't insist on eating KFC again. She wanted to eat western cuisine. Although Ye Mo didn't like it either, Tingting wanted to go, so he would deal with it.

    Seeing Ye Mo and Tingting walking in front, Yun Bing suddenly lost herself in thought, thinking that if only things could stay like this forever. She only felt safe when she was with Ye Mo.

    She suddenly remembered that day at Ning Hai University when Ye Mo was being very aggressive towards her.

    "If you dare to touch me again, I will make the Ning Lake the place where you take a bath." That was what he said to her.

    She wanted to fight him with her life at the time, but now, she followed behind him looking at him and Tingting.

    She sighed; she knew that after this, Ye Mo was going to be on his own path, but she needed to take Tingting back to Ning Hai. The only difference was that she had Tingting ,and there was no threat of the Ou Family. She suddenly had a strange thought, what would happen if she didn't run away last night?

    Thinking about this, her heart burned. Perhaps it could be possible tonight. Yun Bing was shocked by her own thoughts. What was happening to her?

    Yun Bing subconsciously looked at Ye Mo. She was thinking why Ning Qingxue would reject someone so excellent?

    Yun Bing subconsciously looked around and saw another person. It was Feng Rong.

    Feng Rong was in a rush and quickly walked inside a bar with his head low. Yun Bing suddenly really wanted to ask Feng Rong about what happened those years ago and followed him into the bar.

    Of course, Ye Mo knew when Yun Bing suddenly left. He saw that Yun Bing didn't even tell him and went into the bar with Feng Rong and guessed that there must be something going on.

    Ye Mo also wanted to bring Tingting in with him when a voice interrupted him.
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