Chapter 234: Decisive Kill

    Chapter 234: Decisive Kill

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    With the clash of fist and sword, there was no sound of flesh being sliced but instead a metallic clank. Zheng Chengze's long sword was smashed into the ground, while he himself was forced multiple steps back.

    Ye Mo's hand was perfectly fine, and at this moment, Ye Mo followed up with another kick on Zheng Chengze's dantian. He flew many meters out and smashed onto a distant boulder as he spat out blood. It was obvious he couldn't survive this.

    Then, Ye Mo walked in front of Zheng Chengze and took the bag from his chest.

    Everyone took a cold breath. Zheng Chengze was someone who cultivated ancient martial arts to Black Level tertiary stage, but he only lasted two moves in Ye Mo's hands. This youth was too ferocious. Although Zheng Chengze underestimated Ye Mo, he wouldn't last more than 20 moves even if he didn't.

    So strong, but he started feud with the Broken Fist Hall. Although it wasn't some first grade sect, it still had an Earth Level master.

    Most people didn't know how Ye Mo knocked the sword away with his fist but two of the Earth Level masters saw clearly. Ye Mo smashed his fist accurately on the flat surface of the sword.

    The two compared themselves and felt even if they fought Zheng Chengze, they wouldn't be able to win so easily. This young man was excessively strong, and they couldn't even tell which sect he came from.

    The girl who had her arm severed by Ye Mo looked at Ye Mo before saying to her pretty nun master in a low voice, "Master, I seem to have seen him somewhere, but I just can't remember."

    The nun immediately reproached, "Zixu, don't say random things. It's very hard for us to come in here."

    Ye Mo gave the bag to Xu Ping and said, "Brother Xu, this is yours." He was thinking of how he would trade it over later.

    However, Xu Ping pushed and said, "Brother got into conflict with the Broken Fist Hall due to me, so I feel really bad. This thing isn't really useful to me, and your power is higher than me. As such, I'll just give it to you. I haven't asked for your name?"

    Ye Mo came for this Star Jade, and hearing these words, he didn't try to act polite. He took the jade and took out another defensive jade. "This is a defensive magic artefact, it's far as valuable as your meteor, so If I get the chance in the future, I will pay you back properly, I'm Mo Ying."

    Ye Mo didn't dare to act cocky here. Everyone had some sort of background here. Although he was confident, he wasn't confident enough to ignore everyone here."

    Xu Ping took the jade and laughed. "Brother Mo, you're being too polite, it's my luck to be able to get to know a friend like Brother Mo. However, this also made Brother Mo get into conflict with the Broken Fist Hall, making me very sorry."

    Ye Mo immediately looked at this Xu Ping differently. Not only was he straightforward, but he also didn't fear the Broken Fist Hall. Ye Mo laughed. "The Broken Fist Hall isn't a threat to me, if they dare to harass me again, I don't mind going and annihilating this place."

    Ye Mo said this purposely. He killed Ou Tanhu and Zheng Chengze, so there was no coexisting between the two anymore. Instead of being fearful, he might as well bright the feud to the surface. Plus, as long as he got the Star Jade, he could make his flying sword. Once that was done, his battle power would increase many folds.

    "Right, if the Broken Fist Hall dare to come, us two brothers will go slaughter them." Xu Ping was also full of heroic feeling.

    Everyone started to leave seeing there was nothing to watch and all went into the canyon.

    "Brother Mo also came to participate in the auction?" Seeing everyone leave, Xu Ping asked.

    Ye Mo nodded. "I heard there's an auction here, so I came to see what's good."

    Xu Ping dazed and asked, "Don't you have an entry card?"

    "There's an entry card?" Ye Mo heard this for the first time and asked.

    Xu Ping took out a jade card and said, "Of course, I also spent a lot of effort to get this."

    Ye Mo took the card and looked. He thought he also had this card. He searched this from Yu Lian. The number was 37, while Xu Ping's card had 101.

    "Is it this sort of jade card?" Ye Mo casually took out Yu Lian's card, thinking that luckily, Jing Xi didn't search Yu Lian's body after killing him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have a card to enter.

    Xu Ping took it and looked. "Indeed, that's the right one. Your card is in the front 50, so you can bring an extra person. The numbers after 50 such as me can only go in by themselves. I didn't know Brother Mo had such a high level card. In that case, let's go in."

    Although Xu Ping didn't ask, he was sure Ye Mo was an Earth Level master because other than Earth Level masters, only people with high status could have it.

    The two talked for a while and realized both were solitary cultivators without a sect. Although Ye Mo had a good impression of Xu Ping, he still didn't tell everything. Afterall, Xu Ping didn't either. They were all in jiang hu [1], who among them knew each other completely? When they were hot blooded, they could die together, but when there was conflict of interest, perhaps they would sell each other out. After all, they just met each other.

    Ye Mo and Xu Ping walked past the canyon, went through the metal chain bridge, and entered a long and narrow path. This path was built on the steep wall of the cliff. Looking down, there was no bottom to be seen at all. It was completely shrouded in clouds. It seemed as though they would be blown down by the wind at any moment. Those scared of heights would perhaps faint already.

    But of those who came to the auction, who would be afraid of heights? Ye Mo wasn't at all. After passing through a few kilometers of small cliff side road, the way opened up in front. There were large pacts of trees and brushes seeming very quiet and pretty. At the end of all that was a tower set up with wood, with the words, Xi Shuang Temple.

    Ye Mo saw many people hold the jade card and walk in. He knew he had arrived and couldn't help to compliment Dongfang Xi. He didn't even cultivate but had so much information about what went on in here. Ye Mo wondered how this was possible.

    It seemed that no one should be underestimated; everyone had their own way.

    Ye Mo took note of the two men guarding the door. They were both peak stage Black Level power. According to Song Hai, these two brothers lusted with their life. There were a lot of woman here today, he wondered how they would lust, but Ye Mo didn't believe they dared to attack a woman in broad daylight.

    Ye Mo and Xu Ping walked at the back. He knew it was not even 11 am, while the auction was starting at 3pm.

    Ye Mo observed careful the two guards, and indeed, theirs eyes kept circulating on women. Especially when the two nuns from Lian Hang Jing Mosque came, they almost drooled. Ye Mo saw the shorter one squeeze one of the nun's hand when they entered. The nun took her hand back quickly and the jade card even fell to the ground. She quickly picked it up and pulled the other nun in and didn't talk.

    Everyone's card was very correct, and people came in a huge line so the two didn't dare to over do it.

    He understood now that regardless of last night or this afternoon, if he and Tang Beiwei came here, they wouldn't see other people. This was because the auction hadn't started last night. Regardless, with the lust of those two, he would be stopped for sure.

    These two were indeed not good. Ye Mo immediately knew if he and Tang Beiwei were stopped, they were going to have conflict 100%. Dongfang Xi's plan was really malevolent, luckily, he killed Dongfang Xi. Otherwise, he really wouldn't be able to rest easy. This man kept using evil and insidious plans.

    It was Ye Mo and Xu Ping's turn. Ye Mo handed his card in and so did Xu Ping.

    The man on the left with the eagle nose felt strange that Ye Mo didn't bring anyone but had a card within 50. Normally, those people with a card within 50 would bring someone in. Although Ye Mo covered his face with a mask, his age was too young.

    "Which sect are you from?" the man thought those who had these cards were usually from the bigger sects and the big wealthy corporations in the mortal world, but Ye Mo didn't look like it at all.

    Ye Mo shook his head. "I don't have a sect."

    The eagle nose studied Ye Mo a bit more. Since Ye Mo didn't have a sect, it meant Ye Mo needed to bribe him, but Ye Mo had no intentions of that at all. His eyes grew cold and said, "Where did you steal this card from?"

    Ye Mo was also pissed and coldly said, "Do I need to report to you? Why do you care where I got it from, all that matters is that it's real."

    "How dare you, a low level youngling dare to be so impolite? Your card has unclear history. I will confiscate it. Go back to where you came from." The eagle-nosed man was pissed since so many pretty ladies came today and he couldn't do much at all. But now, Ye Mo didn't bribe him and was arguing with him.


    [1] TL note: jiang hu is another term for society but more specifically for martial artists and gangsters.
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