Chapter 189: Between Life and Death

    Chapter 189: Between Life and Death

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    As though scared by Ye Mo's ghostly figure, everyone took out their guns on the car. The leading person was a strangely beautiful young married woman.

    "Wen Dong..." Ye Mo suddenly felt guilty. Although Wen Dong's death was not due to him, she was tortured like this probably because she didn't want to reveal where the data was.

    Wen Dong slowly opened her eyes with the forceful treatment of Ye Mo's strong chi. When she saw Ye Mo, she was surprised and quickly said in a voice that even Ye Mo could barely hear: "Ye Mo, sorry, I involved you in this. North Sand is looking for the model, quickly go, I didn't say..."

    It was just these few words that used up all of her power and life force. Her head fell in Ye Mo's arms as she slowly closed her eyes.

    Ye Mo suddenly felt a fit of emptiness. Wen Dong didn't die due to him, but he couldn't bear this sadness. Funny how he still wanted to find Wen Dong to get the rest of the data but didn't consider the complications for Wen Dong at all.

    Although Wen Dong was a woman, she was straightforward, generous and very tenacious. Although she didn't tell Ye Mo what she did with the money, he knew that she definitely didn't use it herself.

    Ye Mo raised his head and looked coldly at the four men pointing guns at him before looking down at Wen Dong and saying, "Sister Dong, don't worry, just go. I swear that in my life, I will pull North Sand from its roots and burn that data in front of your grave."

    "Ye Mo, you..." Han Yan heard Ye Mo's words and was shocked. Regardless of whether he eradicated North Sand, the country needed that data. If Ye Mo casually burnt it in front of someone's grave, what would her grandpa say.

    Ye Mo's eyes were slightly red as he glanced coldly at Han Yan. "Shut up."

    Han Yan was about to rage being told off by Ye Mo for no reason, but she looked at the guns pointed at them and resisted the urge.

    Ye Mo turned, looked at the four men pointing guns at them, and coldly said, "You are the bastards of North Sand?"

    "Indeed we are from North Sand, you are the person who took our data?" It was the young lady who talk. Her eyes were cold, but it gave off a mature young woman sense.

    "You hit Sister Dong?" Ye Mo's tone was frosty.

    "That's right, I sent the order, but don't worry, perhaps you may enjoy that treatment very soon." The young woman's tone was colder than Ye Mo. Then, she continued: "If you give it over, perhaps you may enjoy a very beautiful service instead. We North Sand is established on the ideal on an equal environment. If you still have some morality in you, hand it over."

    Ye Mo didn't even bother replying this time. He just waved his hand in mid air a few times, and a few frosty wind swept over. The two men and that woman's wrists were sliced off. The eerie thing was that not much blood spilled out.

    But still, a man managed to do this and the wind blade that sliced on the car instead created a metallic screeching sound. The range rover had a deep mark appearing on its door.

    Everyone was shocked at that moment. What was this? He sliced people's wrist off in mid air? No one saw anything, blood didn't even spill out.

    Han Yan's brain also froze. She tried to overestimated Ye Mo's capabilities, but now, she knew that Ye Mo was far powerful than she thought. She even forgot about Ye Mo yelling at her. With Ye Mo's power, if he fought with her and he suddenly used that, she didn't even dare to think.

    The man who dodged the wind blade quickly recovered from his terror. It could be seen he was the strongest of the four. In just less than a second, he pulled the trigger on Ye Mo.

    The moment he did, he finally felt relieved. This person was too strong; if he didn't react fast, perhaps he would be like his 3 other partners.

    The instant the gun sounded, he felt a figure dash across in front of him, and after which, the hand holding the gun felt cold. He subconsciously looked at his hands and they were all sliced off. Still, not much blood came out.

    Then, Ye Mo's words came out, "I I want to slice off your hands, you think you can run?"

    He turned around and saw Ye Mo carrying Wen Dong and stared at him coldly from not far.

    Everyone who had their hands cut off all looked at Ye Mo as though they were dumb. How was someone so horrifyingly strong? What did he just use?

    "Get on the car?" Ye Mo looked coldly at the North Sand members and said.

    A short but fierce man suddenly yelled in anger, "Why should I listen to you, I'm not going on the car, what can you do? I won't frown at all if you're going to kill me."

    Ye Mo didn't even look at the man and just threw a fireball.

    The short man yelled for a brief moment and made no noise. He was consumed by the fireball and kept rolling on the ground. His mouth shape showed he was yelling but there was no noise. There was terror and begging for mercy in his eyes, but Ye Mo's eyes were cold and had no intention of letting him go.

    Han Yan saw that Ye Mo actually shot out a fireball and suddenly shivered. She had tried to overestimate him again and again, but didn't expect to have underestimated him for the second time. He could send out fireballs casually? This was something in the legends.

    No wonder he killed Ou Tanhu. With his power, even a few Ou Tanhu would be no match for him. Han Yan suddenly thought of Ye Mo's words that he was going to burn the data. She thought those were just angry words before, but now, she had realized those were very real.

    The remaining three looked at Ye Mo in terror. They got in the back seats of the car without Ye Mo saying anything else. Then, Ye Mo sealed their movement before coldly saying, "What you did to Sister Dong, I will make you pay slowly."

    Han Yan hesitated a long time before saying, "Ye Mo, if you can give me that data, perhaps I can save her."

    "What? You can save Wen Dong? Do you know her situation? Although I can recover her damaged meridians and internal injuries, but her life force is dissipated, do you know what it is? Perhaps you just thought the heart stopped beating." Ye Mo didn't believe that there was anyone else who could recover life force other than him.

    Han Yan shook her head and said, "I don't know what is life force, but my master said a Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart can save someone who died not long ago..."

    This time, Ye Mo looked at Han Yan in surprise. After a little while, he said, "You actually know about Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart. It seems you understand quite a lot. Didn't your master teach you that it can only save someone who died within one incense time? If you can find one in half an incense time, then I owe you one."

    Han Yan shook her head and said, "No need for that long, I can take it out now. Then she took out a jade bottle and gave it to Ye Mo. Ye Mo looked at it; it was indeed a Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart.

    There was actually such a thing on Earth. Ye Mo almost forgot about saving Wen Dong, but he quickly came to his senses and carried Wen Dong into a room in the hotel. He told Han Yan to keep watch over those North Sand people. However, that old couple was actually not inside.

    If the seed heart arrived in his hands earlier, he could make an entire bottle of medical pills with it. But now, he could only turn it into a serum and save Wen Dong. It was just him who could do it though. If it were someone else, they wouldn't be able to save Wen Dong even if they had the Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart.

    Ye Mo had a lot of recovery pills inside his ring; with the seed heart now, Wen Dong's heart soon started to beat again slowly.

    An hour later, Ye Mo recovered some of Wen Dong's damaged meridians and internal injuries. Her breathing had stablized, and Ye Mo knew she was fine before finally releasing a gasp of relief.

    "You really saved her?" Han Yan obviously didn't know how precious the Lotus Seed Heart was. She knew it was precious but only heard of it. In the depths of the mountains, she found it unintentionally. Her master complimented her for having good fortune, but even her master didn't know how to use it and just heard it could be used to save people. However, Ye Mo actually used this to reanimate Wen Dong.

    Ye Mo nodded and said, "Yes, Sister Dong is fine now. I will definitely do what I promised to do, but I still want to ask you a question. Where did you get this from?"

    After asking, Ye Mo grew anxious, a Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart usually appeared as 36 together. Since Han Yan could get one, where was the other 35?

    This thing was not only able to reanimate the dead but had huge uses for cultivation. If there was news of it, he would dump everything aside and search for that first.
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