Chapter 221: Being Serious

    Chapter 221: Being Serious

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    He fantasized a while and was troubled again. Runes were hard to make and costed a lot to produce.

    There were no demon beast blood here, but he could replace it with ferocious beast blood. The main thing was that it took too much time. Last time, Ye Mo took a month to make 8 runes, but 8 weakened fireball runes wouldn't be able to do anything to that nun.

    Although it was related to his cultivation level at the time, Ye Mo didn't think he could make very much a day.

    Ye Mo thought for a long time and couldn't think of a better way to protect himself. He couldn't improve his power, so he could only improve his equipments. It seemed that he wouldn't be able to see Susu today, but it was fine that he knew she was here. He needed to go back and make some preparations.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo came back the way he came from. He decided to make runes first and bring large amounts of runes to find trouble with Jing Xi.

    He needed large amounts of money to make runes, but he didn't have much now. Last time, he cured Zhuo Aiguo's uncle's disease, but he was embarrassed to ask for money. Now, he realized how much he needed money.

    But Ye Mo had some ways for getting beast blood. He searched Wu Liang mountain the entire night and hunted a leopard and a deer. Their blood was enough.

    Then, Ye Mo left Wuliang Mountain and came to Yu Yuan City.

    It wasn't too far from Wuliang Mountain. Ye Mo bought large amounts of Yellow Biao Paper and some Red Ink Sand before buying a brush. He spent the only money he had on him.

    He wanted to call Er Hu and ask if he had money, but thinking about it, Ye Mo gave up the idea. He wasn't at Luo Cang, and Er Hu's business must not be going well. Perhaps they didn't even get one single order. This was possible. If Er Hu knew he needed money, he would give Er Hu mental burden. He should use up the materials he had first.

    Ye Mo found a hotel and hung up the sign do not disturb before starting to focus on making runes.

    Although his idea was good, reality disappointed him. After a whole day, he wasted 20 sets of materials but only made 6. Although it was countless times better than before, Ye Mo was still very unhappy with the result.

    The 2nd and 3rd day were slightly better. He made 16 altogether, but he wasted more. If things continued like this, Ye Mo felt it wasn't going to work out. First, he expended materials too fast, second, it was too slow.

    The fourth day, the 100 sets of materials Ye Mo prepared only had 20 left. He felt things weren't going to work. If he couldn't improve the means he made the runes, he would need to gather more money. Making runes was a money burning thing.


    Tang Beiwei stared at the middle-aged man, his amicable face before became hideous in her eyes.

    She had never met him before, but he wanted her to trick someone she didn't know. A sense of disgust rose from her heart; Tang Beiwei couldn't even be bothered to look at the middle-aged man as she said, "Sorry, I'm not interested." Then, she turned to leave.

    The middle-aged man didn't even move as he slowly said, "According to what I know, if your mother doesn't have surgery soon, she would last half a month at most. Think about it, how hard was it for her to bring you up? When you're finally grown up, she needs to leave. If you don't have a way, never mind, but you do have a way to save her now, but you don't choose it. Ask yourself, are you treating her right?"

    "You..." Tang Beiwei turned around and looked at the man in fury, "You want me to trick someone I don't know? I'm not treating my sense of moral right."

    "Hmph." The middle aged man sneered. "Do you think we can't choose other people? I'll be honest with you, I pity you, that's why I chose you. This is very simple. You just need to bring that man to a place, and you don't need to worry about the rest. This isn't tricking, if he really likes you, at most, you told him a lie once."

    Tang Beiwei's face changed drastically; she detested the man in front of her, but she knew he was saying the truth. If her mother didn't get surgery, she would last 2 weeks at most.

    Thinking about how her mum brought her up, pushing a small trolley to do business regardless of the wind or the rain, Tang Beiwei felt her heart was bleeding.

    She hesitated for a long time before asking, "Take him to where?"


    Ye Mo walked out of the hotel and pondered. There was a way to get money, but since Qingxue was living at Ning Hai, she must not have much on her. How about he borrow some from Jingwen, she was a wealthy girl, shouldn't it be a problem?

    But then it was hard for him to ask a girl for money. Ye Mo thought and still couldn't make up his mind. He took out a jade artefact and looked. He decided to go to the magic artefact shop and see if he could sell it for a good price; if no one could tell its worth, he would then borrow from Su Jingwen.

    On the opposite side of the street, a middle-aged woman pushed a small trolley with food. She was selling snacks for night. A car drove past quickly with the markings city management on it. She quickly packed up her stall, but she accidentally spilt all the sauces on the ground.

    The middle-aged woman looked anxiously as the car drove past. She gasped a sigh of relief and then slowly started to pick up the things on the ground. Although no one helped her, a girl in her 20s came in front of the stall and helped her pick things up. Ye Mo smiled and thought this girl had a good heart.

    The magic artefact shop wasn't far from Ye Mo's hotel. He just walked a few minutes and he already arrived. The place was a small building, but Ye Mo didn't feel any sense of spirit at all from afar. He knew it wasn't very good and hesitated if he could sell his jade.

    And, opposite this shop was a bar; from a business point of view, it was very unreasonable.

    "Sir, would you like to buy magic artefact?" As soon as Ye Mo walked in, a girl in her 20s came and asked.

    Ye Mo smiled/ "I'll take a look first."

    "Okay, please take your time." The girl was very polite, but Ye Mo knew no matter how polite she was, not much customers would come if there were no real things.

    Ye Mo scanned and was disappointed. These were worse than the ones from the social night. It could be said none of them were real.

    In this situation, it would be impossible for the boss to pay him a high price. Ye Mo thought so and he knew he shouldn't even bother.

    Just when Ye Mo turned his head and walked out of the shop, he saw the girl who helped the middle-aged woman pick things up being harassed into a bar by two youths who had their hair dyed like a ghost.

    The girl was struggling, so it was obvious she was being forced.

    Ye Mo frowned, this was a legal society, so how could this happen in broad daylight? Ye Mo knew about this, but it wasn't even dark yet.

    He had a good impression of this good-hearted girl and was prepared to help her throw the two youth away, but he scanned his spirit sense and stopped his actions.

    Although the girl was pulled in by the two youth and her head was low while struggling, Ye Mo could scan the corner of her eye. There was no fear nor anger and worry. Her eyes were full of guilt, deep guilt.

    She was being abducted but felt guilty? Ye Mo shook his head, he saw it clearly with his spirit sense. What was this? Her abnormal eyes made Ye Mo hesitate, so he didn't go up to save her.

    Ye Mo walked slowly towards the door of the bar but kept his spirit sense to the girl. The two youth pulled her into a private room and slammed the door shut.

    Ye Mo didn't come save her. Tang Beiwei felt relieved but disappointed. The good looking youth had such little courage. However, since he didn't take the bait, she couldn't be blamed.

    Rip, a large part of Tang Beiwei's top was ripped down, showing large pieces of snowy white skin.

    "Stop, what are you doing? Stop!" Tang Beiwei's eyes showed worry, wasn't this an act? Why was it real now?

    "Haha, stop, do you think someone I, Wang Xianxian, is interested in can run away?" A small door opened in the room and a youth walked out.

    Tang Beiwei angrily broke free of one hand and said, "I had a business deal with Wei Yongqian, he told me to come and act, let me go."

    "Haha, act!" Wang Xianxian laughed again. "Do you like acting? Very well, Lang Pi show something, let me and this chick watch while we act. This watery-eyed girl, my money is well spent."

    The red-haired youth that grabbed Tang Beiwei agreed and let her go. Then, he took out a remote and the tv immediately showed a pair of nude male and female, yelling and moaning.
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