Chapter 220: I Am a Hooligan

    Chapter 220: I Am a Hooligan

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    Ye Mo didn't expect Jing XI to be so prepared; there was a burning basic ancient martial arts cultivation method and a wine bottle. There was a cup, next to the wine bottle, which was filled. It seemed this nun kept to her promise and really got him a cultivation method.

    F*ck. Ye Mo had black lines down his head; if others didn't know about the full story, they would've thought he was her man and accidentally fell off the cliff and she came to cry. Ye Mo kicked these things down the cliff thinking go sacrifice this to that Tian Po.

    After kicking these away, Ye Mo didn't dare to waste time and followed closely behind Jing Xi. Although he didn't dare to follow too close, he wouldn't lose her with the spirit mark.

    The places she walked were all steep mountain roads; if Ye Mo didn't have Wind Controlling Technique or made the mark on her, he wouldn't be able to keep up. It was nearly 3 hours later, but Jing Xi was still running in the mountain roads. Ye Mo was speechless, this Serenity was really hidden deep. They had been walking for so long.

    It was another hour or so when Jing Xi came to a cliff. It was covered in clouds. Ye Mo thought, did she want to suicide and jump? He jumped because he had Wind Controlling Technique, but even if this nun was Earth Level, she would die jumping off now.

    Just when Ye Mo was still guessing, Jing Xi sat down, and after half an hour, she really jumped down. Ye Mo had a fright, why did this woman run here to suicide? Was this place Serenity?

    Ye Mo waited for a while and made sure he wouldn't be found before looking at the edge of the cliff. But soon, he understood. There were metal chains ten of meters down, and it was covered by the clouds. When Ye Mo looked again, the metal chain had disappeared.

    What was this? He scanned down his spirit sense and felt the metal chain appear in his spirit sense again. He didn't know the end of it, but obviously, its length far exceeded the range of his spirit sense.

    The nun left along this chain, Ye Mo thought of Luo Susu, did she have to go pass this chain each time she came out? She was only Yellow Level, so it was very dangerous for her to come out.

    And, he couldn't see the metal chain before and could only scan it with his spirit sense. This meant the metal chains were placed strangely, perhaps according to some formation allowing it to show sometimes under the sun.

    Ye Mo also understood now why Jing Xi sat down for half an hour after coming. She was waiting for when the metal chain could be seen again. It seemed this chain could only been seen once in a while, and people could only jump when they could see it. Otherwise, if they misstepped, they would fall to death. The time the chain could be seen was definitely short.

    Although Ye Mo had spirit sense and could see the chains at any time, he still wanted to see if he was right. He also sat down for half an hour but the metal chain still didn't appear. It seemed the time interval was more than half an hour.

    Since it wasn't half an hour, Ye Mo couldn't be bothered waiting. He didn't need to see the chains with his eyes so he jumped. After going for more than 100 meters, he came to the opposite site, it was a small platform. Other than this platform, there was nowhere else to go.

    Jing Xi came to this platform and disappeared? How could that be possible? Ye Mo looked around and was sure this was a cliff. There was nothing suspicious, and the bottom couldn't be seen.

    Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and soon noticed something wrong. There was a palm-sized sink two meters above the platform. It seemed quite strange.

    Ye Mo jumped up and felt the sink; it was smooth on the outside but uneven on the inside. Ye Mo put his hand on his nose and smelt, there was a faint aroma.

    Ye Mo immediately knew who that aroma belonged to, it was Jing Xi; he was still hugging her this morning and knew her scent very well. This sink was probably some sort of trigger. The sink was uneven, a bit like a keyhole. This meant that Jing Xi had something that she could put in the sink and act like a key. No wonder the hidden sects were so hard to find. They were in such a distant place and had such a strange key.

    Normally, people definitely wouldn't be able to go in without a key, but Ye Mo was different. He could go in even if there was a formation here. However if a formation really existed in this place, Ye Mo was unsure too.

    Because too many formations needed spirit stones to supply power. Without it, only jade stone could be used, but jade stone could only be used to make the lowest level formations. It definitely wouldn't be able to hide sects. There weren't spirit stones on Earth, this, Ye Mo knew. Well, at least, he hadn't seen one up until now.

    Ye Mo sat on the platform and took out a blob of black metal. It was an ordinary block of iron which Ye Mo bought at Luo Cang. He raised his hand a gust of fire enveloped the metal. Soon, it melted into something like a black plate. Ye Mo looked at the sink with his spirit sense and in less than half an hour, a metal plate appeared in his hand.

    If the person who set this trap up saw Ye Mo make a key in just half an hour, they would die of fury.

    After making the plate, Ye Mo jumped up and inserted the plate. It was perfect and fit closely in the sink without any crevice, but Ye Mo waited a while and there was no reaction. Ye Mo thought was there another trigger? He casually twisted the metal plate.

    Then, he immediately noticed that on the cliff on the cliff face 5 meters below, a small tunnel appeared. Ye Mo called himself an idiot. A key needed to be turned. He quickly took the metal plate and jumped over.

    It was a stone tunnel inside the cliff, and after walking for about 50 meters, the view opened up as he came out.

    There was a twisted valley road that extended in. Ye Mo walked a while and the grass and trees started appearing; there were even a few bunnies running across occasionally.

    Ye Mo sighed. Although this wasn't a small world like Daoist Xian said, it was definitely well hidden. The ancestor of Serenity who moved the sect here was a genius. If only he had a place like this now.

    Ye Mo walked along the road for about an hour or so and came to the foot of a mountain. The region broadened up, and he could still barely see the sky. There were many farmlands excavated out with vegetables planted in them.

    He walked along the mountain for a few hundred meters and a large pact of buildings appeared. The big front door had the huge word, Serene. It seemed very ancient and calm.

    Ye Mo stopped walking. So this was Serenity. The environment seemed not bad, and it had the feeling of a paradise immortals lived in. What should he do next?

    Immediately go look for her or make a plan first?

    Any nun who came out from Serenity like Jing Xi was an Earth Level master, so Ye Mo didn't think he was invincible here. If that bunch old nuns were easy to talk to, it would be fine; if not, he could never return.

    They weren't easy to talk to for sure, just look at Jing Xi, that crazy woman. Ye Mo had the subconscious thought of not letting Luo Susu stay here. No matter what, he needed Luo Susu to agree. If she didn't want to leave, he had no choice either. After all, they only met once, so it could be said it was a single-sided love.

    He needed to go for sure, but before this, he needed self protective measures. Otherwise, if he saw Jing Xi, perhaps he would be thrown down the cliff before he saw Luo Susu. How could he protect himself?

    With his current power, he was still no match for Jing Xi, perhaps when he was at the tertiary level of Stage 3, he could fight her, but now, he was only middle level. He had some simple techniques, but that wouldn't be a threat for that woman. And, perhaps this woman wasn't the strongest.

    He was a cultivator, and his only assurance where he could rely on was his techniques. It wasn't plausible to wait till his cultivation level got higher. The spirit chi here was so scarce, when would he be able to progress?

    Although he had the Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed and a cauldron, it wasn't so easy to concoct pills, plus, even if he did, he needed time to digest them.

    The only thing he could rely on was his techniques, but a single fireball or wind blade wasn't quite useful. The only thing he could rely on was the element of surprise, but even that would only work once.

    What if he had large amounts of fireball and windblade? Thinking about this, he had an Idea: during battle, if he threw a large amount of fireball charms or wind blade charms, it would be like many of him fighting the one enemy.

    Although it was hard to make the fireball charm and the power would be half, there was power in quantity. Yes, he would use this hooligan way of fighting.

    Thinking about an Earth Level nun being surrounded by countless fireball and jumping up and down, Ye Mo wanted to laugh. "I'm a hooligan, how can I be scared of a few nuns."
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