Chapter 248: I Came Late

    Chapter 248: I Came Late

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    I Came Late

    "I need to stop him, I must stop him..." These words buzzed in Luo Ying's mind. She suddenly realized that she couldn't even scream anymore. She couldn't stop him, and she could only look at the tall sword mountain with despair.


    Although he didn't know what the sword mountain and sea of fire was, Ye Mo wasn't afraid of it at all. He was a cultivator; if he was scared of merely that, then he might as well not cultivate.

    Ye Mo followed Jing Xi and company to the training grounds. He saw from afar those tall sword mountains. It was double edged. Ye Mo frowned; this height wasn't a challenge for him at all. He could stand at the top with Wind Control Shu.

    Suddenly, Ye Mo stopped as he felt pain in his heart. He looked around and felt as though something he cared about was nearby. He subconsciously scanned out his spirit sense but didn't see anything.

    "What? Are you afraid? If you're afraid, then leave." It wasn't Jing Xi talking this time, but instead a nun beside her. Her face was very dark, and her looks very ugly too. Ye Mo wondered if this woman was the ugliest one in the sect.

    He couldn't be bothered to pay attention to this woman. Since she was with Jing Xi, it meant they were together.

    There were 30 or so nuns around the sword mountain. Probably all the nuns in Serenity came. Ye Mo looked up at the sword mountain, which was like a huge tower with a triangular spear shape.

    There were very thin silvery white blades on the mountain. The blades faced up with 3 blades each row. There was a row every 30 centimeters. One could imagine that normal people wouldn't even be able to stand up there.

    Ye Mo frowned. This stone mountain was very easy for him. He only needed to tap on one of the blades to reach the top, but for others, it definitely wouldn't be so easy.

    But then, he thought, his way wasn't so easy either. Other than him, who could us Wind Control Shu to fly up nearly 100 meters?

    Jing Xian frowned and said, "Shi Mei, why is it so tall? Isn't it usually around 20 meters?"

    Ye Mo heard this and knew Jing Xi this psychopath played tricks on him.

    Jing Xi, however, slowly said, "Shi Jie, the height is set according to how talented our disciple is. Susu is the genius of our sect, so I used this one according to the rules."

    Then, Jing XI turned to Ye Mo and said, You can give up now, but if you don't, you must climb up to the top bare foot. Then climb down from the other side. There are 3 blades on each step, you must step on one of it at least. If you miss a step or a blade, then it doesn't count."

    Ye Mo sneered; even his face changed. With his Wind Control Shu, he can go up step by step. Although it wasn't good for him, it was no big deal, however, he couldn't go too fast because if he did, Jing Xi would definitely find another excuse.

    The main reason his face changed was for Jing Xi to see. Although this didn't benefit him, it didn't threaten him.

    Jing Xi saw Ye Mo's face change and sneered. Since you came and insulted me, keep insulting me. Even if you want to go, I will still kill you.

    Jing Xian also saw Ye Mo's face wasn't good, so she wanted to advice him, however, Ye Mo came over and said, "Jing Xian Qian Bei, please help me record the entire process."

    Then, he took out his phone and gave it to Jing Xian. He was afraid Jing Xi would do something. Although he wasn't afraid of the sword mountain, he was suppressing his anger. He still wasn't strong enough. If he was stage 4 or 5 now, he would just apprehend Jing Xi and make her hand Luo Ying over. He wouldn't need to climb some bullsh*t sword mountain.

    Ye Mo took off his shoes and stood on the first step without hesitation. Blood immediately started to trickle.

    A few less bold nuns immediately screamed and covered their eyes.

    Jing Xi sneered and told a nun, "Bring Susu here." She had this satisfaction of revenge in her heart. She would let Susu see the person she love in such a state.

    Ye Mo also sneered. With his power, his foot wouldn't bleed on the first step. No matter how strong the blade was, it needed to be after at least tens of meters before that happened or maybe even not. Although this was the first time for him, he could still handle it.

    The reason he made his foot bleed on the first step was because his spirit sense sensed there were more traps in the sword mountain. If he appeared unscathed, Jing Xi would definitely activate something. This Jing Xi knew his qing gong was strong. Even if Jing Xi tried playing tricks in the middle, he wouldn't be afraid, but he was afraid this woman would find some strange reason for him not to be able to see Luo Ying.

    While Luo Ying was lost and worried, someone actually opened the door and took her to the training grounds. She didn't even think and rushed out. When Luo Ying came to the scene, Ye Mo was already more than 100 stairs up at around 40 meters.

    Ye Mo inundated the bottom of his feet with chi. Although his Wind Control Shu was strong, it wasn't easy going up step by step slowly like this. After more than ten meters, Ye Mo found a way. Although it was tiring, but after he focused his chi at the bottom of his feet and paired it with Wind Control Shu, he had a way to finish this unscathed.

    It was because he knew there were more traps in here that he kept his spirit sense locked tightly on Jing Xi. Every ten meters, he would make himself bleed.

    When Jing Xi saw the blood, she was ecstatic and sneered. She overestimated this punk. Bleeding on the first step, he wouldn't be able to last till the end, and this was just sword mountain; there was a scarier sea of fire. She didn't believe Ye Mo would be able to finish. Jing Xin, I've finally got some revenge.

    Luo Ying came to the mountain with a pale face. She immediately saw the blood on the floor, causing her mind to turn blank. She wanted to scream, but she quickly held her mouth afraid that she would affect Ye Mo.

    "Susu, this friend is really good to you, he dares to walk the sword mountain for you. Although Shi Shu is doing this for your well being, but..." Jing Xi saw Susu come and said expressionlessly.

    "Shi Shu, please let Ye Mo come down, I beg you..." before she finished, she was stunned as a large splash of blood fell down.

    Ye Mo's spirit sense was on Jing Xi and didn't expect Luo Ying to suddenly appear. Luo Ying was so weak and skinny, even her face was bloodlessly pale. Under such pain and desperation, the chi under his foot dispersed, and the sharp blades immediately cut into his feet deeply.

    Ye Mo immediately knew the situation wasn't good. He gathered his focus. He wanted to kill Jing Xi now for torturing Luo Ying like this. However, he knew now wasn't the time to kill this old nun because she was stronger than him.

    "Argh..." seeing so much blood splash, Luo Ying couldn't control her worry anymore. Tears covered her face as she kneeled down in front of Jing Xian.

    "Leader Shi Bo, please let Ye Mo go, I beg you, Susu is willing to walk it for him..." Luo Ying's heart was burning with desperation. She knew it was hopeless to beg Jing Xi, so she could only kneel in front of Jing Xian to beg.

    Jing Xian sighed. She wanted to pull Luo Ying up, but Luo Ying held Jing Xian's leg tightly as she cried.

    "Jing Xi Shi Mei..." Jing Xian just said four words when Jing Xi said very politely, "Shi Jie, if we break the rules of our sect, then how are we going to survive. And in the back mountain..."

    After saying these two words back mountain, Jing Xi suddenly stopped and Jing Xian's face changed drastically, but she didn't dare to say anything anymore.

    Ye Mo's heart felt warm seeing Luo Ying kneel down to beg for him, but seeing Luo Ying so sad made him feel worse. The bottom of his feet was sliced deeper, but he soon calmed down. He gathered his chi at the bottom of his foot and walked even faster.

    "Susu, stand up and wait for me, I will take you away." Ye Mo's calm voice sounded by Luo Susu's ear. Luo Susu stood up in joy, her eyes filled with Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo really was here to take here away. Did he remember something in his dreams just like her? Why did he sound so natural and unquestionable when he said he was going to take her away?

    Seeing Luo Ying stand up and seeming to forget about her existence, Jing Xi's eyes went cold. You filthy pair, I won't let you live well. Thinking about this, Jing Xi got down from the other side. Everyone was shocked. They had never seen someone walk the sword mountain so easily. Even Jing Xian was shocked; she never expected this young man to really walk the sword mountain step by step.

    Luo Ying's eyes were always on Ye Mo. The closer she was to Ye Mo, the more she felt Ye Mo as the person of her dreams. At this moment, Ye Mo came down and she immediately ran over hugging him. Other than tears, she didn't know what to say.

    If she was suspicious before, she wasn't suspicious at all after seeing that Ye Mo was willing to walk the sword mountain for her. Sword mountain, she suddenly remembered and squatted down quickly. "Ye Mo, your feet..."

    Ye Mo carried up Luo Ying and looked at her carefully. "Sorry, master, I came late..."
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