Chapter 272: Go, Immediately Go

    Chapter 272: Go, Immediately Go

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    Dong Qing dazed for a moment. She obviously didn't expect Ye Mo would bring Tang Beiwei into the car. Tang Beiwei was her original target and since she was brought on the car by Ye Mo, things were easier. Dong Qing gasped a breath of relief. Although her higher ups said Ye Mo was very difficult to deal with and sent out two people at once, she felt the higher ups were being too careful. Perhaps this would be the easiest mission she would do.

    As the light turned green from red, the Zhang family's black racer was the first to charge across the starting line. Meanwhile, Qiao Gang was the second to go. The two racers of the Yun family were the 3rd and 4th. Ye Mo was the fifth. He knew that if he didn't go, Zhang He wouldn't either. To Zhang He, his life was probably more important than blood coral.

    Ye Mo anticipated right. The last to go was the two racers of the Cha family.

    As expected, Zhang He went in front and blocked Ye Mo. This was mountain racing and only the starting part was spacious. The road got tighter as the race progressed. Some places only allowed one car to pass.

    Zhang He's speed was very fast. He tailgated closely to Ye Mo's Mercedes while driving a Lamborghini.

    Ye Mo sneered. Although he followed the two racers of Yun family closely, he wasn't able to shake Zhang He away. He didn't know when the Earth Fiend killer would detonate the bomb and he also wanted to see the power of this bomb.

    Although the mountain racing course was very dangers, the racers were still going very fast. That black driver was far ahead of everyone else. But QIao Gang was slowly being overtaken by a racer of the Yun family. At this moment, they had driven one tenth of the path.

    When they were about to go into the most dangerous section of the mountain waist, Ye Mo suddenly sped up his car. Meanwhile, Zhang He was planning to force Ye Mo off the cliff at this place.

    Ye Mo knew that the moment he started to fight with Zhang He, it would be the time that hitman attacked.

    Zhang He held his steering wheel tightly and sneered. "Fight with me? I started doing the mountain racing long time ago when you probably even didn't know what car racing was." He said this to himself and then suddenly stood down on the accelerator. His car dashed towards Ye Mo's tail. He was confident that he could squeeze Ye Mo into the cliff without anything happening to him.

    Zhang He's calculations were very accurate. He had calculated that there was a turn ahead and he only needed to accelerate. Before Ye Mo could turn, he could bump Ye Mo off the cliff. Meanwhile, his car could use this repelling force to make a big turn without any affects. He had always been in mountain racing and knew how powerful this dash could be.

    He also knew that this force couldn't be too strong nor too weak. If too strong, his car would follow off the cliff. If too weak, he wouldn't be able to bump Ye Mo off. Although it was a bit hard, Zhang He believed in his technique.

    Rumble, the engine of the Lamborghini bursted carrying out white smoke. Just when Ye Mo was about to turn, it rammed towards Ye Mo's car. As soon as his car touched Ye Mo's car's tail, he would turn the steering wheel.

    Behind Zhang He, the racer and the hitman of Cha family also dazed. Zhang He obviously wanted Ye Mo's life, this was what they wanted too.

    At the same time, that Earth Fiend killer almost detonated the bomb but stopped, thinking that it would save him trouble if someone else would kill Ye Mo. He only needed to detonate the bomb on the car of Qiao Gang later.

    After Zhang He slammed down on the accelerator, it almost instantly caught up to Ye Mo. Before Zhang He could rejoice, he felt something was wrong. Since he caught up, there should've been a collision and Ye Mo would be rammed off the mountain.

    However, he found out that Ye Mo's car seemed to have suddenly disappeared while his car charged forward without halt. Not good, Ye Mo wanted both sides to end in death. He actually drove his car completely off the course. At this place, there was only enough room for one car to pass. Since Ye Mo moved aside, it meant he would fall off the cliff. Zhang He needed to turn sharply, however, as soon as he thought of that, he noticed that his car had went past the cliff.

    It was over. Zhang He turned and looked at that moment. His mind was full of disbelief. Ye Mo's car only had two wheels on the side of the cliff. The other two were hanging in mid air. How was this possible. How did this car not fall off?

    But soon, his consciousness disappeared with a loud bang. Zhang He's car drove off the course and crashed.

    Although Tang Beiwei was nervous, she wasn't scared. She knew her brother's powers. He would definitely be able to handle this.

    Ye Mo saw Zhang He fall off the cliff and sneered. You want to cahllenege me with your petty moves. But he was curious, that killer actually didn't detonate the bomb in the meantime.

    He simply sent out his flying sword and used it to support the weight of his car. It seemed that his car only had two wheels on the road side. Although his flying sword couldn't hold it very long, it was enough for Zhang He to drive off the cliff.

    After Zhang He's fall, Ye Mo drove the car onto the track again before taking back his flying sword.

    "what was this?" the Cha family hitman rubbed his eyes. He thought he saw wrong. Ye Mo clearly drove his car off the road, why didn't he fall and could even drive back? This was absolutely impossible.

    However, just when he didn't know what was going on, Ye Mo's car had already disappeared around the corner.

    "why aren't you detonating? Hurry, we will retreat as soon as our mission is over." There was the call of his partner on the hitman's phone.

    "yes, I'll detonate it now." This hitman was depressed. He put his hopes of Zhang He just then, but immediately, this hope was gone and Zhang He lost his life too.

    The Cha family hitman pressed down on the detonator.

    Rumble. Rumble.

    There was two loud sounds and the two cars of Cha family both fell off the cliff at the same time and erupted into flames before even reaching the bottom. However, these two gusts of flames fell to the bottom immediately.

    Dong Qing even managed to make out some flames at the foot of the mountain. She had a bad feeling and immediately called for her partner but there was no reply in a long time.

    "not good." Her sixth sense as a hitman told her that this mission was probably a failure and her partner might have been in trouble. She remembered Ye Mo's faint smile and that whatever attitude. Dong Qing shivered.

    As a guy who could easily kill her partner and catch crossbow arrows, how could he be killed so easily?

    Ironically she had been thinking this might be the easiest mission yet. Cold sweat started dripping down on her back.

    She subconsciously looked at the other two cars of the Qiao family. She had the urge to go up and see if the bombs were gone.

    Dong Qing subconsciously looked at the people at the foot of the mountain. Everyone was staring at the screen, there were no cameras at the sites of the incidents. The big screen only occasionally showed who was first.

    She secretly took out her phone and pretended to make a call as she neared the two cars of the QIao family parked on the side. The race had started and no one paid attention to the remaining cars. People only cared about the result of the race.

    Dong Qing neared the car and chose the other side. She squatted and only checked one of the cars. Her heart immediately sunk, the bomb was gone. It must've been put under the two cars of the Cha family.

    Dong Qing suddenly felt a cold sense on her back. She put the bombs there herself and she had been watching these 4 cars. But they were still taken away and put under their own cars instead. She didn't even know about it at all. What sort of ability was this? Dong Qing couldn't calm down anymore. She had seen eerie things but something like this was her first time.

    Her back sweated uncontrollably. When Ye Mo came over to shake her hand, had he already known her identity? Instantly Dong Qing drew the conclusion that Ye Mo had one hundred percent found out who she was and must've had a purpose to shake hands with her. Did he make some sort of mark on her in that short while?

    Go, immediately go. She finally understood now why Ye Mo was going to bring his sister on the car. It was because he already knew who she was and was waiting till the end of the race to look for her trouble.

    Although Dong Qing hadn't been in this career for long, her talent allowed her to succeed 5 assassinations in a short time. One of them was a mafia tycoon. it was very hard. If she succeeded this time, she would immediately get a second orange badge.

    For any Earth Fiend hitman, any badge was honour and wealth. Once she acquired all of the 7 human badges, she would ascend to earth level hitman.

    But today at this small place in Tan Du, she felt fear. Dong Qing didn't dare to stay for another minute. She was going to leave Tan Du as soon as possible and find a place to burn all of her clothes and then change her clothes before leaving.

    Although she didn't know what Ye Mo left on her body, her killer's sixth sense constantly told her she was in danger.
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