Chapter 245: A Clear Well

    Chapter 245: A Clear Well

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    Ye Mo also coldly glanced at Jing Xi. "If you want to ask me about this, I'll tell you the truth, I don't know. If you want Face Preserving Pill, I don't have any now. These pills aren't mine. If you don't have any other questions, then I'm leaving."

    Jing Xi giggled. " I really can't do anything about you little guy, don't say so much if, can you leave? Susu will be engaged with the Dian Cang sect next month, I hooked them up..."

    Ye Mo abruptly stood up. "Take me to see Susu now, if she's willing herself, then I have nothing to say, but if you forced her, then don't blame me."

    "Aiyah, so much anger, so what if I don't bring you to see Susu? Do you think a mere Black Level martial artists like you can face off Dian Cang? They can kill you with one finger." Jing XI didn't care that Ye Mo was mad at all.

    Ye Mo stayed silent for a moment before saying: "Liu Blue carrot isn't on me now, but I can promise to give you that flower. As for the Face Preserving Pill, I can ask that qianbei for you."

    "I also want your qing gong," Jing Xi plainly said.

    Ye Mo coldly looked at Jing X. "Even if I give it to you, you won't be able to learn it."

    Jing Xi contemptuously said, "That's my problem, I don't need you to worry. Just tell me if you agree."

    "Okay, if you bring me to see Susu." Ye Mo agreed to Jing Xi's request without hesitation. To him Cloud Shadow Step was nothing. He was a cultivator, he really didn't care much about a martial art.

    Jing XI smiled. "You're really obedient, now, come on with me."

    Seeing Jing Xi not ask for anything, Ye Mo fazed. "you're not worried I go back on my words?"

    Jing Xi laughed. "That's only if you can. Do you think you can come out after I bring you in without me? I'm really starting to like you, you're so naïve."

    Ye Mo was disgusted, but he knew what Jing Xi meant. It was due to key, but fortunately, Jing Xi didn't know he had the key. It was because he had the key that he forgot that it was needed to go in and out.

    Jing Xi brought Ye Mo onto the metal chain and at the end. She opened a small door on the side of the cliff with a card and brought Ye Mo in through a small door. She saw Ye Mo didn't seemed to be surprised at all and curiously asked, "Why aren't you surprised at all? Can you find here without me?"

    Ye Mo was thinking there was no way Jing Xi would be so easy to talk to. He just didn't understand what she was going to do. Now that Jing Xi asked, he thought of her contemptuously. "Without you leading the way, I'd go in faster."

    "Mhm, I can't come here without you." Ye Mo's tone was bland, making Jing Xi feel as though she punched cotton. Little did she know Ye Mo was saying the truth in another sense. Last time, he really wouldn't be able to come in here without following her here, but now, he could go in and out. Jing Xi had no business about that.


    The metal chain bridge had been retrieved, but at this moment, Xi Wushan and Shixiong Yu stood here with a very bad face.

    "Had he been eaten by a huge snake?" Lady Fang said on the side.

    Xi Wushan frowned. "It shouldn't be, I feel that Mo Ying's last attack is a bit strange, and the place he fell was also very strange. I suspect he fell off in purpose. If that's the case, then he wouldn't be eaten by a snake. Plus, there are no big snakes nearby. And, we didn't find his sword either. The only thing is that no one would be able to survive if they fell off here much less a mere Black Level martial artists.

    "We have found the sword, Elder Xi." At this moment, a man in his 30s came up the soft stairs. There was a crooked sword in his hands.

    "That means he really might have been eaten by something?" Xi Wushan looked at the sword and suspiciously inquired.

    Shixiong Yu, who hadn't talked, bleakly said, "Regardless of whether he's alive or dead, we must find him. This person has such overwhelmingly powerful pills. Even the method of concocting them is worth a fortune. If we can get these, our Space Organization will be unrivaled."


    "Shishu..." When Jing Xi brought Ye Mo into the door of Serenity, two small nuns guarding the entrance came up and greeted respectfully. The two nuns saw Ye Mo behind Jing Xi and were very surprised.

    An older looking nun came here and also looked at Ye Mo in shock before asking, "Shimei Jing Xi, this is..."

    Jing Xi bowed a little and said, "Shijie Jing Xian, he's Mo Ying, he came to look for Susu."

    Jing Xian frowned. "Shimei Jing Xi, our sect has never let outsiders in especially a male..."

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense over this patch of houses and didn't find Luo Susu. Hearing Jing Xian's words, he walked and explained, "Qianbei, Luo Susu once saved wanbei's life. So I came here to thank her. Please forgive me for my impoliteness."

    Jing Xian shook her head. "Luo Ying has gone into solitary training, please go." Then, she turned and left.

    "What..." Ye Mo was shocked as though he was struck by lighting and stood where he was. Luo Ying, Jing Xian just said Luo Ying?

    "Qianbei, please hold up." After Jing Xian walked very far, Ye Mo reacted and chased up, stopping Jing Xian.

    "What else is it?" Jing Xian frowned and asked. She was more and more unhappy with Jing Xi. She openly brought a man into Serenity. This was intolerable, but she also knew Jing Xi didn't even care about her, the leader of the sect.

    "Qianbei, what was that about, you called her Luo Ying?" Ye Mo shakily asked. He had been thinking day and night, but he didn't expect to hear the name Luo Ying here.

    Jing Xian looked strangely at Ye Mo before saying, "Luo Ying is Luo Susu, she has changed her name to Luo Ying."

    Ye Mo shakily asked again, "Can qianbei tell me why she changed her name?"

    "Because Susu said she always dreamed about herself being called Luo Ying, so she changed her name." Jing Xian looked at Ye Mo and sighed. She shook her head and turned to leave.

    Ye Mo's head buzzed however. He was dumbfounded. It was his master indeed; she transmigrated here just like him, but his master could only remember her name and forgot about everything else.

    "Master, I finally found you. Luo Ying, I finally found you! No wonder he felt a sense of familiarity from Luo Susu in the desert. She really was Luo Ying."

    But why did Susu come so much earlier than him? Or was it perhaps he came here as soon as he was born but only remembered the things after he was traumatized? Or was it due to time and space that he came 20 years later?

    In that instant, all thoughts of emotions came. Ye Mo had a feeling as though his chest was being burnt fire.

    In the back mountain of Serenity in a stone room, a white-clothed woman as though the goddess of eternity sat quietly on a round cushion. There was no movement.

    Her face was so pale that there was not a trace of blood on it. Even so, it still couldn't cover her world stunning beauty. However, in front of the cushion, there was blood on the stone floor. It was easily discernible that it was her blood. She had stopped cultivating because she knew if she cultivated, she would spit blood.

    At this moment, she had an empty water bottle in her hands. Her eyes seemed cloudy. In her dreams and consciousness, there was always a figure hovering about. However, when she wanted to see clearly, that figure disappeared. Now that she couldn't cultivate, the figure in her head appeared more frequently. It was as though she had known that person a long time ago. Eventually, that hovering figure stopped, and she discovered it was Ye Mo.

    After a long while, she breathed comfortably and felt the jade necklace on her chest. The jade was only the size of a pea. She knew that if it weren't for this jade, she would've been tortured to death by this frost room. However, what made her more confused was that she felt Ye Mo's chi on this jade necklace. Was she thinking too much or what?

    3 years. She smiled bitterly. She couldn't even last 3 month. If this pea-sized jade disappeared, it would be the time she died. Even her master couldn't last 2 years, how could she last 3?

    Her mind flashed the moments when Ye Mo was still with her. He pointed at the clear well in the desert and said, "Happy birthday! This is the gift the heavens told me to give you, do you like it?"

    "I like it, I really like it. That's the best present I ever received. Thank you, Ye Mo..." The white-clothed woman mumbled. There were some softness in her eyes. Since she was about to die, why bother forcing herself not to think about it? She felt the dried up blood on the cushion. There was his blood there too.

    Suddenly, she had a strong desire to see Ye Mo. She wanted to ask if Ye Mo was that figure in her dreams, but she knew that even if she saw Ye Mo, she couldn't ask such words, and Ye Mo wouldn't know either. She longed for Ye Mo to bring her to see that clear well again.

    Some people are just destined to be remembered forever; even reincarnation wouldn't be able to wipe away that memory...
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