Chapter 239: The Best Thing

    Chapter 239: The Best Thing

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    Everyone gasped for air. There was none who didn't know about how strong Lone Wolf was, and no one knew where he came from. He targeted the weaker sects and taxed them, but his power was strong and he was very cruel. It was said that even the masters of the top grade hidden sects felt threatened by his power.

    Although everyone also knew that Ye Mo was a tough guy, Ye Mo seemed to be quite lacking compared with Lone Wolf. This guy annoyed Lone Wolf for a useless piece of rock. He was really naïve. The difference between Black and Earth Level wasn't just a single bit or two; those who ascended to Earth Level was the pinnacle of power in the hidden sects. Ye Mo could easily kill Black Level masters, but in front of an Earth Level master, he might not even be able to escape.

    Xi Wushan also compliment Ye Mo for his balls, but he still followed on with Ye Mo's words. "510k first time..." Although Lone Wolf was strong, he wasn't afraid of him. Plus, he represented the auction holding side.

    "2 million." Lone Wolf seemed to be really angry now.

    Ye Mo still slowly said, 2.01 million." If it was an ordinary thing, he would give it to this guy, but this was Essence Chi Stone. He wouldn't give it away no matter what. Since he was already on Lone Wolf's bad side, he might as well make him more angry and just keep adding by 10k each time.

    "Very well, you got balls, lemme see how long you can keep this ore for," Lone Wolf actually stopped bidding.

    Ye Mo sneered. "Although I might not be a match for you now, you're dreaming if you think you can rob things from my hands." This Lone Wolf was a little stronger than Bian Po at most. And, after fighting with Bian Po, he had more understanding of the Earth Level here. It was indeed much stronger than Black Level, but that was not a reason he would give up on the Essence Chi Stone just because Lone Wolf was Earth Level. Plus, he also got stronger too.

    A lady with a green skirt walked in from the back, breaking the aggressive atmosphere in the room. When people saw this lady, they were dumbfounded. This lady was the person who bought the Face Preserving Pill, and now, her face was smooth and silky, completely different from all those spots and craters before. She was a complete beauty and also seemed a few years younger.

    The most glaring wasn't her skin but the excitement in her eyes. Everyone knew she was the lady who bought the pill, and she just went to try it out. They didn't expect her to come back like this. They didn't expect the pill was real!

    Now, even an idiot knew that the Face Preserving Pill sold for 10 million was real. The silence of the stadium erupted.

    Almost everyone got up and looked at the green dressed lady.

    "Silence, silence..." Xi Wushan called a few times before the scene finally calmed down, but the desperation and desire in their eyes were still glaring. After all, this pill was too overpowered. Everyone regretted in here except Ye Mo, but it was too late. The pill was already eaten.

    Seeing the scene had calmed, Xi Wushan then said, "Now that everyone knows that the pill is real, we didn't lie, did we? To be honest, I didn't know if it was real or fake. If I knew it was real and only sold it for 10 million, it wouldn't belong to this lady. Now, please, come out and tell us if the pill is real or fake."

    The green-dressed lady stood up. Here eyes were still full of excitement and disbelief. She just tried her luck and didn't expect it to be real. She was rather satisfied with this auction. Now that she needed to stand up and talk, she stood up immediately and said, "I'm sure this pill is real, it's real."

    "Would this be staged?" there were already whispers on the side.

    "Bullsh*t, I know that woman, she's the Black Widow of the Hong Wu Hall. She had a crater face, and now she transformed into this. The pill was 100% real," people immediately retorted.

    Ye Mo sat beside these two and heard Hong Wu Hall, wasn't this the place Mo Kang said who stole his woman?

    "May I ask Qianbei Xi if there is anymore Face Preserving Pill?"

    "Yeah, are there any left? If there is, I will take it for sure..."

    Now, the fervor for the Face Preserving Pill was unquenchable. Although they were martial cultivators with little emotions, this thing called the Face Preserving Pill was they would only meet once in their lifetime.

    Xi Wushan slammed his wooden block and said, "I don't know if there's more, the next item is a brass sword, starting bid 500k..."

    Ye Mo rejoiced; not only did he get an Essence Chi Stone, but the next pill will be heavenly priced. As for those swords and double-edged swords, Ye Mo couldn't even be bothered to bid. Once he reached Stage 4 Chi Gathering, which was also the beginning of middle stage of Chi Gathering, he could forge one himself and give another one to Xu Ping. Although the weapons here were not bad, it was at most the same grade as Bian Po's sword.

    There were 20 more times auctioned, but none of which piqued Ye Mo's interest. What made Ye Mo feel strange was that there were even phones for auction here, however, it was special made, strong signal reception, water resistant etc.

    "The next one to be sold is a pill. It is called Lotus Life Pill. It is said that as long as you have one last breath left, or even if your wrong cultivation method backfires, this can save your life. What I need to tell everyone is that this pill is made from the Thousand Year Lotus Seed. Main thing is, it is made by the same person who made the Face Preserving Pill. The starting bid is 3 million, each bid must increase by no lower than 100k." Then, Xi Wushan raised another jade bottle.

    The news of the pill being concocted by the same person who made the Face Preserving Pill was enough for its price to multiply, much less its overpowered effects.

    "4 million." The first person immediately rose the price by 1 million.

    "5 million."


    "10 million."

    Ye Mo didn't expect the Lotus Life Pill to be so heavily contested, breaking into 10 million almost immediately, and the price was still rising.

    "100 million." The bomb hell dropped and the scene sunk into silence. Although this life could save one's life, 100 million was quite expensive.

    The bidding man stood up and said, "10 years ago, I, Miao Quan, got internal injuries and haven't been able to improve since. I've been stuck at Earth Level middle stage for 40 years. If I can't treat my wound, I will only have one year left to live. That's why I bid 100 million. I also know that if this pill really had such an effect, 100 million is far from enough, but I don't have more money. I would like to thank the friends who didn't contest this pill with me."

    Although many more people wanted to bid, it was too dumb to have enmity with an Earth Level middle stage master. Plus, this master only had one year to live. If he was pissed and went on a rampage, it wasn't worth it.

    Xi Wushan's face wasn't good. He knew that Miao Quan's story was legitimate, but it wasn't too fair on the auctioning side. However, since it was sold for 100 million, he couldn't really say much. After all, Miao Quan was one of the few masters here, he had to give him some face.

    Ye Mo saw this Miao Quan was in the no. 9 room and immediately knew he was very strong. However, he was very satisfied his pill was sold for 100 million.

    Miao Quan took the pill and immediately consumed it in his room. It seemed like he was going to test it immediately.

    Xi Wushan glanced at Miao Quan but didn't say anything and continued, "The next one is a herb, Liu Blue carrot. The starting bid is 10 million, each increment must be no lower than 1 mil."

    Ye Mo dazed, what herb was this expensive? He had never heard of the Liu Blue Carrot. However, Xi Wushan didn't even introduce the properties of this herb. This old man really wasn't suited to be holding an auction. He really didn't know what the auction holder was thinking. However, to Ye Mo's surprise, no one even asked about what it was. People immediately started to bid. It seemed everyone at the scene knew what this thing was. Ye Mo was probably the only one here who didn't know. He scanned his spirit sense carefully, then his face drastically changed. This wasn't some Liu Blue Carrot, but instead it was a Blue Flower Blue Leafed Grass.

    This herb was full of precious things. Even if it wasn't made into a pill, its flower was hugely beneficial to cultivators below Stage 5 Chi Gathering. Once it matured, not only could its leaves and branches be used in pills, its flower was also one of the main ingredients to make the Foundation Establishment Pill. However, a mature one was very rare. The one here was obviously not mature, but if he kept growing it, who knows?

    More importantly, the flower and leaf of this herb could provide him with the spirit power to cultivate. It was impossible for him to reach Foundation Establishment through that, but it gave Ye Mo more hope.

    Ye Mo's eyes shone out with light. He would take it even if he had to rob it. There was such a thing on earth? However, he only had 100 million or so, so it was very hard for him to buy this just with that much money. There was still a Face Preserving Pill not sold. Would he be able to get extra money from it?
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