Chapter 188: Escape

    Chapter 188: Escape

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    When Ye Mo came to the airport, Han Yan was already there waiting for him. By the looks of it, she had been there for a while.

    Han Yan carried a bag. She looked at Ye Mo in shock who only carried a small bag, thinking that this bag wasn't even enough for some clothes much less equipment. The news she got was that the place they were going was quite far.

    She didn't know that if Ye Mo wasn't trying to hide his ring, he wouldn't even bother carrying a bag.

    Ye Mo boarded in no time and sat with Han Yan. Although Han Yan didn't use any makeup, she had this faint aroma on her that was quite pleasant. Although she wasn't extremely pretty, her temperament was quite good.

    Seeing Ye Mo didn't even talk to her after getting on the plane but just played with a jade bracelet, she was a little annoyed and asked, "My news is to go to Hu Zhong Province, why are you going to Xian Mountain?"

    "I need to do some private business," Ye Mo said and then sunk into silence again.

    Seeing Ye Mo not interested in talking to her, Han Yan frowned but stopped talking.

    Ye Mo was thinking about what Ye Ling said to him last night: "The bracelet was let from dad saying your mum left it for you."

    The bracelet was very old; Ye Mo studied it with his spirit sense and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. It was just a normal bracelet.

    Sighing, he put the bracelet on his hand. Yun Bing, who was planning on going back to Ning Hai, decided to go back a week later due to Ye Ling. Although he didn't know why she was staying for an extra few days, he felt she treated him a little different.

    "Do you know the organization North Sand?" Seeing Ye Mo finally stop playing with the bracelet, Han Yan asked quietly.

    Ye Mo dazed and replied, "I only heard about it, why?"

    Seeing Ye Mo finally listen to her, Han Yan breathed and said, "You should know that Feng Tian you saved from the desert last time, right? She's from North Sand. And, she said that data came from the North Sand. As for how it came out, she didn't say but it's definitely related to North Sand."

    Ye Mo was not surprised she was from North Sand, otherwise, she wouldn't know Wen Dong. He was looking for Wen Dong now, but if he could find Feng Tian, then she should know a little about North Sand. Thinking about this, Ye Mo askedm "Do you know where Feng Tian is now?"

    Han Yan shook her head and said, "I don't know, this was the info she gave Li Hu last time, but my grandpa didn't expect the data to be so precious at the time, so they didn't take it this seriously. And, it's said that North Sand is the biggest independent organization in the world. Members are from all over the world, and they have first grade scientists and military equipment. Their purpose is to establish a democratic country more powerful than America. However, up until now, their means are very despicable."

    Ye Mo knew Wen Dong was from North Sand, but he didn't know what sort of organization this was.

    Han Yan sneered and said, "Dreams are good, but the members are too mixed up. Before the country was set up, many people wanted to get rich through the data. The data you got was sent out from someone inside."

    So North Sand was such a big organization to the degree of creating a country. Although Ye Mo wasn't familiar with politics, he knew that it wasn't so easy. The resource abundant places were already owned.

    "Do you know the exact situation of North Sand?" Ye Mo thought that since this came from North Sand, it would help if he got to know the organization more.

    Han Yan shook her head. "I never care about these things, grandpa only told me after I came out."

    "Which hidden sect are you from? How do you enter the hidden sect? Ye Mo took a sudden turn and changed the topic.

    However, this time, Han Yan just shut her eyes and didn't say anything. Ye Mo didn't continue asking her; it seemed it was quite hard knowing about the hidden sects from her.

    After leaving the airport, Ye Mo called a taxi to the Xiang Shan valley. Han Yan didn't know why Ye Mo went there, but before she came out, her grandpa told her that Ye Mo wasn't a simple person and he acquired the data in the first place so do as he says.

    So when Ye Mo arranged the route, although Han Yan was curious why Ye Mo didn't start with North Sand, she didn't ask him about it.

    The taxi stopped at the mountain waist and Ye Mo told the taxi to leave before taking Han Yan to a street with food and hotel.

    Although he didn't go up with Wen Dong last time, it wasn't far from the parking lot. Ye Mo also seemed to see Wen Dong walk into this hotel last time from a distance.

    He didn't know which one Wen Dong went to, but this was the only clue he had. If he couldn't find Wen Dong here, then he had no better idea. Perhaps they could only look for Feng Tian, but according to Han Yan, it was quite hard to find her now.

    "Why did you come here?" Han Yan knew that North Sand definitely wouldn't have a base at Xiang Shan Valley.

    "I have a friend who knows some things. She gave the data to me so I came here for a look."

    Han Yan originally thought Ye Mo must knew that a certain friend lived here, but after following Ye Mo and asking a few places, she knew that Ye Mo didn't know at all. She was quite speechless.

    Although it wasn't a popular tourist place, there were at least tens or even 100 hotels here. How long was this going to take?

    Luckily, Han Yan's worry didn't turn into reality. When Ye Mo entered a hotel with only an old couple and asked about Wen Dong, the owner didn't show confusion and studied Ye Mo carefully.

    Ye Mo knew he came to the right place.

    "You're looking for Dong Dong?" The male owner was an old man in his 60s. His voice was slow, but he obviously knew Wen Dong.

    Ye Mo quickly said, "Yes, uncle, I'm Sister Don's friend, Ye Mo." In order to show that he was close to Wen Dong, he even called her sister. Ye Mo also felt speechless thinking about it.

    "You are Ye Mo? Oh, wait." The old man suddenly went in the room and took out a letter to Ye Mo. "Last time, Dong Dong asked someone to bring this to you if you came in 3 months. If you didn't come, she told me to burn it."

    Ye Mo took the letter in surprise thinking if it wasn't due to Han Zaixin's business, he definitely wouldn't come. Even if he came, how could Wen Dong know he could find this place and even leave this letter for him?

    Ye Mo opened the letter and was dazed once again. There was just one word, run. What did this mean? Han Yan also saw this and looked at Ye Mo with curiosity.

    The owner couple saw Ye Mo look at the letter in shock but walked into the backyard.

    This big run word was written from clear to unclear. The last bit seemed to disappear. Ye Mo frowned and suddenly understood. Wen Dong meant for him to run away as far as possible and even hide his name.

    Not good, something happened to Wen Dong.

    That was Ye Mo's first thought. Something must've happened to Wen Dong due to that data, and those people were interrogating her where it went. Only Wen Dong knew she gave it to him.

    She didn't tell about him but instead told him to leave. It could be seen that although they met each other occasionally, she was very trustworthy person.

    Han Yan saw Ye Mo's face change and wanted to ask what was going on. Suddenly, Ye Mo's face was bleak as he looked at the door of the inn.

    "I knew you would come, as expected, haha... Wen Dong wouldn't say no matter what, but is that any use?" a cocky voice sounded.

    Han Yan suddenly found Ye Mo had charged out. When Ye Mo came back, he carried a lady with him.

    This lady had shrivelled hair and messy clothes. There was wounds all over her body and her face was pale.

    The moment he snatched Wen Dong from the car at the door of the inn, he knew she wasn't going to make it. Her heart was shattered and she didn't have a breath anymore. He could treat her heart with his chi, but her life force was dissipated. Ye Mo couldn't save her unless there was a spiritual herb that could recover her life force. Although Ye Mo had some pills on him, it was a far cry from a spirit herb that recovered life force.

    Ye Mo inserted his chi into Wen Dong wanting to wake her up but there was nothing after a while.
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