Chapter 226: Deep and Meaningful Talk

    Chapter 226: Deep and Meaningful Talk

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    Ye Mo could understand how Tang Beiwei was feeling. A girl who was bullied and helpless faced huge pressure but couldn't find any help. She even had to do things against her conscience, but at last found her kin and thought that she almost did something unforgivable.

    He put Tang Beiwei down and stayed silent for a while before saying, "We both didn't know at the time. Plus, even now, we can't be sure if we're related for sure. After all, we can't just tell by a bracelet so don't worry. Even if we're really siblings, we don't need to worry even more, right?"

    Although Tang Beiwei had calmed down now, Ye Mo still comforted her.

    Tang Beiwei stopped and looked at Ye Mo, "Brother Ye... um, do you want to do a DNA test with me?" She didn't know what to call Ye Mo. She felt brother was too sudden, but Ye Mo wasn't suitable either.

    Ye Mo smiled. "No need, I don't like that. Real or fake, you will be my sister from now on. I will treat you just like Ye Ling. No matter what happens, just come find me. Remember, I'm your brother."

    "Brother..." Tang Beiwei seemed a little lost as she wiped her eyes. She wanted to say something but eventually didn't. Was her prayer finally heard by the heavens and did she finally get a big brother? Ye Mo said he didn't want to do DNA check, but she felt a little lost. She didn't know whether to listen to him or not.

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "I was planning to go Wuliang Mountain a few days later, but since these people keep testing me, if I don't do something, they'll think I'm scared of them. Beiwei, you don't need to go anywhere, follow me and wait till I treat your mother."

    "You know how to treat illness?" Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo in surprise. She remembered Ye Mo using acupuncture in the morning.

    Before Ye Mo replied, a voice interrupted them.

    "Didn't think I could meet you here, this is such a coincidence. Master, it's my luck." A porsche stopped in front of Ye Mo. As the words sounded, a youth jumped out of the car.

    Ye Mo had seen this person before. It was the one who wanted to race him when he was with Jing Xi.

    This youth came and shook Ye Mo's hands. "I'm QIao Gang, I saw your car skills that day and I'm really amazed, ugh, is this your girlfriend? She's really pretty."

    Qiao Gang was very lively; before Ye Mo even spoke, he already treated Ye Mo as a racing friend.

    Ye Mo laughed and said, "I'm Ye Mo, this is my sister Tang Beiwei, pleasure to meet you."

    Qiao Gang had this understanding look. His sister didn't have the same last name as him, who would believe you. The sister nowadays were the sisters being f*cked. Hearing Ye Mo say that, he also laughed. "So that's it, um Brother Ye, I've been trying to find you last time seeing your car skills. I just heard your car went into Yu Yuan, but I really didn't expect to see you here. I'm so lucky. I don't have much hobbies but I love cars. If Ye brother don't mind, I wish to invite you to food and talk about car skills."

    Ye Mo smiled and said, "That's fine but I don't have time now, I still have important things to do, so let's talk about it next time."

    If it was a normal person, they would've realized that Ye Mo was not interested, but Qiao Gang just fazed and said, "No problem, I'm a little famous around here. If you need any help just ask me because I might need your help soon, this is my name card."

    Qiao Gang passed it to Ye Mo and rubbed his hands. Obviously, he was a little awkward about finding Ye Mo for help. Although he was very energetic and social, it was the first time they met properly, much less Ye Mo didn't really want to talk to him. His words were quite unsuitable, but he had seen Ye Mo's car skills. As long as Ye Mo got in the car, he wouldn't be able to chase up to him at all.

    Although he didn't know Ye Mo well, he knew he wasn't someone to be shocked by status and money. If that was possible, Ye Mo wouldn't have ignored him last time and drove off. After all, not much people drove limited edition cars like him, as such, in order to be friends with someone like Ye Mo, he needed to lower himself and treat him as equal.

    Ye Mo took the name card and looked. He knew that this person wasn't as straightforward as he appeared. This person knew this was the best way to communicate with him. This Qiao Gang wasn't an impulsive person but was quite cunning. He knew how to observe and even knew the best means to communicate with people.

    This was a little interesting, but Ye Mo didn't detest it. Perhaps he really liked cars and wanted to find someone to help him race.

    "No need for help, I'm just missing some money and I'm going back to get some money. If I'm free, I will call you," Ye Mo said that intentionally. He wanted to see how much of a help this Qiao Gang could give him. If it could solve his money difficulties, he didn't mind help Qiao Gang. However, if he was going to be stingy on this, then never mind.

    Hearing this, Qiao Gang's face was immediately filled with smile. "Brother Ye, although it's not something to brag about, but I have some money to spend. How much do you need, Brother Ye?"

    Ye Mo nodded and casually said, "I wonder what you would like me to help with?"

    Qiao Gang saw that his plan was seen through and rubbed his hands awkwardly. "There's a race at the end of next month. It's very important to me, but I know with my skills, I'm not likely to win, if..."

    Ye Mo already knew what it was; he waved his hand and asked, "What's the largest prize?"

    "The prize is only a little less than a million, but we all don't care about the prize money. Instead, something else is awarded with the prize money. Other than this, there are also some conflicts in interest, but..." Qiao Gang was stuttering. Obviously, some things weren't good to make clear.

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Okay, I'll agree to help you get this first. I'm not interested in other things, I need 500k now, I will contact you by the end of the month."

    Hearing Ye Mo's words, Qiao Gang's face was full of joy and surprise. He quickly stuffed a card in Ye Mo's hands. "Password is all 8, there's around 600k in there. I'll be waiting for your call." Then, before Ye Mo could talk, he didn't even ask for Ye Mo's contact number and just went in the car. A rumble echoed out and the car soon disappeared. Qiao Gang clearly saw Ye Mo's car skills; the latter could use a normal Audi to leave his Porsche in the dust. This wasn't something normal people could do.

    Ye Mo shook his head thinking this Qiao Gang is really interesting. It was obvious that Qiao Gang was very rich. He didn't really care about that few hundred thousands, and he wouldn't worry that Ye Mo would go back on his words for that amount. Qiao Gang was afraid he would regret his actions, so he quickly drove away-decisively and astutely.

    Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo in a daze and said after a while, "Brother, you know this person?" Then, she just realized that her brother sounded so natural.

    Ye Mo shook his head. "I don't know him."

    "Don't know, then why did he give so much money to you? And these people are usually powerful, if we annoy him, we... Plus, racing is dangerous and, and..." Before Tang Beiwei finished, Ye Mo already knew what she was thinking.

    Tang Beiwei was living at the bottom and was scared of these young masters the most.

    Ye Mo caressed her head pitifully and said, "It's okay, if I'm not in need of money shortly, I wouldn't care about a few hundred thousand. Let's go eat first and talk later."

    Tang Beiwei helplessly shook her head; she worked so hard for 200k and was about to sell everything she had, but her brother just said one sentence and got 600k from someone he didn't even know.

    After eating with Tang Beiwei, he took out 200k to buy 1000 sets of materials before helping Tang Beiwei buy some clothes. Then, he gave the remaining 300k to her.

    "I don't need money, I just want to go back and save my mother," Tang Beiwei rejected.

    Ye Mo stashed the card on her hand again and said, "You also saw that it's very easy for me to earn money so take these first. Wait till tomorrow and call Wei Yongqian, just do according to the original plan."

    Tang Beiwei hesitantly took the card and said, "Brother, since you already know he's trying to harm you, why are you still taking the bait?"

    Ye Mo sneered and said to Tang Beiwei, "I know he's plotting against me, that's why I'm going, don't worry."

    Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei went back to the hotel but saw police out there investigating. He immediately knew that Wang XIanxian's incident was probably being investigated right now. He immediately called Qiao Gang. Although he didn't know who he was, a small thing like this shouldn't be hard for him.
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