Chapter 186: Date With Nie Shuangshuang

    Chapter 186: Date With Nie Shuangshuang

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    "No need to fight, I'll let you come with me." Looking at the way Han Yan jumped into fighting stance, he knew he underestimated her body technique at least.

    No matter how strong she was, she wouldn't be cumbersome with that movement technique and might even give him some help. Of course, another plan was that since she was from the hidden sects, perhaps he could try to get something out of her mouth. That was the most important.

    Han Yan intentionally showed some ability and saw that Ye Mo indeed seemed to be impressed as he allowed her to go. She raised her head high in self satisfaction. Ever since Ye Mo killed Ou Tanhu, she felt she was no match for him.

    But even though she felt she was no match for him, she felt she lost to no one in movement technique even Ye Mo.

    "Buy the ticket to Xian Mountain and wait for me at the airport tomorrow morning." Ye Mo dropped these words and left quickly. He needed to find Wen Dong before he could find the thing. Only Wen Dong knew where it came from. Plus, he wanted to go to Flowing Snake. He needed to buy some things that could prevent Nie Shuangshuang to not attack his relatives.

    "He's a conceited person," Han Yan suddenly said.

    "Hmph, I think he's an arrogant freak, not respecting his elders..." Li Xiang sneered.

    Han Zaixin waved his hand and said, "Old Li, you need to change your temper. Do you know why the Song Family didn't dare to touch him? Your Li family is also a big family of Beijing, so you would know after you ask Marshal Li. Sometimes, you can't just be doing academics."

    Li Xiang looked at Han Zaixin in shock. He thought Han Zaixin would be on his side, but Han Zaixin was helping Ye Mo. Marshal Li was his big brother and also the most authoritative person in the Li Family.

    He didn't expect Han Zaixin to tell him to ask his big brother. Did his big brother look at Ye Mo differently? Why would someone so young and abandoned by the Ye Family be worth noting.


    Ye Mo bought a lot of daily products. Although he was Stage 3 Chi Gathering, he was still fearful of his experience in the desert. He didn't believe he was completely safe just because he was Stage 3. There might be Earth level or even Sky level masters. Even if he was surrounded by those bugs in the desert, he would die.

    After he bought enough things, he called Nie Shuangshuang.

    Nie Shuangshuang's shy voice sounded. It was very sweet and made people feel comfortable and even render this impulsive feeling.

    When Ye Mo came to Hua University, Nie Shuangshuang stood at the door looking very nervous.

    She wore a plain green dress and her hair was wet. A few strands came down her soft skinned face, making her seem more nimble and innocent. Accompanied with her high soaring chest, almost all the students at the door would secretly look at her.

    Just when Ye Mo walked in front of her, he smelt this faint aroma. It seemed to be natural coming from the body.

    Seeing Ye Mo come over, Nie Shuangshuang rubbed her sleeves nervously and seemed to say something but Ye Mo knew she said nothing.

    Seeing Ye Mo just stand in front of her and not say anything for a long time, Nie Shuangshuang raised her head and used those innocent looking eyes and said, "Brother Ye, you wanted me." Then, she lowered her head and held onto the edge of her skirt tightly.

    Ye Mo sighed, this woman could go get a golden Oscars at Hollywood. He thought she would be perfect to lure those black bulky men, so why stay at a place like Hua University? Moreover, she seemed to know how to utilize men's weakness. Even though Ye Mo knew there was something wrong with her, he still couldn't prevent himself from having strange thoughts towards her.

    As though not hearing Ye Mo's reply, she secretly looked at Ye Mo while blushing and looked down.

    Ye Mo said, "Indeed, I wanted to look for you, do you have time?"

    "Mh, tomorrow's the weekend..." Nie Shuangshuang just said half a sentence.

    Ye Mo sneered, she was acting innocent too much. Tomorrow is the weekend, so that meant she could go out with him for the entire night. What sort of girl would say that to someone she only met for the second time? She didn't say the second half of the sentence, but any man could imagine it. It seemed to be more enticing left unsaid.

    "Let's go, you wanted to drink with Zhuo Yangqing yesterday but wasn't able to. How about I take you out for a drink?" Ye Mo said straightforwardly. He felt that frosty feeling on Nie Shuangshuang was weaker today.

    He didn't want to know who Nie Shuangshuang was, but Ye Ling still had to stay a month or two at Hua University. He didn't want her to be in danger, so he had to know who Nie Shuangshuang was, and what that bleak feeling from her was. If she was a threat to Ye Ling, he didn't mind doing something good for society.

    Nie Shuangshuang looked at Ye Mo in shock due to his straight forwardness but didn't reject. She hesitantly agreed as though it was hard for her to reject.

    Drunk Eye bar is close to the uni but they didn't sit at the bar and chose a distant corner and sat.

    "What do you want to drink?" Ye Mo asked casually. If possible, he didn't want to get on bad terms with her. Although he wasn't afraid of her, he didn't want enemies everywhere. So what if Nie Shuangshuang was messing around with other people everyday? The reason he asked her out today was to tell her to back off from his sister.

    Nie Shuangshuang didn't say what she wanted to drink but instead asked, "Brother Ye did you ask me out to drink? I feel as though you don't like me very much, but why did you ask me out?"

    Under the dim light, she seemed more bold and could at least look at Ye Mo when she talked.

    "Since you can tell I don't like you very much. why did you come out with me?" Ye Mo asked with derision.

    She didn't seem to notice it and said feebly, "Because the first time I saw you, I feel this intimacy from you so, I..."

    "So you like me?" Then, Ye Mo told the waiter to serve to beer. He wasn't here to drink today.

    Nie Shuangshuang suddenly raised her head and said, "Yes, Brother Ye, although it's not to the degree of liking you but I have a great impression of you. It's the first time I had this feeling coming here. So today, when you said you wanted to drink, I came with you without hesitation. But why are you talking to me with this tone, I don't even know what your name is."

    Ye Mo sneered. "Good impression, if you're still a virgin, perhaps I would have some good impression to you. Now, don't talk about good impression in front of me." Originally, Ye Mo wanted to have a talk with her, but seeing how she kept this act up, he suddenly felt very annoyed.

    "You..." Nie Shuangshuang suddenly stood up. Her pretty face was shaking under the light. She pointed her hand at Ye Mo and wanted to say something, but she put it back down.

    After a while, she continued, "You called me out just to say this to me? Do you have no manners around girls? I saw you wrong."

    Then, Nie Shuangshuang turned to leave as though she was really angered by Ye Mo's words.

    However, Ye Mo sat without moving. He knew that if this woman wanted men's yang essence, she wouldn't let him go because he cultivated pure yang chi. This was probably the good impression in her eyes.

    However, Ye Mo saw Nie Shuangshuang walk to the door and still had no intentions of turning back. He frowned but didn't believe he saw her wrong.

    He still felt the sense of the opposite sex from her yesterday. Plus, this woman had this eerie cold feeling. Ye Mo knew she wasn't a normal person.

    "Such a hot chick, come in and have a drink with me." Two men who just walked into the bar saw Nie Shuangshuang. One of their eyes brightened up immediately and he grabbed towards her.

    Nie Shuangshuang screamed but couldn't break free.

    "Let's go to a private room, it's much better than outside." Then, the grabbed Nie Shuangshuang walked inside. Many people saw it, and even the bar people, but no one said a thing. They continued to do what they were doing.

    Nie Shuangshuang looked helplessly towards Ye Mo. It was obvious she wanted Ye Mo to help her. She saw how strong Ye Mo was yesterday. If he did something, even if he couldn't beat these two, she could break free.

    Ye Mo, however, was still sipping the beer that was just brought to him as though he didn't see it at all.

    However, Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned that the eyes Nie Shuangshuang showed had disappointment deep disappointment rather than loss in hope.

    Soon, Nie Shuangshuang was dragged into a private room by those two scum. The door was then slammed shut.
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