Chapter 246: Heart Breaking Feeling

    Chapter 246: Heart Breaking Feeling

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    "Susu..." The door to the stone room was opened and Jing Xi walked in.

    Luo Ying slowly looked up, confused. Her food and water was sent here once a week, and the one to send it shouldn't be Jing Xi Shi Shu herself. Why did she come today? Luo Ying knew Jing Xi Shi Shu didn't like her.

    Seeing Luo Ying just look at her once and had no reaction, Jing Xi smiled and said, "Do you know who came to see you today? He says he's called Ye Mo and he says he likes you a lot. But..."

    Luo Ying's eyes shook and suddenly stood up, but she wobbled before looking at Jing Xi and shakily asked, "Him, how could he be here? What happened to him?"

    Jing Xi's face suddenly went cold. "Didn't you say you're not lusting the mortal world? No wonder you kept rejecting when Dian Cang's Bian Chao came to propose. It's because you have a man, you're quite bold."

    Luo Ying wobbled but she bit her lips and didn't say anything. She was only thinking about that figure. She thought she would forget about it after coming back, but she knew she was wrong. Not only was that figure becoming clearer and clearer, it even kept appearing in the depth of her dreams and memory.

    Jing Xi only needed to look at Luo Ying's state to know Luo Ying had feelings for Ye Mo. There was a fit of discomfort in her heart. Although she had no interest in Ye Mo, she still felt very uncomfortable seeing the two like this.

    Jing Xi stole her man and Ye Mo didn't even look properly at her but publicly said he liked Luo Susu. If she liked Ye Mo too, she wouldn't be able to win against Luo Susu. Both of this mother and daughter was bad-they both liked stealing men.

    "Even though I don't like Ye Mo, I will still make both of you receive the heaviest punishment." Thinking about this, there was a cold smile on Jing Xi's lips.

    "Susu, don't worry, I will let you see your man later but before that, don't be disappointed..." Jing Xi suddenly patted the stone wall tens of times. A window appeared on the stone wall but it was very small. From this window, a practicing ground hundred meters away could be seen and even the greeting hall and VIP rooms.

    Jing Xi opened the window and left. Luo Ying dazedly looked at Jing Xi's back before turning back to look through the window. Her heart was chaotic. She didn't know what would happen to Ye Mo. If Jing Xi Shi Shu got angry, Ye Mo wouldn't be able to leave for sure.


    Ye Mo was shocked into a state of chaos by Luo Ying's news. When he woke up, he just saw a small fresh looking nun standing in front of him. The nun saw that Ye Mo woke up and quickly said, "Shi Xiong, the leader told me to send you away from Serenity..."

    Before she finished, Ye Mo immediately interrupted her, "Tell your leader, I will take Luo Ying away today, no one can stop me."

    At this moment, there was only Luo Ying in his heart. Even if he destroyed Serenity, he would still take away Luo Ying. No one can stop his determination. Bian Chao, a mere hidden sect person dared to think about his master, he truly didn't want to live anymore. In the eyes of a dao cultivator, no matter how strong Dian Cang was, he wouldn't think much of it.

    Luo Ying, as long as he still had one breath left, no one can touch her.

    "Shi Xiong..." This pretty nun saw Ye Mo was being unreasonable and called out again with difficulty.

    "Go back, let me handle this..." Jing Xi arrived in time.

    Her words made the small pretty nun feel relieved. She bowed and said, "Yes, Shi Shu."

    Ye Mo looked coldly at Jing Xi. "Take me to see Luo Ying, I agree to all of your conditions."

    Jing Xi expressionlessly said, "Come with me first."

    Jing Xi brought Ye Mo into the last room in the patch of houses and then closed the door. She sighed and turned around slowly while walking away.

    Ye Mo saw Jing Xi close the door and noticed a burning incense in the room. The smell was a bit strange. He frowned and wanted to say something but Jing Xi took off her outer layer of clothes revealing her snow white skin and underclothes. The red band around her stomach and chest was exceedingly vibrant.

    Jing Xi, after taking off part of her clothes, seemed sexier in the room with the aroma of the incense. Ye Mo couldn't understand what this nun was trying to do, but as soon as he thought of the nun's intentions and words, he wasn't aroused the slightest bit.

    "You bad boy..." Jing Xi actually went up and hugged Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo's head buzzed. The body of a voluptuous woman enveloped him, not to mention this woman was a nun, a very pretty and holy looking one at that. He clearly didn't have any feelings for this woman, but there was a desire rising from the bottom of his heart.

    Feeling Ye Mo's change, Jing Xi stuck more closely to Ye Mo. She originally just want to put up an act for Luo Ying to see, but the man she liked was just like that, unable to resist her temptations. She wanted to make Luo Ying disappointed, despaired, hurt and then mock her in front of her. However, Jing Xi didn't really intend to let Ye Mo cross the line. She had her ego.

    But when she hugged Ye Mo, the manliness smell of Ye Mo as well as the aphrodisiac incense she lit made her feel wet. She overestimated herself or underestimated that incense. She could no longer resist the lust she had hidden for 40 years. She really want it now, very desperately.

    Jing XI breathed heavily, her eyes were cloudy and she couldn't resist to stretch out her tongue to find Ye Mo's lips. Her hands were reaching towards Ye Mo's chest while murmuring: "Ye MO, hurry up and have me, I want....."

    Ye Mo who was burnt by lust and even pulled down Jing Xi's bra suddenly had a fright. This woman knew he was called Ye Mo meaning she knew who he was but she pretended she didn't know.

    Then, he looked at that incense and immediately knew it was an aphrodisiac incense. What did this woman want to do? Ye Mo calmed down, thinking that was close, he almost fell for it. But he didn't know Jing Xi fell for it herself as well.


    When Luo Ying saw Ye Mo through the window, she suddenly wanted to cry. She remembered last time in the desert when those bugs were about to engulf her, it was Ye Mo who came and carried her away. Then, she remembered when Ye Mo couldn't escape the bugs, he would rather throw away the life saving bag than dump her.

    And before he was about to die, he even slit wrist and let her drink his blood. Did he come here today to bring her away? Did he bring her to see that clear well?

    However, the next scene made her feel like her heart was being sliced. She couldn't understand why she had such feeling. Ye Mo never gave her any promise, nor did she to Ye Mo.

    But when she saw Ye Mo hug that woman, the way the two were acting, she couldn't prevent herself from crying. She felt her chest was shattered, and all her power was leaving her. She didn't want to look at him, but she couldn't stop herself.

    She remembered Jing Xi's parting words: "But before you see each other, don't be disappointed..." Was she disappointed? Why did he come and find her but act like that with Jing Xi Shi Shu? Why?

    Luo Ying knew Jing Xi intentionally seduced Ye Mo. but Ye Mo's reaction made her feel very bad. No matter how loose Jing Xi was, she couldn't accept Ye Mo being loose with Jing Xi together. She felt like she remembered Ye Mo from her past life. The image of Ye Mo in her mind was from past life so she couldn't accept seeing Ye Mo and Jing Xi like this. Her heart ached so much but she couldn't control it.

    She slowly turned around and finally wasn't able to control it as more tears fell down, sliding past her lips bringing the blood from her lips down onto the cold stone floor.
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