Chapter 195: Trouble at the Tourist Group

    Chapter 195: Trouble at the Tourist Group

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    Seeing that everyone was looking at her, she took a while to react and pointed at a distant peak and said, "I seemed to have saw people there, I want to go have a look."

    It seemed to be due to Ning Qingxue not wanting to talk much but no one doubted her words.

    After a while, a man in his 40s said, "Don't think about it, it may seem not far to you, but it's a long journey to walk there. Plus, this is a no man's land. We're just in the outskirts. The no man's land of Shen Nong Jia is very dangerous, so it's best if you don't go in."

    "What danger is there, I will go have a look." A youth in his 20s heard Ning Qingxue's words and wanted to show off. He ran a few steps forward, turned back and said, "It's only some time, Shen Nong Jia is no longer the same as before. They say there are savages, but which one of you saw.. arghh..."

    This youth was originally just joking, but when he wanted to turn, he felt the bottom his foot was empty as he fell down. Luckily, he reacted fast and grabbed the rim of the hole that appeared out of nowhere.

    At this moment, a few people reacted and came to help pull him up.

    This youth looked at the pitch black hole, he was scared sweating. Half a beat later, he said still shakily, "If I fell down, I would've lost my life for sure.

    "Not good, retreat, there are more places cracking open nearby." Another man found that the ground was cracking at where people were standing.

    The people were frightened and retreated. Just when people retreated to the edge, the holes that cracked open rumbled and suddenly, a much larger black hole appeared in front of them.

    There was a murmuring sound from the hole, making people's bones chill. It was pitch black looking inside, and nothing could be seen. It was as though the mouth of a giant.

    "What is this?" a woman in her 30s looked at this hole. She was speaking with a shaky tone.

    "It should be the sky pitch of Shen Nong Jia. It's said that there are lots of these in the no man's land. There are also mist regions. These places are where you can't come out from. I didn't think we would encounter it. Retreat quickly," The middle-aged man from before spoke again.

    Hearing his words, everyone retreated; Ning Qingxue also followed everyone to the side of a tent in fear.

    Finally, people gasped sighs of relief when they went back to the camp site.

    "I actually encountered the sky ditch, this is too coincidental. What was that murmuring sound?" people asked as soon as they went back to the tents.

    "It's not a coincidence, there are many of these at Shen Nong Jia. There's pretty much no living if you fall in one of those. And those murmuring sound, I suspect it's due to wind circulating inside," the middle-aged man said seriously.

    The youth who almost fell in finally caught his breath now that everyone was talking. He said, "Almost lost my life there, no wonder there are so many people who have gone missing at Shen Nong Jia. We're just at the outskirts. If we go in, 80% chance we'll lose our lives."

    "Pftt, didn't you just say there was no danger but just time consuming?" someone retaliated immediately.

    This youth lost his face and said, "It seems I just know too little."

    At this moment, Cui Lin also came over with a bad face. "The tourism company just notified us to get out and cancel the plan at the no man's land."

    Surprisingly, no one objected. Everyone was scared by this experience and felt adventure was not such a simple thing. The 20 or so people packed their bags and heard an even sharper howl from the ditches. This definitely wasn't made by the wind.

    Everyone looked at each other. After a long while, the middle-aged man said, "Leave quick, that sound seemed to be coming over here. There are too many unknown dangers in Shen Nong Jia. Let's go out first."

    No one objected and ran outside quickly.

    Although it was dark, but people ran quite fast. They didn't take much time to get out.

    When everyone came out of the no man's land, they gradually calmed down.

    "Count the people, we should go to the nearest tourist spot," the middle-aged man said.

    Although Cui Lin was the tour guide, she seemed a bit nervous and started to count people.

    "21, we're missing one." Cui Lin's voice was shaky. Obviously, she knew what one person missing meant.

    The middle-aged man immediately said, "Let me count, 1, 2... we're indeed missing one. Everyone looked around to check who didn't come out. Call the police, we can't go back in, it's too dangerous."

    "Zhang Qiang didn't come out." People immediately realized who was left behind.

    "The young guy who stepped into the ditch?" The middle-aged man immediately found out who Zhang Qing was.

    "How come it had to be him who didn't make it? Was it because of the sky ditch?" someone had asked the question no one dared to ask.

    The people immediately sunk into silence. No one brought up to go back and look for Zhang Qiang; this thing seemed eerie.

    "I think Zhang Qiang might be scared and lost his way running outside," the middle-aged man said something even if he didn't really believe it. This many people didn't get lost but he did.

    Cui Lin worriedly said, "What do we do now? Do we go back and look for him?"

    No one replied, everyone was scared of the sky ditch. No one had the guts to go back in to find someone.

    "Wait for the rescue team." No one wanted to go risk their lives for a stranger. Even the middle-aged man went quiet. After all, what just happened was too terrifying.

    Ning Qingxue followed them quietly to the nearest tourist spot. When everyone went in the hotel, the rescue team had went in. There were two tourist groups that followed the rescue team.

    Ning Qingxue finally understood the dangers of Shen Nong Jia. She even wanted to look under that cliff, but now, it seemed that before she got there, she would've lost her life. This wasn't something that could be done with courage. Sometimes, power was needed, and she didn't have that power now.

    She could no longer calm down not being able to see if that person was Ye Mo. She came out to relax and hid Ye Mo's figure from her mind in the depths of her heart, but now, she felt her mood was even messier. Ye Mo's figure kept swinging around in front of her eyes; the moment he fell from the cliff became clearer and clearer.

    Did she think too much and thought of someone else as him? Otherwise, why did he go to that place? Ning Qingxue thought of Ye Mo's small medical case, perhaps he was gathering herbs there.

    Cui Lin was still quite anxious. It was the first time someone has gone missing when she was a tour guide.

    "Cui Lin, I want to ask you something, your company has a helicopter. Can it be rented to save others?" Ning Qingxue, however, came to Cui Lin and asked about this.

    Cui Lin shook her head and said, "The company rarely mobilized the helicopter. Renting it is impossible. It isn't a simple thing. They needed to verify there is a target and then apply for a permit. Otherwise, the helicopter can't be mobilized easily."

    Ning Qingxue had understood, to be honest, the helicopter was just a way of making people feel safe. It was useless when something really happened.

    With this occurrence, no one had the mood to play. The tour group went back to Yu State the next day, but Ning Qingxue didn't go back with them. She went back to Ning Hai. She knew it was a dream to go back to that cliff with her own ability. Plus, she wasn't even sure if that person was Ye Mo. Perhaps she thought about Ye Mo so much that even a figure was recognized as Ye Mo by her.

    Even if she really went and that person was Ye Mo, he wouldn't be alive falling from such a high cliff. Although she really wanted to ask for a helicopter, but she couldn't even say what person she was saving. If only Chi Wanqing was here, her father would be able to help.

    The main purpose of going back to Ning Hai was to confirm if the person she saw was Ye Mo. Although she wasn't sure if Ye Mo would come to Ning Hai, she still wanted to go look at Ye Mo's school. It was because this was the time to get the graduation certificate, so perhaps Ye Mo would come back for it. Plus, she wanted to ask Su Jingwen about some things.

    Ning Qingxue went back to Ning Hai and saw that flower in the pot was growing very well. She felt relieved. It seemed Xu Wei looked after this grass quite well. But soon, she noticed something different. She saw that there were many small buds next to the grass. Who grew that? No, they were the same breed as the grass she grew. It just didn't look like it was growing very well.

    The moment she saw them, her mood was excited again. Did Ye Mo come back? Ning Qingxue felt her breaths were desperate.
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