Chapter 192: Strong Enemy

    Chapter 192: Strong Enemy

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    Ye Mo searched for large amounts of information online and, after comparing them, locked two locations. One was the Yun Du Valley, and another was Shen Nong Jia.

    Ye Mo found out that the chrysanthemum at Shen Nong Jia was more expensive and precious. The place it grew was very hard to reach for normal people even if they had a helicopter. It seemed the place Han Yan drew was at Shen Nong Jia.

    Eventually, Ye Mo decided on going to Shen Nong Jia to find the chrysanthemum. Perhaps in this place, he would be able to reach the place Mo Kang and Han Yan was talking about.

    Of course, Ye Mo wouldn't go with a tourist group. He knew the flowers were at a cliff, so as soon as he entered Shen Nong Jia, he went to the no people district.

    The place was broad but there were countless dangers there too. However, it wasn't hard for Ye Mo. It was only 2600 meters above sea level.

    The 3rd day after Ye Mo entered the Shen Nong Jia, he found the chrysanthemum at a cliff. However, the place was not so similar to where Mo Kang drew.

    Although they were both cliffs, there were no flat ground and the top wasn't too broad either.

    Just when Ye Mo was prepared to go down and try a different peak, he heard voices from the middle of the cliff. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense down but couldn't find if there were people near.

    Were there really savages? Ye Mo did a close study of the geology of Shen Nong Jia before he came. Other than some no man lands and dangerous districts, most of the Shen Nong Jia had been excavated by the country and has become a tourist hotspot.

    Just when Ye Mo wanted to go down, the voice sounded again, "It's not here, looks like it's at Qie Tuo Peak."

    "Let's go there then, the faster we get it, the better," another voice sounded; it was sharper than the previous one.

    Ye Mo heard it clear. Two people actually climbed down the cliff. Ye Mo finally found a rope at a corner. He was too bothered with checking if this was the place Mo Kang said that he didn't even notice there was a rope there. The two people could climb down such a steep cliff. Even with ropes, it meant that they were pretty good.

    Ye Mo just managed to hide himself when the two agile men climbed up the cliff quickly. Both of them wore grey clothes. The man who first came up was in his 40s and tied up his hair. He looked like an actor from ancient drama. The man who followed was about the same but had short hair. There was a scar stretching from his ear to his mouth that looked very scary.

    Qiu Tuo Peak? Ye Mo thought-were these two looking for the same thing as him? He saw the two pack things up and took a quick break before rushing down the cliff, Ye Mo followed too. He was very curious as to what they were trying to find.

    Ye Mo didn't knew where Qiu Tuo peak was, so he needed the two to lead the way. After following them for a while, he knew these two were indeed not bad, at least about the same as Ou Tanhu. Were they from the hidden sects?

    The long-haired man suddenly stopped and looked back and around before turning to the other man and saying, "Cha San, I feel that there's someone staring at us, do you have this feeling too?"

    The man frowned and said after a while, "You're thinking too much, no one else know about it other than us. Plus, it's this place, it's normal to have that feeling."

    The long haired man nodded. "Mhm, I probably sensed wrong. We should hurry, I don't feel safe until we get that thing. Plus, it was too hard for us to get out this time."

    The two quickly continued forward.

    However, Ye Mo took note; he just got near to them a little and was almost found out by this long-haired man. This guy really had something.

    After another hour or so, the two finally came to another valley; at the bottom, they quickly climbed up a cliff. Ye Mo followed without hesitation. Once they reached the top, Ye Mo immediately knew this was the place he wanted to find. So it was actually called Qiu Tuo peak. Looking at how familiar they were with it, it wasn't the first time they came.

    The top was a big flat area. From afar, one could still smell the chrysanthemum. However, Ye Mo's spirit sense immediately noticed that there was already a man in his 30s at the top. His skin was white and had short hair. However, he seemed very ethereal standing at the top. He carried a long sword behind his back.

    "No wonder I felt I was followed, it was you, Bian Po." The long haired man sneered.

    The man called Bian Po didn't expect someone to come so quick and sneered. "It seems your luck is bad, you found out about this news too and was met by me."

    Then, the man called Bian Po shook his head.

    Ye Mo frowned. He really didn't feel worried about this long-haired man and Cha San, but this Bian Po gave him a feeling that he couldn't see through. He even noticed Bian Po look towards his side. If that was real, then this Bian Po was too scary, even if he didn't know if they were looking for the same thing as him.

    "Bian Po, our power is about the same. Although you can beat any of us alone, but with us two together, you won't be able to win. How about we work together and split it into 3, one each," this time, it was Cha San who talked.

    "One each, hmph, you overestimate yourself. Take my fist first." Then, Bian Po stepped forward and launched a fist.

    Cha San hummed and returned with a fist. He will make Bian Po know that he was not a coward.

    Clash, Cha San actually took many steps back and was stopped by the long-haired man. There was blood in the corner of his mouth. Just one fist and he was injured.

    "You broke through." Cha San looked at Bian Po who didn't move at all. He didn't expect Bian Po to break through to the next state. In the entire hidden sects, the amount of people who was able to breakthrough to earth level could be counted. Bian Po was so young but he already reached Earth level, what was this?

    "Brother Bian, we admit defeat, the thing is yours. Let's go, Cha San." The long haired man saluted with his fist and was about to drag Cha San down the cliff.

    Bian Po sneered and pulled out the long sword from behind his back and caressed it. Then, he said, "You know there's Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit here, do you think you can still go?"

    "What do you want?" The long-haired man released Cha San and pulled out a small axe from behind him. Cha San, on the other hand, knew that if they didn't defeat Bian Po today, they would probably lose their lives here. He also grabbed the short dagger at his waist.

    "What do I want? Of course it's your petty lives." Then, Bian Po seemed to fly as his sword sliced towards the two. A gust of blade light spilled encompassing the two.

    Even Ye Mo who was meters out felt a frosty feeling. Such an overlord like sword technique.

    Cha San yelled and focused all his energy into the dagger and sweeped towards that sword veil. His force seemed to be even a little stronger than Bian Po.

    However, Ye Mo's spirit sense noticed that his leg was shaking. Ye Mo sighed, even if he wasn't scared at all, Bian Po's sword wasn't something he could stop, much less when he was already afraid before the fight. Plus the wound he received before, his situation was dire.

    Ye Mo could tell from the momentum of the sword that he was no match for Bian Po now.

    The long-haired man suddenly threw his short axe and turned to run completely disregarding Cha San's situation.

    Ye Mo sighed; if the two worked together, perhaps they could fight a few rounds with this Bian Po. However, this long-haired guy ran, meaning that their defeat was inevitable.

    Cha San, who was already afraid, saw that the long-haired man run felt more worried. His dagger that had some momentum slumbered.

    Bian Po sneered; his blade light moved down a little and this white ray pierced Cha San's waist without hesitation. This wasn't it; the blade light turned back and hit the long haired man's axe.

    Clank. The long-haired man's axe actually flew back and pierced into the long haired man's back as though it had eyes.

    The long-haired man gave a howl and fell to the ground while the handle of the axe on his back wobbled.

    At this moment, Cha San split into two parts and died.

    Then, Bian Po raised his sword and looked. There didn't seem to be a drop of blood on it. He nodded satisfactorily and looked towards where Ye Mo was hiding and blandly said, "Do I have to invite you out?"
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