Chapter 190: Inquiry

    Chapter 190: Inquiry

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    Han Yan looked at Ye Mo and seemed to know what Ye Mo was thinking, but she still said, "A few years ago, my master took me to gather herbs and I found it around there. I was at a cliff, and there were two birds fighting. The seed came out from one of the bird's beak. Later, I felt it smelt good, and so I took it and showed it to my master. My master told me it was the Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart, but master said although it was precious, people rarely knew how to use it. I didn't expect you to know how."

    Ye Mo looked at Han Yan's expression and knew she wouldn't say where it was. However, Ye Mo wouldn't give up now, he thought and asked, "Can you draw out the environment where you found the seed?"

    She hesitated a bit but still took out a pen and paper and drew the surrounding. She drew a cliff-the top was very broad, and there were some chrysanthemum at the cliff's side.

    Ye Mo took the drawing and observed it. He immediately knew this map was about the same as what Mo Kang gave him. It should be the same place. Mo Kang said that the place had precious herbs, and it seemed to be true. Ye Mo took the map and was excited. If he found this place, wouldn't he be able to find a lot of precious herbs immediately?

    Perhaps he could use that to break through to Stage 4. Ye Mo knew that without outside world factor, he would never be able to reach Stage 4 just by cultivating himself.

    There were 9 stages in Chi Gathering, if he reached Stage 4, that would be Intermediate Stage Chi Gathering. If he could make his flying sword, he would be able to fly on it. Ye Mo was excited just thinking about it. What sort of notion was flying on sword in a place like Earth?

    "Um, Ye Mo, can I ask you a question?" Han Yan hesitated for a long time but still couldn't resist her curiosity.

    Ye Mo nodded. "Ask." Although Han Yan didn't say where, she obviously didn't draw random things. And, he guessed it was the same place Mo Kang drew, but he didn't know where exactly it was. However, it was rare to see chrysanthemum growning in a cliff.

    "What projectile was that you used to slice off their arms. And what was that fireball?" Han Yan thought if she had this projectile, her battle power would increase by many folds.

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "If I say once you cultivate inner qi to a certain degree, you can form those fireball and invisible projectile, would you believe me?"

    Han Yan made the look that I'd be an idiot to believe you. Then, she said, "It's okay if you don't want to say, I've seen too many masters, but none could condense their qi into a fireball."

    Ye Mo didn't fuss with this question and gave Wen Dong to Han Yan. "Let's leave here now, after I ask some questions, then decide what to do."


    An hour later, Ye Mo drove the car to a distant place and pulled the three out.

    Other than the beautiful woman who still seemed calm, the other two men were already horrified.

    This woman seemed to be the head. He casually beat the two men unconscious and looked at the woman and said, You know I will ask one by one, if you say any lies, you should've seen what I can do."

    The lady bit her lips and said after a while, "If you let me go, I can agree to any request you have much less a few questions." Then, there were some rudiness on her face.

    Ye Mo sighed; this woman was an acting genius. He just cut off one of her hands, but now she was sexually luring him.

    "You don't have the right to argue with me, if you don't want to say, then don't. I will ask someone else." Ye Mo didn't have the slightest good impression to this woman; he was prepared to kill her as soon as he was done.

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, this woman unexpectedly didn't make more request and just said, "You should know we're from North Sand, and so is Wen Dong. Her pal stole important data from North Sand and ran. We're just responsible to bring her back."

    "How did you know to ambush us at Xiang Shan Valley?" Ye Mo couldn't understand this. Without Han Zaixin, he wouldn't even go there. How would people from North Sand know?

    The young lady didn't hesitate to say, "North Sand has 6 major bases across the globe. We're from the Asian base. It was an order from the base for us to wait at Xiang Shan Valley. I heard it was because we got a new advisor. It should be his idea."

    "New advisor? How did he know?" Ye Mo asked curiously.

    The lady said once again, "He's called Dongfang Xi. When we found that Wen Dong was related to that inn in Xiang Shan Valley, he told us to not startle anyone. We just needed to hide outside the inn. He said that no matter if the person who got the data knew Wen Dong well or not, they would come back for more after a while. Then, we could capture the person.

    "Dongfang Xi?" Ye Mo repeated. He felt this name was very familiar.

    Seeing Ye Mo talk about Dongfang Xi, the lady quickly said, "It's said that many things were planned by him ever since he came to the Asian base." Then, the lady secretly looked at Ye Mo. Seeing that he was in deep thought seemingly interested in this Dongfang Xi, she said, "I've seen this Dongfang Xi once before, he is lustful, but it's said that his main purpose coming here was for North Sand to help him get revenge. His enemy is Ye Mo."

    Speaking till now, Ye Mo had understood who this Dongfang Xi was. He was the original advisor of Nan Qing. If he didn't attack to their base, or if Ning Qingxue was taken away, Dongfang Xi's plans would've succeeded.

    Ye Mo sneered. He didn't go find him, but he wanted revenge. However, this guy was indeed big trouble; life wasn't safe one day with him. He was different from those big families. Those big families had concerns but he didn't.

    Ye Mo casually knocked the lady out and asked the other two; the news were about the same.

    "Don't kill these 3, I just called my grandpa, my grandpa said to bring them back to Beijing." Just when Ye Mo wanted to kill the 3, Han Yan spoke.

    "Okay, but there's one thing I need to talk to you about. As for your data, I will find it. You don't need to come with me now. You just need to bring these 3 back, and please take care of Wen Dong. When she is well, she will leave herself." Ye Mo wanted to find the Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart place and then go North Sand.

    To him, that was much more important-nothing was more important than his cultivation.

    If it was before they met North Sand, Han Yan would jeer, but now, she understood that Ye Mo was right that she was cumbersome following him. Ye Mo's power far exceeded hers. Even with her pride, her movement technique might be far inferior than Ye Mo's.

    She didn't even see how Ye Mo got Wen Dong from the car an hour earlier. As for how Ye Mo knew four North Sand people came, she didn't understand either.

    Seeing Han Yan's silence, Ye Mo said again, "Don't worry, I will return your Thousand Lotus Seed Heart."

    After hesitating for a while, Han Yan finally agreed to Ye Mo's words but requested that Ye Mo called them as soon as he had news of the data.
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