Chapter 274: Short Sight of Importance

    Chapter 274: Short Sight of Importance

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    Ye Mo frowned and said faintly: "So you mean you don't believe that I can take out those pills?"

    Qiao Zheng also frowned. They had dropped a broad hint and Ye Mo still said something like that. It was crossing the line. Taking out a pill for martial artists to ascend, what a joke. No one would believe Ye Mo could bring out such a thing. Did he think this was some sort of cultivation world, such arrogance.

    As expected, Qiao Shengbao said: "Mr. Ye, you helped our Qiao family. We all know you used a lot of efforts and our family is very grateful. There's 5 million on this card but to be honest, if it wasn't for the blood coral, we wouldn't even go to the race. As for your trade off for the blood coral, we all know what it means, so no need to...."

    "In that case, never mind, I, Ye Mo, isn't someone who hadn't seen money before. I don't care about a mere few millions." Then, Ye MO took the card and ripped it to pieces. Only a few millions, were they giving money to a beggar? He treated Guo Taiming's illness, and in return, what he got paid, not mention the map, only the purple coral was worth at least a billion. Now, he helped the Qiao family win the blood coral but they only took out a few millions. This QIao family was really stingy.

    The four customized cars Qiao family used were worth at least 10 million. He helped the Qiao family win but they only took out 5 million. To be honest, Ye Mo didn't even know what the Qiao family was thinking. If they took our 20 or 30 million, then he would take it.

    He rubbed the card and stood up saying to Tang Beiwei: "Beiwei, let's go." The QIao family was not only not grateful to him but also treated him like a liar, giving him only 5 million. This made Ye Mo quite uncomfortable.

    Until seeing Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei disappear from the living room, the people of the QIao family finally reacted.

    "Hmph, he's not polite at all, he was a hilly billy indeed. They gave him money and he was still acting up, a mere few million? He acted as though he was very rich. Was 5 million too less for helping with a race? Such greed and he even wanted our blood coral, keep dreaming, so shameless. Even if he didn't go, our QIao family could still win." Qiao Zhijun immediately sneered.

    Qiao Zheng's face was bad. This Ye Mo was too impolite and didn't even take the QIao family seriously. Giving 5 million was his decision and this was because he was Ye Mo. He originally planned to only give 3 milllion. QIao Zheng wanted to get angry but thinking about the Song family, he sunk his anger back into his stomach.

    In his view, Qiao Gang's car skills were the best in the 4 families. Even if they didn't invite Ye Mo and invited another international racer, this race would be fine. And if they invited an international racer, the price would only be a few millions.

    "Big brother, these Qiao family are really clueless. You're giving them more pills but they're blind. But why didn't you take the money. That was hard earned, why not take it...." Tang Beiwei was also unhappy that her brother didn't get the blood coral.

    Ye Mo smiled, "The Qiao family was asking for trouble. Even if the blood coral can allow people to reach yellow level, it wouldn't have anything to do with them if they don't have the ability to protect it and let the Cha family take it from them. Even if the other families got it, trouble would still occur. If they don't have the ability, don't try to eat such a big meal. As for money, a few millions, do they think I've never seen money before. I helped Guo Taiming treat his illness, the stone he gave me was more than 1 billion."

    Tang Beiwei asked confused: "brother, why would the Cha family be fine if they go it?"

    Ye Mo said: "Cha family is a semi hidden family. If they get something, they would store it securely. Now that the QIao family got it and the Cha family lost two racers, there's no way they wouldn't leak this information to the hidden sect people. However, I will finish the business with Cha family but just not now."

    Ye Mo thought of Zhuo Aiguo and Qiao Zheng. Before, ZHuo Aiguo felt that the purple heart vine was useful to Ye Mo and gave it to him without hesitation and at that time, Ye Mo didn't show his abilities at all. The results showed that Zhuo AIguo was right and he was compensated more. Compared to ZHuo AIguo, Qiao Zheng was too short sighted.

    "Ye brother, wait for me." Qiao Gang ran here breathing heavily. After catching up to Ye Mo, he said: "Sorry, Ye brother, I'm really sorry about this. Grandpa and the others don't believe you, I really...."

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said: "Young master Qiao, it's already over, no need to talk about it. Plus, you can see it as me helping you, don't worry about the other things. But, I need to remind you that although the blood coral is useful to me, I'm also asking for it for the benefit of your family. It's no good for you family holding the blood coral."

    Qiao Gang dazed and said stutteringly: "Ye brother, you, you're going to attack our family?"

    Ye Mo smiled," Young master Qiao, you think too little of me, Ye Mo. I'm not concerned about a mere blood coral. Plus, even if I ate a pill that would make me a god, I still have my principle of doing things. Just looking at our connection, I wouldn't attack the Qiao family. However, just because I won't do something doesn't mean other people won't. I suggest you go out and hide for a while."

    "Ye brother, if you don't attack, our Qiao family is at least a big family.Under the current society, can someone come into our house and rob us?" Qiao Gang asked confused.

    Ye MO shook his head, "there are too much things you don't understand. That Cha family is a semi hidden family, they can contact the hidden sects directly. If your Qiao family don't even know about the hidden sects, then pretend I never said anything. I've already given you a reminder. How you deal with it is your family's business."

    "Thank you Ye brother, other people don't know about your abilities but I definitely believe you. But my grandpa doesn't believe me, sigh...." QIao Gang said helplessly.

    "It's fine, by the way, do you know where the blood coral was found?" Ye Mo asked casually.

    QIao Gang didn't hide naything about this and said: "At a place near the borders, there's a place called the Horn Straight. It's near the southern sea. At that time, I went with a few friends from the other families to go race there and found this blood coral washed up on the beach."

    "Okay, thank you, we'll meet in time." Then, Ye Mo waved goodbye to Qiao Gang and took Tang Beiwei and left the Qiao family.

    After a long time of silence, QIao Gang went back to the QIao family and decided to tell what Ye Mo said to grandpa.

    "Blasphemy." As soon as he heard Qiao Gang's words, QIao Zheng slammed the table and stared at Qiao Gang and said: "Although this Ye Mo isn't bad, he's too stingy. You should have less contact with him. This is a peaceful time. Do you think it's warring era? You believe robbery of homes. I think you're out of your mind. Zhijun is performing better than you in many places, and you need to stay in the family and get some rest."

    Qiao Gang didn't expect that his grandpa would reproach him but grandpa's words also seemed reasonable. He turned around and immediately saw Qiao Zhijun's evil smile. He immediately felt angry but also knew his grandpa's authority and didn't dare to argue.


    "Brother, are we going to Beijing now?" Tang Beiwei wanted to see her mother.

    Ye Mo sighed, going to Beijing meant he had to kill people. Killing people would make Tang Beiwei's mother sad. This was quite complicated.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo could only say: "let's go to Ning Hai and see Qingxue first. After going to Ning Hai, we'll go to Beijing."

    "mhm." Tang Beiwei didn't ask why but she could tell Ye Mo wasn't in a good mood. After a while, she said: "Is Qingxue sister my sister in law? By the way, brother, do you like Qingxue sister or Luo Ying sister?"

    Although Tang Beiwei had seen neither of them, Ye Mo told her about them.

    Ye Mo dazed. Although he never hid anything about Luo Ying and Qingxue, he really didn't now how to answer this question now that he was being put on the spot.

    "To be honest, I feel that brother you're so excellent It's fine even if you have two wives." Tang Beiwei realized Ye Mo's hardship and said.

    Ye Mo felt his chin helplessly, "I think I like them both but you're my sister, you would want me to get as much wives as possible. In other words, would you want to marry someone who will get two wives? Sigh."

    Ye Mo didn't even get to tell Luo Ying about Qingxue before Luo Ying left. Although he had the thought of what Tang Beiwei suggested, this wasn't something he could decide.

    Qingxue was fine, after all. Last time, she had already expressed she didn't mind being with Luo Ying, but what about Luo Ying? Ye Mo had no confidence at all.

    "If that person had as much ability as brother, then I don't mind." Tang Beiwei said immediately but in her heart, of course she cared, she just wanted to comfort her brother.

    Although he didn't notice that Tang Beiwei was trying to comfort him, Ye Mo felt that love was irrelevant to power. Did that mean someone with great power could have lots of love? This reasoning was too absurd. His love for Luo Ying was really love from life to death. There was nothing in it. As for Ning Qingxue, although Ye Mo had no feelings for her originally, the things Ning QIngxue did for him gradually made him like this girl.

    If it was just gratitude, Ye Mo wouldn't fall in love with Ning Qingxue but those few days the two were together, Ye Mo had changed his opinion of Ning QIngxue and accepted her slowly at the same time. Although his love for Ning QIngxuw was different to his love for Luo Ying, they both came from the bottom of his heart and there was nothing else inside.
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