Chapter 244: Jing Xi

    Chapter 244: Jing Xi

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Chrissy

    Zhang Zhihui put away his sword and looked at the deep bottomless cliff. Ye Mo fell down like a meteor, and there was no way he could live.

    "Brother Zhang, what was that?" Even Xi Wushan was confused.

    Zhang Zhihui nodded and said, "Perhaps I used too much force on that sword, and I didn't expect this punk to be so weak that he got blasted away by my sword."

    Although people were still confused, this explanation could barely work.

    "Sigh, that's a pity, in that case, friends, goodbye. We will be packing away the metal chain bridge." Xi Wushan's eyes was gleaming with light as he spoke to the crowd.

    Zhang Zhihui's face was bleak. Although he really didn't want to go like this, the auction holder had already made the announcement. This was someone else's land, so he had no excuse to stay. He knew that as soon as he left, they would go down the cliff and find that young man.

    That meant that he did all the hard work and couldn't get anything. Although he was depressed, he had no choice.

    Everyone seemed to know what the auction holders were thinking and all left. Since that guy was wanted by the auction holder, there was no point in staying here.

    The black-clothed woman looked at where Ye Mo fell and frowned. She seemed to have thought of something and had a cold smile on her face before turning to leave with everyone.


    Of course Ye Mo knew it was risky using Wind Controlling Technique like that. Some people might even realize it, but he had to do it. First, if he didn't do that, Zhang Zhihui would kill him as soon as he landed. That wasn't even the main point. Although he was no match for the old man, it wouldn't be so easy to kill him. The main thing was, Xi Wushan and the other person came. Xi Wushan and his men didn't just want his life-they wanted to suck him dry before killing him.

    It was because of that Ye Mo still used the unbelievable Wind Controlling Technique to fall off the cliff despite having the risk of being caught out.

    Ye Mo fell down the cliff and landed on the spot where he wanted. Then, he kept falling, and soon, he fell another hundred meters. After falling a few times rapidly, even he couldn't handle it, but luckily, he finally fell to the bottom after 1000 meters or so.

    The bottom of this cliff was completely different to the bottom of the cliff at Shen Nong Jia. There was mist everywhere, but it didn't disperse. It stuck to the bottom of the cliff. Ye Mo could see animal bones scattered everywhere. There were even some human skulls. Ye Mo didn't want to stay for a moment longer at the bottom of such a cliff.

    Ye Mo came to the other side quickly but he didn't go up. If he went up now, perhaps he would be caught by the old guy Zhang Zhihui just in time. He had to go immediately. He looked at the sword and had an idea. He casually dumped it nearby.

    Then, Ye Mo resisted the disgust and kept jumping ahead at the bottom of the cliff. He knew that those old men would come here soon as well. These people thought he was a treasure cove, so he didn't dare to stay for a moment.

    Although his power wasn't as strong as Zhang Zhihui, his escaping means made him not fear even the top masters here. He had Wind Controlling Technique and Cloud Shadow Step. This place was crooked and uneven, but it was the same as any highway or road to Ye Mo.

    Two hours later, Ye Mo found that there was no way forward. There was another cliff wall in front of him. If he had to go forward, he would have to turn but he didn't want to. Who knew where he would turn to, perhaps he would go back to the Xi Shuang Temple.

    He had to go up from here. Ye Mo didn't hesitate and started to jump up from the cliff face. Although it was a few hundred meters tall, it was no challenge for Ye Mo. With the help of Wind Controlling Technique, he got back to the top very quickly.

    As soon as Ye Mo landed on the top, a figure flew by and landed not far in front of him.

    "You're very fast, I didn't think you would be here as soon as I arrived." It was a woman covered completely in black.

    Ye Mo heard the voice and knew who she was. It was Jing Xi.

    "It's you?" Ye Mo's heart sunk, how did Jing Xi know he was going to appear here?

    Jing Xi sneered. "If you don't want to be surrounded here, then follow me." Then, she turned as though she knew Ye Mo would follow.

    Ye Mo had no choice indeed. He knew that if he stayed here, he would be in danger. Since Jing Xi knew he would come up from here, perhaps other people would know too.

    Jing Xi's speed was very fast. She didn't seem to worry Ye Mo wouldn't be able to keep up. Two hours later, it was near noon. Jing Xi brought Ye Mo left and right until they arrived at the stadium where Ye Mo follow her before. Ye Mo knew that it was a metal chain going down from here and past that would be the Serenity gate. He didn't know why Jing Xi brought him here.

    No matter what, Ye Mo wasn't scared. He was now facing Jing Xi by himself, but he still had so many means that he hadn't used. He believed Jing XI couldn't play any tricks in front of him.

    Jing Xi took off the black veil, showing her gorgeous face. She seemed to smile at Ye Mo and said, "Brother Da Hu, you really appear and disappear out of nowhere."

    Ye Mo knew he was recognized and also pulled off his face cover as he blandly said, "I don't dare to be called brother, don't make me regurgitate the food I ate yesterday." He didn't care at this moment anymore.

    "Are you very curious about how I found you?" Jing Xi said and didn't wait for Ye Mo to reply before saying, "Not only me, but perhaps even that Old Guy Xi Wushan knows you're alive."

    Ye Mo sneered. Xi Wushan was going to search the bottom for sure. It wa no surprise he would know he was alive. However, this woman was scary; she actually knew where to wait for him.

    Jing Xi's face went cold. "I thought you were dead before. You acted quite well, making me sad for a while. I didn't expect your qing gong to be so strong. Even a top level qing gong master would be no match for you. You really give me surprises. It's the first time I've seen such a qing gong master."

    TL note: qing gong: the art of running around and jumping. Essentially, it's similar to acrobatics making your body more elegant and seemingly lighter as you jump around and run.

    After pausing for a moment, Jing Xi continued, "Since you can be fine falling from Liang Nong cliff, then you wouldn't die from a fall at Xi Shuang Temple. You think only I recognized you when you turned in the air?"

    Ye Mo sneered and sat down. "If there's something you want to say, then be straightforward. I haven't eaten since last night, after you're done, I'm going to eat." He understood now how Jing Xi knew he wouldn't die.

    Jing Xi looked curiously at Ye Mo. "You're quite calm, although your qing gong is very strong, but you're still in Wuliang Mountain, and you have no way of getting out now. Do you think Space Association will give up searching for you? Stop dreaming, how about you do a deal with me. I won't let you lose out. It's my first time, I'll give it to you."

    Jing Xi eyes became watery as though returning to that Jing Zier.

    Ye Mo sighed; this woman really was astute. Although he admitted she was beautiful and was a nun who knew how to seduce men, he really had no interest in her. She was too psychopathic.

    "Haha, let's talk about having sex later, tell me your conditions." Ye Mo laughed.

    Jing Xi's face seemed to have blushed. She didn't expect Ye Mo to be so blatant. She cursed, "Do you think it's so easy to get in bed with me? Keep dreaming, kid."

    However, she didn't say that and instead slowly spoke, "Last time, you came up from Liang Nong Cliff, did you follow me to here? Then, you saw me go into my sect? I believe it should be no problem for your qing gong."

    "Indeed." Ye Mo didn't need to hide.

    Jing Xi bit her teeth and sneered. "As I thought, tell me why you want to go to Serenity? Don't tell me you went to find Susu."

    Ye Mo smiled. "Why can't I go find Susu? I went to find her, am I not allowed to?"

    "You like Susu?" Jing Xi opened her eyes wide and stared at Ye Mo as though shocked by this news.

    "Can I not like Susu? Do I have to like you? Indeed, I do like Susu." Ye Mo wasn't afraid of this old nun so he didn't need to hide.

    Jing Xi suddenly laughed. "Da Hu, if you like Susu, you need my help. Do you know, I'm Susu's shi shu. Without my help, you won't even be able to see her. How about it, are you going to suck up to me? Plus, do you think you can find Serenity just by going down those chains? Stop dreaming, my little brother."

    Ye Mo didn't suspect that Jing Xi was Luo Susu's shishu. However, he dropped his animosity. Since Jing Xi was Susu's shishu, he shouldn't get on her bad side although she's a bit psychopathic.

    "Tell me, what do you want." Ye Mo didn't have any good impression of this nun. but this was Susu's shi shu and he couldn't offend her too much.

    Jing Xi enticingly smiled. "In fact, I quite like you too." Then, she looked at Ye Mo and said, "You have a lot of good things on you, even a Face Preserving Pill, are you going to give me one?"

    Ye Mo was unimpressed; he said, "Do you think it's sold on the streets?"

    "The person whom I saw carry a girl that day at Shen Nong Jia's Qiu Tuo Peak was you, right? The person who picked the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit was also you, right?" Jing Xi's tone suddenly grew cold as she asked.
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