Chapter 256: Meeting Beiwei Again

    Chapter 256: Meeting Beiwei Again

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    It was the second time Ye Mo came to Tan Du. The first time was with Wen Dong, but he didn't even go in the city and just left with Wen Dong after they blew up the mansion, so he wasn't very familiar with Tan Du.

    However, Tan Du Shi Fan University was quite famous. He called a taxi over, and the taxi driver knew where it was.

    Ye Mo stood at the gate of the university watching the pairs of guys and girls. They either had their arms around each other or were holding hands. If he didn't know this was a university, he would've thought it was a place for wedding registration. He sighed; the students here seemed more open than Ning Hai Univesity students. However, he didn't really know that much about Ning Hai University as he stayed in the library all day.

    Although there were a lot of students going in and out, Ye Mo seemed very spiritual and out of this world just by standing there. And due to cultivating for a long time, he had this ethereal temperament. Plus, his clothes were chosen by Ye Ling which not only suited him but was also good brands. So immediately, he seemed to stand out amongst the students.

    Perhaps due to his out of this world temperament, many students discussed about him.

    He didn't know where Tang Beiwei was and didn't know which course she was in. The only thing he knew was that she studied here. He walked to the front door and stopped a girl with a few books and said very politely, "Hello, may I ask...."

    Before Ye Mo could finish, he saw the girl glare at him and say, "I don't know."

    Don't know? Ye Mo was confused; he didn't even say where he wanted to go.

    Who said only girls knew where the girls dorms were? Ye Mo thought guys should know its whereabouts too. Why did he have to ask a girl? Ye Mo blamed himself for being too dumb, but this girl was too rude. He stepped aside and stopped the guy behind her. "Hey, do you know where the girls' dorms are?"

    Before the guy could reply, the girl just then immediately turned around and politely said, "Hey, sorry about just then, I know where the girls' dorms are, how about I take you there."

    A minute ago, she told him she didn't know coldly, but now, she was full of smiles and offered to take him there. The change was too great. Ye Mo turned and looked at this girl and frowned... What was this.

    The guy Ye Mo asked saw this and quickly smiled and slipped away.

    This girl's change had aroused Ye Mo's suspicion. He started to study this girl. She seemed to be in her 20s and were more mature than most students. However, she was relatively pretty. Her skin was white, and her hair was shoulder length. Amidst her cold temperament, there was also arrogance. Her lips were rather thin, and it could be seen she was a little cold-hearted.

    This girl was weird. Ye Mo didn't want any trouble so he said, "No need, you can just point a direction for me."

    The girl seemed to be bemused, but she quickly enthusiastically said, "No, I'll take you there, I'm afraid you won't be able to find the way if I just point a direction." But her cold temperature didn't match this hospitality.

    Before Ye Mo could talk, a bright red sports car stopped in front of him, and a handsome youth got off.

    This youth walked over and said to the girl in front of Ye Mo, "He Qi, I saw you from across the road, it's such a coincidence. Let's go, we'll go together."

    Ye Mo looked at this car. He had no knowledge about cars. Other than some really good cars, he knew nothing about it. He didn't even know what brand this car was.

    This He Qi was suddenly about to grab Ye Mo's hand, but Ye Mo just swung his hand back and the girl missed. She looked at Ye Mo in surprise. There was no hint for her movement, but this guy could dodge it. However, she immediately began to feel uncomfortable. She was a pretty girl, was he going to lose something if she grabbed his hand? If this guy didn't have such a temperament, she wouldn't even get help from him.

    Ye Mo had understood now and was filled with disgust towards this girl. He thought of Su Mei, she was exactly the same like Su Mei, wanting to use him to avoid this youth.

    There was actually such a woman. He didn't even know her, and she wasn't even willing to help him with the way, but now she wanted to use him. Ye Mo was not only disgusted but he also extremely detested this girl. If she helped him point the way, then perhaps he wouldn't mind helping her.

    However, this He Qi not only wouldn't help him point the way, but she also wanted to use him to block a guy she didn't like. It was obvious this man driving the sports car was no ordinary person. If it was any other guy, they wouldn't have a good ending. It could be seen how heartless this woman was. Only thinking about herself and completely disregarding others.

    Ye Mo sneered; he didn't want to help this girl at all.

    "Hello, I'm Zhang He." This youth took his hand and wanted to shake hands with Ye Mo. His mannerism was elegant and seemed very polite.

    However, Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned a small prick on this youth's ring, and a blue light flashed very quick. This prick was very small. If he shook hands with him, the needle would pierce into his hand.

    Such a malicious guy, this pair of animals. The youth smiled so amicably but was so malicious. He didn't even know who he was or who Ye Mo was to this girl and wanted to attack him. Although Ye Mo didn't know if the tip was poisoned, he knew this needle wasn't a simple thing.

    Ye Mo casually hit out a strand of chi into the palm of the youth and coldly looked at the youth. "Not interested." Then he turned and left.

    This youth saw that Ye Mo didn't even want to shake hands with him and his eyes immediately went cold. He didn't believe anyone would see the prick on his ring because it was extremely small

    "Wait for me ahh..." The girl saw Ye Mo ignore the youth and turned to leave. She was surprised but immediately reacted and chased towards Ye Mo.

    "Piss off..." Ye Mo stopped and said without remorse..

    Not only the girl was shocked, but so was all the students around the school. Someone actually told Princess Qi to piss off. Was this guy drunk?

    This girl was also shocked; it was the first time she was told to piss of.

    However, she reacted real quick and immediately said, "I have nothing to do with Zhang He, don't misunderstand me." Then, she charged up and attempted to grab Ye Mo's sleeve.

    Zhang He was extremely furious. The girl he liked said she had nothing with him in front of him to explain to another guy.

    Ye Mo was so angry he laughed instead. He was just asking for the way and asked out such a problem. He pulled the girl's hand away then looked coldly and said, "You have nothing with him just because you say so? I don't think a woman like you would have nothing with anyone. I'm not interested in a woman like you the slightest bit. Don't pester me or don't blame me for what happens next."

    The girl was shocked. She didn't expect there would be such a person like Ye Mo, ignoring her beauty like it was nothing. In her view, it would be the guys honor that she used him for a shield, but this guy was completely different. She couldn't accept this at all. She was arrogant and had nothing with the Zhang He, but this male student said such words.

    At this moment, she calmed herself and looked at Ye Mo. Other than a different temperament, this student had a handsome face with distinctive features as well as this out of this world temperament making her forget to rebuke Ye Mo's words.

    Beiwei, Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned a girl walking to a classroom with her head low. It was obviously Tang Beiwei. At this moment, he had no mood to waste time with this woman so he took a few steps over. When the girl reacted, Ye Mo was already tens of meters away.

    He Qi was stunned. She didn't even see how Ye Mo left, all that remained was a back figure. She rubbed her eyes. Did she see wrong?

    However, Zhang He put down the phone and sneered at Ye Mo's back. He originally only planned on making Ye Mo suffer a little, but he was really pissed now.

    "Beiwei, what's wrong?" Ye Mo saw Tang Beiwei didn't go in the classroom but cry in a dark corner.

    Tang Beiwei suddenly heard Ye Mo's voice and drastically looked up. She was dazed for a moment before calling out, "Big Brother.." She ran into Ye Mo's arms and started crying.

    Ye Mo grabbed the necklace on Tang Beiwei's chest and his face sunk. It was obviously activated before, meaning that somebody had attacked her.

    He patted Tang Beiwei's shoulder and said, "Beiwei, what happened, why are you so skinny? Did someone attack you as well?"

    Tang Beiwei took a breath of relief and rubbed her eyes. Then she looked up at Ye Mo and said, "Big Brother, I thought I wouldn't be able to see you again. I couldn't reach your phone, I..."

    "Don't rush, talk slowly. You still haven't eaten dinner right, let's go, we'll talk as we eat dinner." Ye Mo helped Tang Beiwei wipe her tears and comforted her.
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