Chapter 281: Starting from Scratch

    Chapter 281: Starting from Scratch

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    The fat police wasn't dumb. It was still incredible that Ye Mo dared to open fire in public despite he obtained the crime evidence first. After all, normal special agencies weren't allowed to do this but this youth in front of him did. It could only mean that his background was absurdly strong or his status was absurdly powerful.

    Those few policemen left quickly. They even took away Dou Lin's body. They came and went really fast.

    Not only did Zang Jiayan realise Ye Mo was no ordinary person but the entire carriage knew. At that moment, the whole carriage became a lot more quiet.

    Zang Jiayan had a lot of experiences. He took back his things and saluted to Ye Mo with his fists: "Ye brother's actions are really satisfying. It's my honour to meet you. I thought Ye brother was a business person. I'm really blind."

    Obviously, Zang Jiayan knew that there were a few people who had the permit to kill. Ye Mo was undoubtedly one of them. But he knew that even if Ye Mo had a killing permit, he couldn't kill in public like this. That's why he said Ye Mo's actions were really satisfying. Those who had the killing permit were all the elite of the elite of the country. There's no way they would be doing business. Thus, he thought Ye Mo was lying to him before.

    Ye Mo waved his hand: "Zang brother, you applaud me too much. In fact, I quite like you despise of the wicked character. However, I'm not lying when I told you I was going to the border to do business. I really am going. Although I properly own a gun, it's only cooperation relationship.

    Ye Mo's simple sentence dropped a huge bomb shell in Zang Jiayan's heart. Cooperation relationship? Who had the ability to cooperate with a country? If what Ye Mo said was real, then his power would be absurd.

    The Yuan sister and brother still hadn't come to reality yet. They were still in shock and disbelief. Dou Lin who was so cocky was just killed by the youth in front of them so easily. Even so, the youth still seemed to be conversing casually.

    At this moment, a fatter man ran over with Ye Mo's permit. Behind him followed the fat police. This fatter police came up to Ye Mo and saluted before giving back Ye Mo's document with both hands, "I'm the captain of this VK8977 train, Wan Youtian. Ye instructor, this is your document."

    Ye Mo took the document and asked for Zang Jiayan's storage card and passed it to this fat police, "This is Dou Lin's verdict. Everything is clear. Pass this to the Beijing police department. Tell them I said this. As for the matter at Jing Kou, I will ask about it next time I come back to Beijing."

    "Yes, Ye instructor." This fat train captian's solute was very up to standard.

    "Okay, the things here are done. I will take away the sister and brother. Their verdict has been heard by the other three policemen." Ye Mo said plainly.

    Seeing the captain take these few police away, Ye Mo sighed and his desire for power grew stronger. This was the benefit of authority. Without the document, no matter how strong he was, he could only leave after killing but not sit here safely and still not do things according to the rules. Although he knew that taking the two away was heavily against the rules but no one said anything.

    At this moment, Yuan Meixiang realized what was going on. She didn't expect things to have such a twist and never had she expected that she would be able to leave unscathed. In her excitement, she was about to kneel down to Ye Mo in gratitude. Ye Mo waved his hand: "Just something small, no need for it. I heard you're a graduate of accounting and finance?"

    "Yes, after I graduated from the University of Finance, I was preparing to work at Jing Kou. Then, I met that bastard." Yuan Meixiang spoke and still had anxiety in her eyes.

    Ye Mo nodded: "I will go to do some business. If you have nowhere better to go, then help me do some finance. Of course, if you have a better place to go or need to go back, that's fine too. I'm sure they won't dare to come for you again."

    "I'm willing to go do business with you, however, my brother needs to go to school. In order to find me, he has wasted 3 years of study." Yuan Meixiang's tone was filled with gratitude to Ye Mo.

    "Okay, then you can follow Zang brother from now on. After I see Fang Nan, I'll think about what to do in the future. As for your brother, he can stay at Gui Lin and go to school." Ye Mo was happy that he recruited a few on the train. Although he didn't know how good Yuan Meixiang was, but he quite approved of Zang Jiayan.


    In a dark room in Gui Lin, Fang Nan was still lying on the bed but now, there were only three henchmen left.

    Other than Rock and Xiao Tie who were loyal to him, there was that Xiao Huo. Xiao Huo was the one who met Ye Mo at Beijing.

    "Nan brother, it has been a few months but Ye brother still hasn't come. Should we change places?" Xiao Tie asked hesitantly.

    Rock and Xiao Huo both weren't here, only Xiao Tie was in the room looking after Fang Nan.

    Fang Nan understood Xiao Tie's words, because he didn't dare to show his face in Gui Lin or even go to the hospital. Plus, he didn't have money to go to the hospital. Xiao Tie's words meant that Ye Mo wasn't going to come and didn't want Fang Nan to keep waiting.

    Fang Nan shook his head, "Xiao Huo goes nearby the airport everyday, he will be able to find Ye brother. I believe Ye brother. He isn't an ordinary person. He said he would come and help me so he will. He hasn't come now because he's very busy."

    "Nan brother..." Xiao Tie still wanted to say something but was stopped by Fang Nan.

    Fang Nan waved his hand and said: "Xiao Tie, I know what you mean but I still believe Ye brother. Only Ye brother can cure my leg and we will have a future only if we follow Ye brother. I won't say much more. I've seen too many people but only Ye brother deserves me to follow him. He's a true hero."

    "Okay, since you Fang Nan look at me in such a way, I, Ye Mo, will give you your stage." Ye Mo's voice sounded at the door.

    "Ye brother...." Fang Nan struggled to get up and Xiao Tie quickly went to help hold Fang nan.

    A youth behind Ye Mo squeezed in with excitement and said: "Nan brother, I finally found Ye brother today, I told you Ye brother would come."

    "Thank you, Xiao Huo." Fang Nan's excitement in his eyes were unquenchable like Xiao Huo's.

    Zang Jiayan and Yuan siblings didn't expect Ye Mo's friend to be living in such a harsh place. There were putrid smells coming from the small room. This wasn't what the business they were expecting but both of them didn't ask anything. They've only been with Ye Mo for a short time but they knew Ye Mo wouldn't lie to them.

    "Ye brother, you're here." Rock carried a big pack and walked in with sweat. Seeing Ye MO, he was also very joyful and surprised. They hid here arduously for half a year just to wait for Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo nodded and took out a card and passed it to Zang Jiayan and said: "There's some money here. Go take some out and rent a better house. We'll talk after we change a place."

    Zang Jiayan didnd't expect the card Ye Mo gave him to have a few million. Seeing this amount, he was shocked. To be honest, he had never had so much money on his hands. He didn't expect Ye Mo to trust him so much. Giving a few million to him so casually without even worrying about him doing something dodgy. Ye Mo was someone worth being connected with indeed. Zang Jiayan made up his mind, he must get close with Ye Mo.


    Things were done fast with money. After switching a place, Ye Mo immediately treated Fang Nan's leg. Although he was damaged badly and dragged out for a long time, it took only a week's time in Ye Mo's hands. After a week, Fang Nan could already walk.

    Ye Mo however, came to Zang Jiayan privately. In his eyes, Zang Jiayan had an advantage over Fang Nan and Yu Erhu.

    Fang Nan couldn't change his gangster temperament. Although he would be able to reign supreme in one region, when things got big, he wouldn't be as meticulous as Zang Jiayan. And Erhu was worse than Fang Nan.

    "Zang brother..." Ye Mo just said two words and Zang Jiayan waved his hand: "Ye brother, I really do look up to you now. You're the most capable person I have seen. You could make Fang Nan walk with that sort of heavy wound. To be honest, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. If you approve of me, just call me Jiayan."

    "Okay, I won't be polite then. You also saw Fang nan. He's the leader of a gang at the borderland, Flowing Snake. But now, I'm planning for him to do some proper business for me at the borderlands. Of course, I will also need your help." Ye Mo saw that Zang Jiayan was straight forward and so he was also straight forward.

    Zang Jiayan immediately stood up and said: "Things should be like this. I came with you because I want to do things with you. I've retired from the army but I'm still physically capable."

    Ye Mo shook his head and said: "Due to some reasons, I need a lot of money now. So I need to establish a business empire and an enormous power corporation. This is just the start. You're not bad in Kung Fu, but compared to real strong people, you are still a far cry. I have an ancient martial arts cultivation method here. If you're interested, you can learn it or learn it with Fang Nan and his men."

    Ye Mo took out the cultivation method he got after killing Zheng Chengfa. Although it wasn't much use to Ye Mo, it had great use for Zang Jiayan and Fang nan.

    "This is the legendary ancient martial arts secret?" Zang Jiayan was obviously not clueless like Fang Nan. As soon as Ye Mo took it out, he knew how important this was to him.
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