Chapter 203: I Know

    Chapter 203: I Know

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    Ye Mo sighed, of course, he understood Ning Qingxue's feelings. But at this moment, he finally understood how weak Ning Qingxue was. Her legs were shaking, so it was obvious it was hard even for her to stand.

    "Qingxue, talk later. If you trust me, listen to me and sit down for a while." Ye Mo carefully helped her sit.

    "Mhm, I'll listen to you..." Ning Qingxue just spoke a few words and almost fell asleep. Ye Mo knew she was too exhausted and now wasn't the time to disturb her rest.

    He put her down and picked up the sword. He walked to the cliff and saw there were holes dug out by her. It seemed she climbed up here to pick the fruit.

    Ye Mo recovered some stamina and climbed up to the 7 meter high tree. There were just 5 egg-sized fruits.

    Although there were more trees up, Ye Mo knew that his body wouldn't be able to keep up if he went higher. The main thing was Ning Qingxue needed something to eat. After picking all 5, Ye Mo looked up. The higher tree also had 5 fruits.

    It seemed that this tree can only have 5 fruits at a time. Ning Qingxue said she ate a lot and even disliked it. He knew she was lying to him. At this moment, Ye Mo's heart felt tender towards her. Sometimes, it was really hard to understand a person. If he just left from Ning Hai then, the two would have no connections. Perhaps he would never know that Ning Qingxue had this side to her.

    When Ye Mo came back, he saw that Ning Qingxue was already awake and struggling to get up. She was too weak. Ye Mo quickly came and helped her up while taking out 5 fruits and passing it to her. "You eat some."

    "You went to pick the fruit at the cliff face?" Ning Qingxue immediately knew that Ye Mo must've went up to pick the fruit.

    Ye Mo nodded. "You must be really hungry, eat something first."

    Ning Qingxue nodded and took two and said, "Two is enough for me, eat the rest."

    Ye Mo subconsciously shook his head and saidm "I've already eaten."

    Ning Qingxue froze for a moment and suddenly laughed. But soon, her eyes went red and looked at Ye Mo for a moment before saying, "I know there are only 5 on every tree. I counted. There are five here, you must've not eaten unless you picked two trees, but I know you only picked one, right?"

    Ye Mo nodded awkwardly and said, "Didn't you say you ate before? But you also gave me five."

    Ning Qingxue blushed and bit a fruit before saying in a soft voice, "I ate, didn't you see one was bitten by me?"

    "Why did you just take one bite? And how did you know I just picked 5 and came back? Ye Mo was surprised and asked.

    "I know," Ning Qingxue just spoke those words and didn't explain.

    Ye Mo knew she only answered the latter question very confusingly, but she didn't answer the former question.

    "You know." Ye Mo repeated but he soon understood that he was worried about Ning Qingxue and wouldn't climb higher for more fruits. He would take it back and get it for her to eat, and only then would he feel relieved. Since Ning Qingxue said she knew, it meant that she understood what he was like.

    Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue who was still biting the fruit. He had begun to understand why Ning Qingxue chased him all the way here. In her heart, he was trusted to this degree. At this moment, Ye Mo didn't know what to say.

    The manner in which Ning Qingxue ate was very serene, making Ye Mo reminisce the time when they ate together at Ning Hai. She has always been like this. She didn't talk much, but there was not much difference with the way they think.

    Ye Mo's eyes glanced upon her chest. Her clothes were torn heavily, and her chest also had many wounds. Part of the snowy white of her chest were showing, making Ye Mo think back to the night he treated her.

    Ning Qingxue finished a fruit and looked at Ye Mo then realized the latter was staring at her chest. She blushed and subconsciously blocked her chest with her hands. She didn't feel annoyed, just embarrassed.

    Ye Mo smiled and took back his gaze but then he suddenly thought, what if her wounds got infected? He was a cultivator and he wasn't afraid of an infection, but what about Ning Qingxue?

    Suddenly, his heart shook. He finally understood why Ning Qingxue bit the fruit. She was afraid he would be poisoned. It must be that. She didn't know if the fruit was poisonous and took a bite first. Then, she gave it to him.

    "Qingxue..." Ye Mo suddenly called. Ning Qingxue looked at Ye Mo with confusion.

    Ye Mo suddenly reached out his hand and brought her into his arms. Ning Qingxue's heart was filled with surprise and joy. It was the first time Ye Mo hugged her closely in her arms. Although she was a little embarrassed, she didn't struggle.

    "I'm just a poor person actually. Why are you still like this? You can find someone better than me, I..." Ye Mo's mouth was held by Ning Qingxue.

    After half a beat, Ning Qingxue said, "Because I like you, even if you're that... I don't care, I just want to be with you..."

    Before Ning Qingxue finished, she felt there was something hard sticking against her back. Ye Mo was touched. And, he was holding a curvaceous beauty like Ning Qingxue in his arms when she wasn't even properly dressed. There was no way he wouldn't have a biological reaction.

    Ning Qingxue hadn't experienced this adult thing. Although she was talking about Ye Mo's impotence, she didn't realize what was happening at the first moment. She also grabbed like Yun Bing. But as soon as she grabbed, she immediately understood what was happening. She quickly let go and buried her face in Ye Mo's arms.

    Her heart was beating rapidly. Although she had never done it, she still knew about this. However, she didn't expect Ye Mo to be normal, was it...

    At this moment, she realized that the Ye Family wanted to kick Ye Mo away, and that's why they said Ye Mo was impotent. He was very normal, yet she thought he was impotent before, that was why she dared to marry and live with him. If she knew he wasn't impotent, would she dare to live with him?

    Thinking about this, she actually thanked the Ye Family.

    Although Ye Mo was a bit awkward, he was quite helpless towards something like this. He was a young man. With a half naked pretty lady in his arms, if he didn't have a reaction, that would be abnormal.

    He could only say, "Um, sorry, that's not something I can control..."

    Seeing that Ye Mo actually tried to make an excuse, Ning Qingxue was more embarrassed. She could only quietly say, "You're bad...."

    Seeing Ye Mo not reply for a while, Ning Qingxue thought Ye Mo was angry and quickly raised her head to see Ye Mo staring right at her. She was startled and immediately put her head back down like an ostrich. She said quietly, "I really like it but just not now, after we go back..."

    Ye Mo heart skipped. He didn't even hear the latter half of her sentence. His lust fire immediately dissipated. Ning Qingxue was sitting on him, and of course, she knew Ye Mo no longer was in the mood. She looked at up Ye Mo in confusion.

    Ye Mo said apologetically, "Qingxue, sorry..."

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Ning Qingxue's face turned pale again as she struggled to sit up.

    Seeing Ning Qingxue's face turn pale again, he immediately knew how much he weighed in her heart. He quickly hugged her.

    Ning Qingxue wanted to sit up but was hugged by Ye Mo again. She didn't struggle and wiped her eyes. She didn't talk nor bite the fruit in her hand.

    It had to come and he couldn't avoid it. Ye Mo sighed and focused before saying, "Qingxue, you treated me like this and I quite like you as well. If there wasn't Luo Ying and I can't reach a higher level here anyways, I might as well live with you for the rest of my life. But sometimes, I really can't do it because there still is a Luo Ying in my heart. If I can't find her, I can't do anything that will betray her..."

    Ning Qingxue looked up and said in confusion, "Luo Ying? Who is she?"

    Ye Mo fell into a long silence. He felt if he didn't say this, he would be trespassing Ning Qingxue's feelings for him. After half a beat, he still said, "Luo Ying's was my woman in my past life, perhaps she's in another world or perhaps she's not far from me, but I can't find her... Qingxue, do you think I would lie to you and make up another girl?"

    Ning Qingxue shook her head and said with certainty, "No."

    If it was before, she would turn away without hesitation but she had experienced too much. Magical artefact, charms, Shen Nong Jia sky ditch's invisible screams...

    At this moment, Ning Qingxue was no longer the girl who laughed at Su Jingwen talking about charms. She had matured too much. Whether it was experience or her understanding of love, she was no longer the Ning Qingxue before.

    If it was the her before, she would find people and rescue Ye Mo through a helicopter. But now, she could realize about the Song Family. If it was her before, she wouldn't venture into danger many times by herself for an unpromised love, but now, she did it without hesitation.

    "Thank you, Qingxue, thanks for believing me." Ye Mo hugged Ning Qingxue closely with gratitude. Then, he suddenly said, "I feel Luo Ying is somewhere and I can find her for sure. If it wasn't for her, there wouldn't be me, she cares about me just like you."

    Ye Mo didn't talk about what happened and Ning Qingxue didn't ask either. For some things, one only had to understand mentally.

    However, Ning Qingxue raised her head and looked at Ye Mo. "I know, I'm happy you can understand that I care about you just like her. But can you promise me one thing?"
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