Chapter 185: Mission

    Chapter 185: Mission

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    At night, after Ye Mo sent Yun Bing and Tingting back, he went straight to Han Zaixin. However, Yun Bing twisted and turned unable to fall asleep. She knew that as soon as the day was bright, she and Tingting would go back to Ning Hai. She would no longer have the chance to be with Ye Mo anymore. Perhaps tonight was the last night she would stay together with Ye Mo.

    The more she thought, the more she regretted running away from Ye Mo's room. However, she felt too hard to summon the courage to go again. She knew if she didn't take the initiative, Ye Mo wouldn't come for her.

    Sometimes, she felt she was a bad woman, but she knew that in the depth of her heart, what she was thinking wasn't completely to repay Ye Mo. It was because she really wanted to be together with Ye Mo even if it was just for one night. She was afraid Ye Mo would think she was trying to use him. but she knew that she really didn't think that way.

    Yun Bing had made up her mind, after Ye Mo comes back to sleep, she would go to his room again. Although it was a bit shameless, she would still do it for Ye Mo.

    At around 10pm, Ye Mo still hadn't come back, but Yun Bing was almost about to fall asleep. Finally, the door sounded. The sleepy Yun Bing immediately sat up in nervousness, but she heard the knocking sound from her own room. Her heart was raised. Was Ye Mo coming over to her? How could this be, Tingting was still sleeping. Thinking about this, Yun Bing wanted to get off the bed and look.

    But at this moment, the lights were turned on. Yun Bing was dumbfounded. The person who came in wasn't Ye Mo but a girl. She still had a bag in her hands, so she realized it was probably Ye Ling.

    Ye Ling knew Ye Mo was at Beijing and no longer had the mood to play in America. She came back by herself first but didn't expect to see Yun Bing when she opened her room and froze.

    "You are Ye Ling?" Yun Bing said.

    Ye Ling nodded and asked, "You are?"

    "I'm Yun Bing, Ye Mo's English teacher," Yun Bing quickly explained but felt relieved and disappointed at the same time. She didn't have the courage to go to Ye Mo's room anymore. Now that Ye Ling was back, she couldn't even if she wanted to.

    "You are Mrs. Yun Bing, I've heard my brother talk about you," Ye Ling said in surprise. Ye Mo said Yun Bing saved his life before, but now it seemed there was some relationship between them. She immediately saw Tingting and was shocked. Ye Mo didn't tell her Yun Bing had a child and she was so old already.

    In that case, she was obviously not suitable with her brother.

    Seeing Ye Ling look at Tingting, Yun Bing quickly explained what happened from Hong Kong till now.

    "My brother went out?" Ye Ling thought Ye Mo was asleep.


    As though knowing Ye Mo would come at night, Han Zaixin had prepared tea and snacks. But even so, when Ye Mo actually came, Han Zaixin felt relieved. He didn't have any way if Ye Mo didn't come because his phone was always off.

    Ye Mo saw that other than Elder Han and Han Yan, there was also another man in his 50s.

    Han Zaixin was very polite to Ye Mo. Seeing him come in, he quickly stood up. "Ye Mo, this is the military laboratory's Li Xiang. Old Li, this is Ye Mo I told you about."

    Han Zaixin just introduced the two but didn't say Li Xiang's position.

    Li Xiang also nodded to Ye Mo. In his eyes, although Ye Mo was strong, he was still young. For someone in high status like them, they only needed to be nice and Ye Mo would be extremely grateful.

    And, it seemed pretty easy to use Ye Mo this time. Thus, he didn't understand why Han Zaixin took Ye Mo so seriously. In his impression, Ye Mo was a simple minded but strong youth.

    Ye Mo didn't care seeing that Li Xiang seemed to be a little rude. He couldn't even be bothered to nod. To him, there was no point in getting close with such a person. Their pursuits were different. It was just a deal between him and Han Zaixin.

    Seeing that Ye Mo couldn't even be bothered to nod, Li Xiang couldn't keep it together. However, he was in a high status for a long time and had some control.

    Han Zaixin frowned thinking this Old Li was good but just underestimated people.

    Seeing that Han Zaixin wanted to ease up the tension, he waved his hand and sat down. "Elder Han, don't waste time, since this is a deal, just tell me what to do, I prefer to be straightforward."

    Han Zaixin had some understanding of Ye Mo's personality and nodded. "In that case, I'll be straightforward. We researched the model you gave Li Hu carefully last time. It's an extremely valuable military secret. We originally thought it was just worth tens of millions, but by the looks of it now, that's only a minor fraction of it."

    Ye Mo immediately knew the mission was related to this, but he already gave the thing to Han Zaixin, why did they bring it up?

    Han Zaixin continued, "The conclusion we got is that this model is only a part of it. It's only the outer energy core part. The nucleus of the thing isn't there. Now that we know how important this data is, we can't have such precious thing in the hands of others. Although we don't know who invented this data, but it could be said to be a military milestone."

    Then, Han Zaixin looked at Ye Mo. "I think you should know, we want you to get back the remaining part. Regardless if our country can really create it, it's much better to have this in our hands than in others."

    "You want me to find you this?" Ye Mo frowned, Wen Dong gave this to him. Where would he find it?

    Han Zaixin nodded seriously. "Indeed, I think only you can find this. One reason is that you gave it to us, so you should know something about where it came from. The second is that normal people's power wouldn't be able to retrieve such a precious data, so I want you to go with Han Yan and find the remaining data."

    Li Xiang added timely, "It's every citizen's responsibility to serve the country, so this is not only a mission but an honor."

    Ye Mo looked coldly at Li Xiang. "Shut up, stop playing your games."

    Li Xiang's face immediately changed. He didn't understand Ye Mo so he took out those big ideas he used to educate young people with.

    Of course, Han Zaixin knew Ye Mo's personality; even if Ye Mo knew his position, he would still be nothing in the eyes of Ye Mo. Ye Mo was someone who wouldn't get up early without benefit. It was useless to educate him with those big ideals. If he owed the country, then he would repay the debt himself. Ye Mo hated empty words.

    He quickly stopped Li Xiang who was going to throw a tantrum. "Old Li, Ye Mo is like that, don't be like that."

    Han Yan sat by the side saying nothing. It was completely irrelevant to her, but she looked coldly at Li Xiang. It seemed she also despised him.

    Han Zaixin's payment of one block of Green Silver Sand should be enough. In Ye Mo's heart, that was worth countless times more than that military model.

    However, only he knew the worth of the Green Silver Sand. As such, Ye Mo knew Han Zaixin's reward was enough but Han Zaixin didn't.

    Seeing Ye Mo not talk, Han Zaixin was afraid Ye Mo would regret and quickly said, "The next batch of material is coming in 3 month, then I'll let you pick ten more."

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "I agree to this. I'll try, regardless of whether I succeed or not, I won't return the Green Silver Sand."

    Ye Mo was not interested at all in picking ten more. If he could pick out 5 or 6 things, he would already be happy. There wouldn't be that much good materials for him to pick anyway.

    "Okay, you and Yan Er can start tomorrow." Han Zaixin stood up in joy. Then he turned to Han Yan and said, "Yan Er, no matter what, safety first, okay?"

    However, Ye Mo said, "No need, I'll go by myself, it's cumbersome to have an extra person."

    "Hmph, Ye Mo I admit you're strong, but if you think you can beat me for sure, you're wrong. Otherwise, let's fight first." Han Yan was discomforted by Ye Mo's words.
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