Chapter 276: Please Leave

    Chapter 276: Please Leave

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    "Brother, I didn't think there would be people living here." Although Tang Beiwei was on Ye Mo's back, she was quite scared when Ye Mo jumped off the cliff. When she saw the road, she was more astonished.

    Ye Mo nodded and said: "Those sects don't like the boisterous mortal world and these sort of places are more suited for cultivation."

    "Was what you taught me that day also ancient martial arts? How come there weren't any martial arts moves?" Tang Beiwei asked curiously.

    Ye Mo said seriously: "What I taught you wasn't ancient martial arts but something thousands of times more precious than it. You mustn't show it in front of others or tell anyone."

    As Ye Mo introduced, tang Beiwei gradually knew a little more about the hidden sects. The two talked as they walked and had arrived at Serenity.

    Although the sect master didn't say it, she was quite grateful to Ye Mo. If Ye Mo didn't remove Jing Xi, she wouldn't even be able to control Serenity. After Ye Mo killed Jing Xi, Serenity was no longer flailing like before.

    No matter what Jing Xian thought, she would've never expected Ye Mo to come to Serenity a second time and bring a very beautiful girl.

    "Grand Jing Xian, this is my sister Tang Beiwei. Because I still have some businesses unresolved, I want to let me sister stay at your place for some time." Ye Mo had a request and didn't dare to be rude in front of Jing Xian.

    Jing Xian looked at Tang Beiwei in surprise and then said: "Mr. Ye, this is the sister you said you've lost for more than 20 years?"

    Ye Mo bowed and said: "Yes, my sister will live here for a while, when I come next time, there will be repayment."

    Jing Xian sighed: "Since it's your sister, then no need to talk about repayment. It's just a pity on Susu, if only you brought her here earlier."

    Ye Mo's heart was melancholic. He understood what Jing Xian meant. He left his sister at Serenity also because he wanted to wait for Luo Ying to come back.


    After all that, the first thing Ye Mo did was to go to Yu state. He was going to see Ning Qingxue. No matter if he could cure her or not, he would still go.

    Ning Qingxue's father Ning Zhongfei was quite decisive and left the Ning family resolutely for Ning Qingxue. With his strong connections and capable business mind, he established a new pharmaceutical company in the short span of a year.

    In Yu state, Ning family was a wealthy family.

    As soon as Ye Mo got to Yu state, he didn't spend much time to know that not only did Ning Qingxue recover physically but was being the manager of Ning ZHongfei's business.

    The business was at the tallest sky scraper building at Yu state and it was very easy for Ye Mo to find it.

    The building didn't belong to Ning Zhongfei yet and his company only rented two levels of the building. Ye Mo didn't receive much questioning and went upstairs. However, the girl in reception stopped Ye Mo.

    "Sir, may I ask who you're looking for?" the girl was quite pretty and very polite.

    "I'm looking for Ning Qingxue. May I ask is she here?" thinking about how he was about to meet Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo was a bit excited. He didn't know if the exact situation was as what Xu Wei said but if it really was, then what would he do if he couldn't cure her?

    The girl showed a professional smile but didn't call and ask for permission. She asked again politely: "Sir, did you make an appointment?"

    "No." Ye Mo shook his head subconsciously. He never thought that he wouldn't be able to see Ning Qingxue.

    The front desk girl smiled apologetically: "Then I'm sorry, sir. I can't report in clients without appointments."

    The front desk girl's sweet smile made Ye Mo unable to get angry but he didn't have a way to make the girl report in. Just when he was wondering if he should use invisibility to go in and see Ning Qingxue, there was a clanking of high heels on the ground.

    "CEO Lan, Manager Li...." The girl saw the two and greeted politely.

    Ye Mo turned around and saw someone familiar, it was Li Mumei. He was happy immediately and quickly said: "Li Mumei, I'm Ye Mo. I came to see Ning Qingxue this time...."

    Ye Mo stopped his words, he felt the atmosphere wasn't right and Li Mumei's looks at him seemed a little weird as though she wanted to say something. Meanwhile, the woman beside Li Mumei frowned.

    CEO Lan? Was it Ning Qingxue's mother Lan Yu? This meant that this CEO Lan was his future mother in law. Ye Mo felt a little awkward and walked up and said: 'Hello aunty, I'm Ye Mo. I came to see Qingxue."

    The woman still frowned but Ye Mo said that already so she could only reply: "Do you know me?"

    "I've heard Qingxue mention you. I believe you're Qingxue's mother, right?" Ye Mo didn't dare to be careless in front of Qingxue's mother.

    Seeing Li Mumei wanting to say something and Lan Yu frowning, Ye Mo felt things weren't right and the scene sunk into silence.

    After a long while, Lan Yu said: "Since you're Ye Mo, come in and let's have a talk, sigh...."

    Then, Lan Yu walked in and Li Mumei gave Ye Mo a sympathetic look and also followed in. Ye Mo followed the two into the office helplessly.

    Li Mumei went and made two cups of tea and then left closing the door.

    "Ye Mo, I know you're someone with power, but...." Lan Yu paused as though trying to organise her words and said after a while: "Qingxue is my only daughter, and she is my treasure. Her dad and I won't be able to tolerate any harm to her. We work so hard just for Qingxue's future...."

    Ye Mo sighed and said: "Aunty, don't beat about the bush. Although I'm emotional, I have done things that I won't regret. I like Qingxue but I'm not liking her for her wealth."

    Lan Yu nodded and said: "In that case, I'll be straight forward. Of course I know you won't care about the little wealth our Ning family has but we care about our daughter. Ever since Qingxue knew you, she's been heavily injured twice. We almost lost our daughter. This was all because of you. This time, Qingxue was rammed by a car and sent to the hospital. She was announced dead but perhaps the heavens pitied us and Qingxue actually came back alive the second day."

    Speaking to here, Lan Yu rubbed her eyes.

    Ye Mo saw this and sighed. He didn't blame Lan Yu. He only had respect for a mother like this and he knew why Qingxue would come back alive. It was because she only fainted on the spot. This was all due to the necklace he made for her.

    It was made from precious materials and inscribed with many formations. Although spirit chi would be consumed while used for defence, after a while, it would replenish. Qingxue could wake the second day because after replenishment, the necklace recovered her life force.

    Looking at Ye Mo who was in silence, Lan Yu said again: "Ever since Qingxue met you, not only did she not want to come abck to Yu state and always stayed at Ning Hai, it was also said that she went to flowing snake and the desert once all by herself. After two near death experiences, her dad and I can no longer handle this.

    This time when Qingxue woke up, the heavens pitied us and she actually lost a year of memory. Her memory is at the time before she met you. So, Ye Mo, please, we beg you, let her live a peaceful life."

    Then, Lan Yu looked hopefully at Ye Mo. She wanted Ye Mo to take pity on the heart of parents and not get close to her daughter again. She didn't know that Ning Qingxue also went to Shen Nong jia, otherwise, she would be even more concerned.

    Ye Mo really wanted to fulfil Lan Yu's love for her daughter but he couldn't, not only did Ning Qingxue love him but he also loved Ning Qingxue. He had no hesitation and shook his head slowly.

    "Ye Mo, why are you doing this? We beg you, let our Qingxue go...." Then, Lan Yu actually knelt down.

    Ye Mo was dazed. He didn't expect Lan Yu to do this. At that moment, he felt his heart ache as though something precious was going to leave him.

    "Mum, you....." the office door was opened and Ning Qingxue in a pale yellow dress stood at the door like a goddess. She looked dazily at Lan Yu who knelt on the ground and then moved her gaze upon Ye Mo.

    But soon, she reacted and rushed over to help Lan Yu up. She turned around with a face of anger and looked at Ye Mo and asked: "Who are you? What do you want?"

    "I...." Ye Mo opened his mouth but couldn't say a word. If Lan Yu telling him to leave Ning Qingxue made his heart ache, then Ning Qingxue's words now made his heart bleed. He knew that Ning Qingxue lost a year's of memory but his heart suddenly felt empty. That emptiness he could no accept.

    'Qingxue, I'm Ye Mo. I know...." He was interrupted by Ning QIngxue before he finished.

    She frowned and said: "Ye Mo, the engagement was determined by our previous generation. You are you and I am I. Why are you coming for me? I don't want you to come to my parents."

    "But Qingxue, did you not know you lost a year's memory?" Ye Mo said desperately.

    Ning QIngxue's eyes frowned more and looked at Ye Mo with disgust, "Qingxue isn't something you can call. I know you're the young master of the Ye family but that has nothing to do with me. Plus, I lost my memory but what's that got to do with you? Is there any use for you to force my mother? Please leave."
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