Chapter 194: Shocking Battle

    Chapter 194: Shocking Battle

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    Bian Po saw that Ye Mo couldn't dodge and was about to be cut in half by the sword but just as the sword was about to hit. However, Ye Mo suddenly dropped down as though he didn't charge straight but was free falling.

    Such amazing control, being able to do this in mid air, even Bian Po was amazed. But even so, he didn't go easy at all. His sword turned 90 degrees without a trace and cut down towards Ye Mo again.

    Ye Mo had to admire Bian Po for his sword technique. He held back some power on each sword so he could change moves at any time.

    "I'll let you guys die together." Bian Po saw that the place Ye Mo landed was where the long-haired man lay. He sneered as his sword attacked fast.

    At that moment, Bian Po froze. He found that Ye Mo disappeared. His sword stopped and Ye Mo used this opportunity to escape. He used this technique for Daoist Xian, but he wasn't sure whether it would work against Bian Po.

    When Bian Po noticed he disappeared, he froze for that little bit of time but that time was enough for him to escape.

    "Invisibility artefact?" Bian Po immediately found Ye Mo's location and attacked him again.

    Despite using invisibility to escape this certain death sword, the blade light still slashed a deep wound in his back.

    Before Bian Po attacked him again, Ye Mo threw the short axe in his hand out.

    "Small trick." Bian Po sneered, the moment he saw Ye Mo charge towards that long-haired man, he guessed that Ye Mo might use that axe.

    As he expected, Ye Mo's axe flew over towards his shoulder.

    Bian Po sneered; this young man wanted to cut his right arm off. This guy had completely overestimated himself. This axe still had a howl to it. Obviously, Ye Mo wasn't very good a projectiles.

    But soon, Bian Po noticed something weird. The frosty wind with the axe was a bit shocking. He couldn't understand how did a simple axe carry such frosty wind. But in that moment, the axe already came to his right shoulder.

    He didn't even think and turned his sword to deflect the axe. He wanted to do what he did to the long-haired man.

    However, what he couldn't understand was that before the axe reached his right shoulder, it suddenly turned and attack his left shoulder but its momentum was a lot weaker.

    "Idiot." Bian Po sneered once again. Ordinary masters at projectiles knew how to make them turn midway. It was with the way one used inner qi. To him, Ye Mo obviously was not familiar with it because when the axe turned, it became so much slower.

    Even if the speed didn't slow down, it would be impossible for him to be hit, much less when it was slowed.

    Bian Po wanted to use his left hand to grab the axe but he felt something was wrong; his right arm was cut broken by some unknown projectile and that wasn't it, this unseen frosty wind didn't stop and sliced towards his waist.

    Not good, Bian Po immediately retreated and, at the same time, threw out the axe while picking up his broken pace. There wasn't any stopping between these movements, that's how fast he reacted.

    Ye Mo didn't have time to sigh that he didn't cut Bian Po's waist since the axe was flying over. The same time he dodged the axe, Ye Mo knew that as long as he didn't kill Bian Po, he wasn't out of danger. Even without a hand, it would still be very easy for Bian Po to kill him.

    He calculated everything and even used the axe to cover his wind blade but wasn't able to cut Bian Po's waist off. From this, it could be seen how strong the other party was. Luckily, he aimed for the arm first, otherwise, Bian Po could've easily seen through if he aimed towards his waist right at the start.

    When Bian Po retreated to the cliff side, so did Ye Mo.

    He was very angry having his arm cut off in a strange way by an insect. He grabbed his long sword with his left hand and didn't talk. His sword spun around and was going to encompass Ye Mo again.

    Ye Mo kept his spirit sense on the sword. Soon, he felt relieved; although Bian Po's left hand sword technique was very good, it was far from his right hand.

    It was the same sword light, but Ye Mo clearly captured where the sword was.

    Ye Mo didn't even think and grabbed towards the back of the single-bladed sword. At the same time, he focused his chi wanting to control the sword. Even though his left hand wasn't as good as his right hand, if Ye Mo let Bian Po use his sword technique, he would still die.

    "Hmph." Bian Po didn't expect Ye Mo to be able to grab the back of the sword. He sneered and was about to gather energy to pull back the sword and cut Ye Mo from the waist, but at this time, a huge power came from the sword's back. Ye Mo actually jumped out of the cliff and pulled him out too.

    Bian Po wouldn't let go of his sword at all and twisted the sword. There was a huge power and Ye Mo immediately let go.

    "You want me to fall off the cliff with you, keep dreaming. I won't even let my sword go with you." Bian Po twisted in mid air and before his breath of inner qi finished, he dashed towards the cliff again in mid air.

    Ye Mo sneered; although he was falling, he raised his hands at the same time. Multiple wind blades sliced towards the space between Bian Po and the edge of the cliff.

    As soon as Bian Po reached the edge, he felt multiple frosty winds coming at him. He remembered how strong it was and didn't think before turning around and raising his sword to block it.

    Not good, as soon as Bian Po dodged those frosty winds, he realized he wasn't on the cliff but outside it. His inner qi was exhausted after dodging the projectile, so it would be too hard for it to bring him back to the cliff.

    Bian Po started to fall rapidly. Even so, he wanted to use his sword and stop on the side of the cliff. However, Ye Mo wouldn't let him have it his way. Although he was falling too, he had Wind Controlling Technique and was in a much better situation than Bian Po. He kept attacking Bian Po until he didn't have enough inner qi to climb up the wall.

    Then, Ye Mo threw a few fireballs at him. Although it didn't reached him, Bian Po's face changed drastically. If it was on the ground, those few fireballs wouldn't be more threatening than a few bricks. However, he had nowhere to exert force and could only see the fireball come at him.

    "I didn't think I would die here," Bian Po yelled furiously. He threw his long sword out.

    Boom! All the fireballs landed on Bian Po's body. Bian Po howled and his entire body disappeared in the fireball. The slowly falling body immediately fell down like a cannon ball disappearing from Ye Mo's eyes.

    Although he fell, his sword still flew towards Ye Mo. Ye Mo's chi was almost used up, so he could only barely avoid to get his vitals hit. The sword still passed through his back. Ye Mo, who was already bloodied, immediately started to bleed like a fountain. If he didn't dodge this at the last minute, he would've probably been killed already.

    But even so, Ye Mo felt dizzy. Luckily, this sword dragged him to the edge of the cliff, in the fuzziness of consciousness, Ye Mo didn't even think and just grabbed onto what he could.

    Rip. The vines couldn't seem to bear Ye Mo's weight and just slowed him before he continued falling.

    Ye Mo bit his tongue and reached for things to grab on the cliff. He would grab anything he could, but these only slowed his speed and didn't stop him from falling.


    Ning Qingxue saw that the two figures fell down the cliff and was shocked. She could no longer hold the telescope as it fell down and wobbled on her neck.

    "Here, quick, I saw it here." With Cui Lin's voice, more than ten members of the tourist group came.

    "Where? Where are the people fighting?" one young man asked immediately.

    Cui Lin looked at the huge rock in shock. After a while, she said in shock, "Hmm, Ning Qingxue and I both saw it. There were two figures fighting on this rock, why did it disappear so quick? By the way, Ning Qingxue, you were always here, when did it disappear?"

    "I think your eyes flashed, do you think this is the home of a goddess at Wu Liang Mountain?" one of them immediately joked.

    Although Cui Lin was a tour guide, she was very competitive and quickly said, "I really saw it, if you don't believe me ask Ning Qingxue."
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