Chapter 267: Qiao Family Meeting

    Chapter 267: Qiao Family Meeting

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    Tang Beiwei didn't talk but Ye Mo knew that she was mostly unhappy with his suggestion. He was helpless. If it wasn't due to Earth Fiend, he would let Tang Beiwei do what she wanted.

    Just when Ye Mo still wanted to persuade her, Tang Beiwei said, "Brother, I don't want to go to the Ye family. Since you're not from the Ye family, I have an even lesser connection to them so I don't want to go."

    Ye Mo's mind blanked out for a second but immediately understood Tang Beiwei's concern then. He thought about it and it really was so. He was at most related to Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling in the Ye family.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo said embarrassingly, "Sorry, Beiwei, I didn't think about it clearly. Let me think again."

    Tang Beiwei heard Ye Mo take back his words, so she immediately smiled sweetly, "Actually, brother, if they really are going to attack me, it's no use even if you send me to the Ye family. Plus, perhaps I'm safer by your side."

    Ye Mo nodded and said, "Okay, we'll do that. Let's see how bold this organization is. If they really dare to attack you, then don't blame me for the consequences." Ye Mo had too many enemies that he didn't worry about such things anymore. He had a feud with North Sand and now, he got into a conflict with an international hitman organization. Since there was already a feud, there was no use worrying about it.

    That night, the two didn't stay at a hotel and went to Tang Beiwei's house for the night instead. Tang Beiwei's house was very shabby indeed. Ye Mo didn't see any valuable appliances. From this, it could be seen that she really lived a poor life with her mother.

    Tang Beiwei seemed to have noticed Ye Mo's sadness, but she didn't think of it that much. Instead, she was quite happy. Although her mother left, she still had a big brother. However, it was unfortunate that her mother couldn't stay with her. She would definitely not go live with that Song Qiming.

    "Brother, I suspect that Song guy knows you were going to look for trouble with the Song family so she took my mother away, but I really don't want my mother to be hurt. Brother, if you go to the Song family, just, just...." Tang Beiwei knew that Ye Mo had a massive feud with the Song family and she couldn't find the right words for Ye Mo to let the Song family go.

    Ye Mo sighed. He knew that Song Qiming had achieved his goal. It was quite hard for him to kill Song Qiming in front of the woman who raised Tang Beiwei for more than 20 years, but he definitely wouldn't just let things slide. Perhaps he didn't even think about going to the Song family these few days at Tan Du due to Tang Beiwei.

    Song Qiming, he definitely wouldn't let go of her. At most, he wouldn't let Tang Beiwei's mother see.


    Xuan Jiang had a population of nearly 40 million.

    Zhang family could be said to be the largest family in Xuan Jiang and was also one of the 5 great families of China. It could be said that they were ranked first in power.

    But other than Zhang family, the Qiao family also had a large part of their power in Xuan Jiang. In the five great families, the Qiao family was ranked third, just below the Zhang family and Li family.

    At the same time, there was an obvious conflict when both the Zhang family and Qiao family was developing in Xuan Jiang. Even the younger generation of the two families was highly competitive.

    Originally, this blood coral was found by Zhang He of the branch family. Due to various reasons of the previous generation, the Tan Du Zhang branch was gradually fading out of the Xuan Jiang Zhang family and couldn't even be connected to them anymore. They were becoming a small family on the boundary. But due to this blood coral event and Zhang He's exceptional driving skills, it allowed the Tan Du Zhang family to be once again connected to the Xuan Jiang Zhang family.

    The Xuan Jiang Zhang family wanted to forcefully enter this situation and the other three families couldn't do anything about it because strictly speaking, the Tan Du Zhang family was a branch of the Zhang family. Moreover, the Zhang family was too powerful. They had this unknown force behind them. The other few families didn't dare to compete with the Zhang family overtly, so the only thing they could do was to win the blood coral through a race.

    At this moment, the atmosphere in the Qiao family wasn't good. Other than Qiao Gang's father, Qiao Shenghu, all the elites of the Qiao family were here.

    "Big uncle, Wu Chong had confirmed. The person Xiao Gang brought back was the human-level hitman of Earth Fiend indeed and they used the unique crossbow of Earth Fiend." The man speaking was Qiao Shengbao, Qiao Gang's fourth uncle.

    Qiao Zheng heard the words and he frowned. "Although the blood coral is precious, it isn't worth it to offend this Earth Fiend organization for it.

    At this moment, a man in his 30's sitting behind Qiao Shengbao said, "Sigh, this Ye Mo is too impulsive. Although he's quite strong, he can't just kill people casually. Now, he's dead for sure but our Qiao family will also be affected. Qiao Gang, next time be careful in making friends. Not all people can become friends. Your societal experience is too little. If it was me, I wouldn't even make such friend."

    Qiao Gang's face changed and stood up immediately. "Qiao Zhijun, what do you mean? So I should be killed and not retaliate? Ye Mo saved my life. You mean that he should just be killed?"

    Qiao Zhijun wasn't angry at all and spoke plainly, "Qiao Gang, I'm just saying the fact. Our Qiao family is a big family. How are we going to develop if you do things so recklessly?"

    "Oh, so how are you going to deal with it?" Seeing Qiao Zhijun use a pedantic tone, Qiao Gang asked while suppressing his anger. He knew that a lot of people weren't happy that he was the successor of the family.

    Qiao Zhijun sneered. "If you don't have some balls, how is the family going to live? If it was me, I would've immediately captured that Ye Mo and sent him to the Earth Fiend asking for their forgiveness."

    "Bull**!" Qiao Gang was extremely furious, "Are you going to capture me and send me to them too?"

    "That's enough. Don't yell in the family meeting. All of you calm down." Qiao Zhen tapped the table.

    Qiao Gang still looked coldly at Qiao Zhijun, his eyes filled with fury.

    At this moment, an old man sitting beside Qiao Zhen coughed and said, "Actually, Zhijun's idea might be a good way. After all, Ye Mo is just a normal person. We'll compensate his sister."

    "Third grandpa, you..." Qiao Gang didn't expect someone to conform to Qiao Zhijun's idea and it was an elder of the family. He immediately felt alone and weak. Ye Mo was his savior. Even if he lost his life, he couldn't do such a thing.

    Qiao Zhen waved his hand, "Everyone's ideas are right. After all, we're all thinking for the family. Speaking of Ye Mo, I remembered that abandoned son of the Beijing Ye family. Would the two be the same person?"

    "How can that be, the Song family is so scared of the Beijing Ye Mo that they are about to disband. How could that Ye Mo be willing to be someone else's driver and agree to help Xiao Gang in a race? I have heard of that Ye Mo, that he's proud and cold. He's very vengeful and decisive in killing," Qiao Shengbao said immediately.

    "Decisive in killing?" Qiao Zhen repeated and frowned. This Ye Mo, whom Qiao Gang had just met, killed this hitman immediately just because the hitman was going to kill Qiao Gang. Wasn't this decisive in killing? And he dared to beat policemen in broad daylight. Was this really that Ye Mo?

    "Bring a picture of that Beijing Ye Mo over." Qiao Zhen was very decisive and did things immediately. The picture was soon brought over. Qiao Zhen gave the picture to Qiao Gang, "Gang er, see if this is the same Ye Mo you know."

    Qiao Gang took the picture and immediately said: "Grandpa, it's him. This is the brother Ye I know."

    Hearing Qiao Gang's words, Qiao Zhen actually gasped a sigh of relief. What a huge joke capturing this Ye Mo and giving him to Earth Fiend. Was this Ye Mo someone who could be captured? Although the Song family was ranked 4th in the 5 great families, Qiao Zhen knew that the Song family was the real 2nd family. Purely from politics, the Song family could even be ranked first. Even the Song family was no match for this Ye Mo. It was suicide for the Qiao family to take on Ye Mo. Plus, this Ye Mo saved his grandson.

    As expected, when they heard that the Ye Mo Qiao Gang knew was that Ye Mo from Beijing, everyone in the Qiao family shut their mouths. Qiao Zhijun glared bleakly at Qiao Gang and cursed. He didn't expect this Qiao Gang to be so lucky to know even the Ye Mo of Beijing.

    Beijing Ye Mo, no matter how strong you are, you are dead in killing people of the Earth Fiend. Qiao Zhijun calmed down soon. This Ye Mo couldn't be cocky for long.

    "Okay, we'll leave it at that. From now on, no one if the family shall reveal Ye Mo's identity. Three days later, Ye Mo will still represent our Qiao family to participate in the race," Qiao Zhen ordered.

    Of course, Qiao Gang had heard of Beijing Ye Mo. He didn't think at all that the Ye Mo he knew was that legendary Ye Mo. He killed Ou Tanhu. Who was Ou Tanhu? As a direct descendant of the family, there was no way he didn't know. Such a powerful person agreed to race for him? Thinking about this, Qiao Gang felt quite proud, lucky that he didn't act up in front of Ye Mo.

    Qiao Gang then thought about Ye Mo's calm attitude upon hearing about Earth Fiend and he couldn't help admiring him. Perhaps only someone like brother Ye wouldn't feel threatened because of a hitman organization like Earth Fiend.
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