Chapter 277: Thats all there is to it

    Chapter 277: That's all there is to it

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    Lan Yu heard Ning Qingxue's words and turned around saying apologetically to Ye Mo: "You can chat with Qingxue for a while but don't force her to do something she doesn't want. I don't want my daughter to be coerced, I'll go out first."

    Then, Lan Yu walked out of the office. She really didn't want Ye Mo to have contact with Ning Qingxue but if she didn't give Ning Qingxue this chance, she would feel very uncomfortable and feel sorry to Qingxue.

    "Qingxue, the memory you have lost is the memory with me this year. I want to help you see if you can be treated and recover your lost memory." Ye Mo said softly.

    Ning Qingxue already had some slight anger on her face. She didn't understand why her mother would let her face Ye Mo alone. She had memories with this human trash? Keep dreaming.

    "Ye Mo, I know you have been kicked out of the Ye family and you feel very bad but I'm telling you now. My dad also separated from the Ning family in Beijing. We have no connections at all. What era is it now? Stop holding the worlds of our grandpas. I feel this is really pointless." Ning Qingxue said disgustedly.

    As though seeing Ye Mo's face was looking bad, Ning Qingxue sneered and continued: "Young master Ye, I have memories with you? Do you think this is possible? Plus, even if I do have some memories with you, I don't want to recover them. I don't want anything to do with you, okay?"

    Ye Mo's face became pale but he still didn't blame Ning Qingxue. He knew that a year before, Ning QIngxue detested him to the greatest extent.

    "Qingxue, if you believe me, let me treat you. If you have recovered your memories I think you will understand." Ye Mo stood up and walked forward a few steps.

    Ning Qingxue immediately took a few steps back and said: "Don't come over. If you do I will call the police. And, I don't need you to treat me and I don't trust you either. I know very well what sort of person you are. I don't need my memories to understand you."

    "Qingxue, but you made me love you. You said you will wait for me to come back. Why are things like this?"

    Ye Mo's face became increasingly pale, he had never experienced love and had never felt what it was like for the person he loved to leave him.

    Ning Qingxue looked coldly at Ye Mo. After hearing him out, she then said: "Ye Mo, don't be mushy. You have finished what you needed to say. Now you can go. I know that the one year I was with you and you like me. Is that fine? Oh and that year I also fell in love with you, okay. I know it all, now can you please leave?"

    "So this is what losing feels like." Ye Mo murmured, his body was wobbly.

    He was emotional and never would've thought the one he loved would leave him. Luo Ying left him due to misunderstanding but Ning Qnigxue didn't even want to listen to him nor let him touch her. He didn't want to force her. Plus, even if he treated her, he might not be able to get her memories back.

    He had this burning sensation in his heart that made him hard to breath. Why were things like this, why?

    After a long while, Ye Mo took out a face preserving pill and a few golden needles and said: "I brought this face preserving pill over just for you and, I want to help you see if you can recover your memories."

    Ning QIngxue's face was frost like and she said coldly: "Treatment is unnecessary, and face preserving pill? Okay, I'll eat it."

    Ning Qingxue took the pill and ate it, then, she said: "Ye Mo, I've eaten the pill. Go, I beg you, don't try these tricks on me."

    Ye Mo felt more and more depressed. He picked up the golden needle and still wanted to say something but Ning QIngxue immedialtey said: "Piss off."

    Psh. Ye Mo finally couldn't hold the despair and pain in his heart and spat out a mouth of blood on the office desk.

    After spitting out the blood, he actually felt more relived. His mental state reached a new level. Since she wasn't his, why force it. At that moment, he seemed to have opened up and understood a lot and wanted to howl.

    This was the frustration of recently being hunted, Luo Ying and Beiwei's things. With the thing with Ning Qingxue, it made his heart feel clumped. After spitting out the clotting blood, he felt very relieved and felt if he had any spirit grass now, he could immediately reach stage 4 chi gathering.

    Ye Mo sighed. The Buddha says: "everything is so due to fate, starting from the begging to the end of fate. Everything is so." Perhaps he could keep that love in his heart and treat it as past memories, no longer necessary to flip out again.

    Perhaps this was what it meant to be positive. Ye Mo's mental state calmed down and packed away the golden needles returning to his original composure.

    Ning Qingxue saw the blood stain and actually felt pain in her heart. But this feeling was very strange, she could only draw the conclusion that this Ye Mo was immature. She never said she had any relationship with Ye Mo and she would never marry such a human trash.

    Lan Yu pushed the door open and rushed in.

    She saw the blood on the table and immediately said aggressively to Ye Mo: "Ye Mo, can we drop this? Leave, never come back to our Ning family."

    She thought Ye Mo made her daughter spew blood and couldn't keep calm.

    I'm standing at your Ning family's place?" Ye Mo was calm and his tone was very bland. He actually wasn't very angry. He didn't blame Lan Yu nor Ning QIngxue. They had their lives and so did he.

    "That's right, where you're standing. Leave immediately. Even the patch outside the front door belongs to us. Our family doesn't welcome you." Lan Yu was worried about her daughter and wasn't going to be polite with Ye Mo any more. She even sounded a little childish.

    Ye Mo smiled calmly: "Oh, does the sky outside also belong to your family?"

    Then, Ye mo no longer wanted to say anything. Before Lan Yu replied, he took a step outside the window and disappeared.

    Lan Yu and Ning Qingxue dazed for a good few seconds before coming to their senses. Ye Mo actually couldn't handle the trauma and jumped off the building. Although Ning Qingxue looked down on Ye Mo, she was still very worried about Ye Mo jumping off. This was the 8th floor. He wouldn't be alive after jumping off. She rushed over to the windows and looked down. There was no trace off him.

    "Mum, don't call yet." Lan YU was stumbling to call the police but was stopped by Ning Qingxue.

    "What's wrong Qingxue?" Lan YU calmed down.

    Ning Qingxue breathed easy and looked down before saying: "He's quite capable. There's no trace of him at the bottom, and he probably climbed down the pipes and left."

    "Qingxue, did you spit the blood here?" Lan Yu finally reacted now.

    Ning Qingxue shook her head: "No, it's Ye Mo. He probably had some sort of trauma, sigh. He's quite pitiful actually. Abandoned by the Ye family but still not unenterprising."

    "Huh...." Lan Yu stared straight at the blood stain. Ning Qingxue didn't know but she knew all too well. Suddenly, she felt that she did this thing very wrongly.

    After long, Lan Yu sighed. Let the past be. Qingxue had her own life and Ye Mo had his new life. Qingxue didn't remember the days with Ye Mo and that was why she felt Ye Mo was pitiful. But Lan Yu was all to clear about Ye Mo's power in Beijing.

    "Mum, my heart is aching. I want to go back and rest for a few days." Ning Qingxue felt her heart pulsing with pain. She had never had such coniditon. What's happening today?

    Lan Yu had a sliver of worry flash across her eyes and quickly replied: "Okay, let Mumei rest with you for a few days. Don't worry about the company. There's your dad and I here."


    After Ye Mo left Yu state, his mood was down but his mental state broke through again. Now, he had dropped the sadness. Pursuing cultivation and long life was his path.

    He was to go to the Song family next and finish things up, then, he would immediately try to go for stage four. After he was stage four it would be time for him to get revenge against Earth fiend and time when he established his own power.

    No matter for himself or the people around him, he needed a strong power to provide protection. His cultivation also required large amounts of money.

    With money, he could make all sorts of pills and make money faster. However, with more money, he also needed power to protect it.

    Before going to Beijing, Ye Mo stopped by Ning Hai to look at that silver heart grass. It seemed to have gained some life force. Xu Wei hadn't finished work yet and he didn't wait for her. Xu Wei was very meticulous. She would do well what she promised. Next time when he came back, he wouldn't mind giving her a face preserving pill.

    As for Yun Bing, Ye Mo didn't go to see her. He was originally planning to go to the university and ask about Shi Xiu, but he had already graduated and if he were to go to ask about him in Ning Hai University, perhaps he would see Yun Bing. Ever since the issue with Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo's heart had been rejective of staying alone with women.
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