Chapter 284: Attack On Amphibian Gang

    Chapter 284: Attack On Amphibian Gang

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    "Indeed, we have a common enemy and other than him, no one else can help our Qiao family. Of course, we can just sit here and wait. Although we can't hand this tape to the police, we can go find General Han Zaixin. He can help us. And he definitely wouldn't just let this go. Now, leave Beijing and find Ye Mo immediately. You don't need to worry about things here." Qiao Xin said.


    At the sharp corner sea area, the Amphibian Gang was the authority. No one dared to say anything to them. They were at the border and after recently leaving Nan Qing, they had become even more stronger.

    With Nan Qing not being able to take care of itself, the Amphibian Gang has completely controlled the borderland commerce.

    When Ye Mo arrived at sharp sea corner, the leader of the gang, Wang Jiu had a face full of killing intent throwing a tantrum. Wang Jiu killed the leader of the gang Guo Quan half a year ago and declared independence from Nan Qing. With Nan Qing's state, they didn't even do anything to the Amphibian Gang. So now, the Amphibian Gang was growing steadily and Wang Jiu reigned supreme.

    Beside Wang Jiu was a exceedingly busty woman who was rubbing her eyes and weeping.

    "No matter who killed Shi Wei, I will make him die without a complete corpse. I will annihilate his entire family and cut his skin off inch by inch and feed it to dogs." Facing the woman beside him, Wang Jiu was more furious.

    Then, he breathed heavily and took out a gun and slammed it on the table, "Investigate, even if it's the god of the heavens I wont let him go. Chen Er, most of our brothers are here, bring some brothers and head to Flowing Snake immediately...."

    There were 50 to 60 people in the hall and in the middle was a tied up man. To be exact, the man wasn't tied up but nailed. His ligaments were all nailed to a wooden block. His head was sagging and it was unknown if he was alive or dead.

    When Ye Mo came to the Sharp Corner sea, he was also shocked by the Amphibian Gang. The head quarter was made almost like a 5 star hotel, full of luxurious decorations everywhere. Perhaps a few years later, the Amphibian Gang could start a business district.

    Bang, Ye Mo kicked open the door of the Amphibian Gang's biggest meeting room. Looking at Wang Jiu who didn't even react yet and sneered: "You are the leader of the Amphibian Gang? You don't need to go find me. I've already come."

    Wang Jiu dazed for a moment and shot up, "How dare you, you killed Shi Wei? You dare to show your face. Don't kill him. Capture him first. I'll teach him who's the real boss here."

    Before Wang Jiu finished, a few bulky tattooed men already charged up while Wang Jiu looked coldly at Ye Mo and sneered: "You learnt kung fu for a few days and you think you can do something? I'll make you pay for the school fees today and give you a taste of what it's like being nailed to wood. Who's the guard today, he dare let him...."

    Wang Jiu suddenly stopped as he looked at the centre of the room with his mouth wide open in shock. Those four men who charged up already lost their heads.

    "You..." Wang Jiu looked at Ye Mo in shock and wasn't able to react in a long time. It was just a few seconds and his four henchmen lost their heads.

    "Kill him..." Wang Jiu soon understood what was happening and yelled while firing a shot with his gun at Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo sneered and grabbed the bullet Wang Jiu shot while throwing it back. The bullet pierced Wang Jiu's wrist and his gun fell onto the floor.

    At this moment, the tens of the gang members had surrounded Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo suddenly spun around and started to ascend in the air. At the same time, his two hands kept sending out wind blades with some fire balls.

    Blood flew everywhere and the entire room was like hell. Wang Jiu was completely dazed. He already forgot that his wrist was shot and forgot that Ye Mo took his bullet with his bare hands. How did such a person exist in the world? Was he even human? Killing people in this way? And fire balls?

    Ye Mo's wind control could only last a few minutes but after a few minutes, he landed in front of Wang Jiu. The gang members in the meeting room had all become bodies, most of them have already turned to ash.

    "You...."Wang Jiu's mouth was dry as he pointed at Ye Mo shakily. What sort of scenes hadn't he seen? But not like this.

    Those who knew Wang Jiu all called him a slaughter demon. They all said they would rather offend Hades than Wang Jiu of the Amphibian Gang but today, he finally understood what was really a slaughter demon.

    "You are gang leader Wang? You said you wanted to kill all my family, so I came here first." Ye Mo kicked Wang Jiu off his seat and then kicked the woman who had fainted out. Then, he sat down.

    "Big brother... this is a misunderstanding. From today on, I'm your subordinate. If you tell me to go east, I won't go west." Wang Jiu suddenly felt cold, not minding that there were many bloody bodies next to him.

    "Arghhh..." at this moment, that woman had awoken and when she saw countless bodies all around her, she immediately screamed.

    Wang Jiu took out a dagger and stabbed into this woman's throat and immediately said: "It's this bitch that tricked me to attack big brother. I killed her..... big brother..."

    As he spoke, Wang Jiu's teeth couldn't help shaking. He had never thought he would be killed one day when he was killing. He could be indifferent about the life and death of others but he took his own life to be very crucial.

    "I heard you say that you were going to nail me like that man?" Ye Mo pointed at the nailed man and said plainly.

    "Misunderstanding, big brother... this is all a misunderstanding, i...." Wang Jiu could no longer hold the fear in his heart. He suddenly understood Ye Mo's meaning.

    Ye Mo sneered and walked to the nailed man. He raised his hand and a few metal nails fell on his hands. He casually dumped the unconscious man aside and kicked Wang Jiu. Wang Jiu happened to smash into the wooden block and Ye Mo's four nails shot perfectly into Wang Jiu's four ligaments.

    "Ahhhhh....." Wang Jiu who killed so many actually fell unconscious. The wooden block he designed had countless people nailed on it but today, it was himself.

    Looking at Wang Jiu who had fainted, Ye Mo threw out another wind blade and his head was chopped off by half. It sunk by the wooden block.

    Ye Mo looked at the man he saved and fed him a few pills while using chi to treat him a little before leaving him there.

    If he was just looking for Wang Jiu's trouble, then he could leave now but he had a company at Flowing Snake so he needed to completely eradicate the Amphibian Gang from its roots.

    Ye Mo scanned out his spirit sense. There were Amphibian Gangsters around being boisterous and lustful. When his spirit sense scanned to an underground room tens of meters out. He was completely infuriated. That underground room was like a slaughter house, multiple dead bodies were simply rapped together.

    At this moment, that man saved by Ye Mo had woken up and he didn't even look at Ye Mo before saying: "the Amphibian Gang is human trafficking and selling organs...." But he just said that and he fainted again.

    It was too easy on Wang Jiu to die like that.

    Ye Mo didn't continue searching. He walked out of the meeting room and started a carnage. This was the first time in his life that he killed people so cruelly. About two hundred Amphibian Gangsters, not one escaped. They were all killed by Ye Mo.

    After this, Ye Mo finally felt relived. He took that unconscious man and left the room. Then, he threw out tens of fireballs and the originally grandiloquent manor of the Amphibian Gang was burned to nothing. Fire rose high in the air that could be seen even tens of kilometers away.


    An hour later, this man had awoken. Although he suffered heavy injuries before, this was nothing in Ye Mo's hands. He left there before the man woke up.

    Due to the high rising fire, soon, large amounts of police cars arrived. They saw a region of ruins and that man who barely got up.

    "Captain Wang, why are you here?" two policemen ran over. Obviously, they knew this man and he was actually a cop.

    "The Amphibian Gang is full of sin and when I was getting evidence I was found by Wang Jiu's men. I almost lost my life but someone seemed to have saved me. As for who, I didn't see clearly. Report this immediately and immediately hunt the Amphibian Gangsters." The man saw his team here and finally felt relieved.


    The Sharp sea corner Amphibian Gang was scooped in one go by the police and because the fugitives had nowhere to go, they burnt their HQ. Of course, this was the official word.

    The Amphibian Gang reigned the borderlands and no one dared to manage them. And, they came from Nan Qing so they did things in Nan Qing style. Their HQ was built like Nan Qing HQ, by the sea which was good for attack or defense. So, it was very hard to annihilate the Amphibian Gang.

    But finally, they met someone tough and was slaughtered clean in one night. Almost 200 gang members but no one was left. No one dared to talk about the person who annihilated the Amphibian Gang. This was the story amongst the citizens.

    No matter what, the destruction of the Amphibian Gang was the most explosive thing other than the annihilation of the Xuan Jiang Qiao family. What was different was that the annihilation of the Amphibian Gang was something that everyone felt elated about.
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