Chapter 285: Su Jingwens Worry

    Chapter 285: Su Jingwen's Worry

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    Ye Mo stood by watching the police taking all the ones he missed out. With the help of the man, they went into the HQ of the Amphibian Gang to find evidence. He couldn't help but to sigh. He didn't expect the man he saved to be cop.

    He approved greatly of this policeman's courage, daring to go into the Amphibian Gang himself to search for evidence. This wasn't something an ordinary policeman dared to go. It seemed other than the corrupt ones, there were also hot blooded men in the police force. However, his power was too weak, not even yellow level yet.

    Ye Mo didn't have a good impression of most cops but this was an exception. He remembered the first time he met a policeman, he was schemed by that Huang Shu and taken into custody. It was Su Jingwen who got him out in the end.

    Su Jingwen, when Ye Mo thought of Su Jingwen, he felt warm at heart. Su Jingwen was one of the few friends he had. Other than Shi Xiu, his only friend at Ning Hai was Su Jingwen. He wondered how she was doing now? However, they were just friends. He went to Ning Hai a few times but he didn't have the intention to go see her.


    Su Jingwen was quite troubled right now. She really didn't feel anything towards Xie Weizheng but she couldn't completely reject him. After all, they grew up together and her mother was quite happy with Weizheng. Sometimes, Su Jingwen even thought she might as well go along with it but thinking that she would be living with him for the rest of her life, she no longer had the courage to accept it.

    She thought about Ning Qingxue and she really wanted to ask her how her relationship with Ye Mo was going.

    Thinking about that after coming to her birthday, Ye Mo never came to see her again and Su Jingwen couldn't help to feel disappointed.

    But what she didn't expect was that when she came to Ning Qingxue's palce, she found that Ning Qingxue had left Ning Hai. She really didn't understand this. She knew that the reason Ning Qingxue stayed at Ning Hai was due to Ye Mo. Su Jingwen didn't really believe that Ning Qingxue lost a year of memory.

    Su Jingwen took out the two bracelets Ye Mo gave her. One was given through Ning Qingxue and another was given to her by Ye Mo on her birthday. The one given to her by Ye Mo only had two beads left but she had the subconscious feeling that the two beaded coarse bracelet was more precious than the exquisite one Ning QIngxue gave her later despite both of them came from Ye Mo.

    She suddenly admired Ning Qingxue. She did things how ever she liked. When Ning Qingxue asked her about how to use the charms, she knew that Ning Qingxue was going to do something dangerous. Later, Ning Qingxue came back with Ye Mo's bracelet. She knew that it must be related to Ye Mo.

    She could still remember the happiness of Ning Qingxue's face and she was so pretty when she wore the necklace, really pretty. Her love for Ye Mo was almost written on her face. Why did she change so much in a mere few months. She left Ning Hai without a word to Yu state? Could she really just put love aside like that?

    Su Jingwen felt the two beaded bracelet and suddenly remembered when Ye Mo danced with her.

    "I seem to have a different feeling to him?" Su Jingwen murmured but soon shook her head. No, it's because he saved my mom's life.

    Thinking about this, Su Jingwen frowned. That wasn't right either. When she brought him out of the police station and made him dance with her, she didn't know Ye Mo was the Charm master back then. She even only let Ye Mo sit in her car and her cousin got angry over it. What was that?

    She wondered how Ye Mo was doing. Thinking about this, Su Jingwen suddenly had this irresistible urge and called Li Mumei.

    "Mumei, I'm Jingwne..... Mhm, I'm good.... Did Qingxue go back to Yu state? Why?" Su Jingwen felt this strange feeling as she listened to Li Mumei.

    "Mumei, you said Ye Mo went to find Qingxue? What happened?" Su Jingwen's voice became desperate and had the tone of worry. Perhaps in her heart, Ye Mo was not only her mother's savior but also her friend.

    "I heard that he jumped off the building and spat out blood. There was no news of him afterwards...." Li Mumei sighed and had this strange tone. Sometimes, she'd rather Qingxue to not have lost her memories. That way, she had more human emotions. But now, Ning Qingxue turned back to the indifferent beauty at Beijing.

    "What.... Jumped off the building?" Su Jingwen almost dropped the phone on the ground.

    Li Mumei quickly explained: "No, Ye Mo's quite strong. Ye Mo just jumped out of the window but he probably climbed down the pipes so he's fine. By the way, Jingwen, why are you asking about Ye Mo?"

    Su Jingwen finally felt relieved and hearing Li Mumei's question, she explained with a stutter: "Oh, I just thought he really jumped off the building. It's fine, just say hello to Qingxue for me."

    Li Mumei hung up the phone dubiously. As for saying hello to Qingxue for Jingwen, never mind. Qingxue and Jingwen only knew each other well in Qingxue's lost memroies.

    Thinking about this, Li Mumei suddenly shook her hand and almost dropped her phone to the ground. She suddenly remembered that Ning Qingxue didn't lose one year of memory but just everything that happened between her and Ye Mo. Why was it like this? This was too much of a coincidence.

    Su Jingwen put the phone down. She suddenly felt Ning Qingxue was too mean. How could she let Ye Mo jump off?

    No matter what, she shouldn't anger Ye Mo to the point of spitting blood. She didn't know how Ye Mo was doing now and began to worry for him. If she could find Ye Mo now, perhaps she would go to Ye Mo and comfort her.

    It's said that after losing love, both the body and heart would be very fatigued. She didn't know if Ye Mo would be like that. Would he do something stupid? Su Jingwen began to worry more but she knew she wouldn't be able to find Ye Mo.

    No, she would set aside the matter with Xie Weizheng and ask about Ye Mo. He's not only her friend but also her mother's savior. Even her mother wouldn't say anything about it.


    Ye Mo stood by the beach at the sharp sea corner. This should be a very popular tourist spot but after the Amphibian Gang came here, it became a ghost town. Those young masters who liked racing also played here because it was spacious and empty.

    There were still a few ships parked by a small dock. It probably belonged to the Amphibian Gang and a few jet skis.

    Ye Mo looked at the direction of the tide and searched for oil nearby.

    Those big tanks of oil couldn't fit in his ring but he didn't want to put such tings in his ring anyway. Thus, he could only pull a small boat behind the jet ski. He knew it wasn't just one day thing to find the blood coral. After all the preparation was ready, Ye Mo then took off with a jet ski and started to search in the direction of the tide.

    He believed that if there was blood coral, there wouldn't just be one. Ye Mo decided to spend a month time to search for the blood coral. Although he had a blue flower blue leaf grass, it took too long to grow and he gave it to Tang Beiwei.

    If he could find another blood coral, it wouldn't take him long to break through chi gathering third stage.

    Ye Mo knew that the blood coral wouldn't be growing alone the coast so the first day, he drove the jet ski deep into the sea. Although his spirit sense could scan out 150 meters on land, but in the sea, it could only reach 50 meters.

    But this 50 meters was enough for Ye Mo. The region of sea with blood coral would have slightly higher spirit density. Although Ye Mo knew that this wasn't a completely accurate judging factor for blood coral, he had no better way to find it.

    After one day, Ye Mo didn't find anything at all but this jet ski burned oil really fast. His two cartridges of oil wouldn't be enough for long.

    On the sixth day, Ye Mo finished one cartridge of oil and still didn't find any signs of the blood coral. Ye Mo was thinking if he was looking at the wrong place when he saw a small deserted island. It was probably more accurate to call this island a big coral area. There was only 20 acres on it.

    Ye Mo looked at this island and felt a familiar sense. He immediately remembered where he saw this. It was the sea map from the jade box given to him by Guo Taiming.

    Thinking about this, Ye Mo didn't hesitate and took out the sea map. Indeed, the island was exactly the same as the one on the map.
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