Chapter 301: The Chick Next Door

    Chapter 301: The Chick Next Door

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Fish Creek

    Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out immediately but found out that upstairs was completely empty. Other than some dust covered furnitures, there was nothing. Ye Mo carefully looked through every corner but still didn't find anything. He scanned his spirit sense up to level 10 and even to 12 but still wasn't able to find anything. However, that knocking sound disappeared.

    Ye Mo smiled plainly. He didn't care too much about such things. No matter what was doing strange things above him, it was fine as long as it didn't mess with him. If it did, then he would incinerate this thing even if he had to chase it to the ends of the earth.

    One night passed quickly but Ye Mo had no interest of going upstairs to look. Even if it was a ghost cultivator, he wouldn't care if he wasn't involved.

    Ye Mo just opened the door and saw the female owner of this place who brought him here last time bring in another tenant. The landlord saw Ye Mo and nodded happily. Ye Mo just moved in for a week and the second room on her level 8 apartment building was rented out. The price was almost twice that of Ye Mo's.

    Other than him, there was someone else who was going to rent here? Ye Mo scanned this tenant and it was actually a woman, a young girl that wasn't even 20.

    Such a young girl came to rent a haunted house? Ye Mo was shocked but this young girl looked very fresh and gave people a sense of lively and smart feel. With her long hair and white dress, she seemed very eye catchy.

    But soon, Ye Mo understood. Although this girl wasn't even 20 yet, she was already in yellow level intermediate stage. This was very rare. Usually those with good talent reached yellow level middle stage at around 25-26. Most were over 30 but this girl was in her teens.

    No wonder she wasn't scared of the haunted house. She was an ancient martial arts cultivator. Ye Mo immediately became vigilant. There was rarely any martial arts cultivators in the city but now, he saw one and she lived next door. Did this girl come for the bloody coral? That isn't right. He robbed the blood coral and opened a carnage. If she really came for the blood coral, her sect shouldn't just send a little yellow level middle stage girl for him. She was a loli.

    The landlord really knew how to talk and said to Ye Mo:" Mo Ying, you and Luo Xuan will be neighbors from now. You need to look after your new neighbor.

    Of course Ye Mo knew what the landlord meant. The landlord tricked this pretty little girl here and was just leaving her after taking the rent. She told him to look after her. From this, it could be seen that the landlord wasn't bad to the bones but she was quite bad. He could imagine that if this girl wasn't an ancient martial arts cultivator and lived here by herself. Perhaps she would be scared to death by that knocking sound at night. If some ghosts really came, she wouldn't even be able to live.

    But Ye Mo knew this girl wasn't so simple. She reached yellow level middle stage at such a young age and her inner qi was rather abundant. She wasn't someone to be easily messed with. She definitely wasn't tricked here by the landlord, perhaps she had some motives. He needed to be careful of this little girl.

    Ye Mo smiled but didn't say anything. He greeted the landlord and went downstairs.

    As expected, when this girl heard the landlord's words, a sliver on contempt flashed across her eyes but she didn't say anything. Then, she immediately frowned and sighed. It seemed her character really wasn't good enough. If she was, then she shouldn't have felt contempt but nothing instead. So what if this person could look after her? Why did she look down on ordinary people.

    Ye Mo drank soy milk beside the Chun An uni every morning. The soy milk here was tasty and cheap. Ye Mo really liked it. Every morning, he would have a few bean buns and a bowl of soy milk and then go back to cultivate.

    This life made Ye Mo feel very serene. If he didn't have so much troubling things, he would rather live like this forever but he knew it was impossible.

    Still had so many enemies to deal with and even after he was done with them, he needed to find spiritful things to cultivate. He really didn't want to live a boring life and die.

    Ye Mo didn't leave as soon as he finished breakfast. He sat for a while more and mobilized his chi. It felt good. Perhaps in another week, he would recover completely.

    Why did she come? Ye Mo looked up and saw that girl who just moved in come in to this soy milk place.

    She asked for a bowl of soy milk and two bean paste buns. She sat down and saw Ye Mo opposite her. This girl smiled gently but didn't say anything.

    Ye Mo stood up. He was prepared to leave but before he left, two youths came into this shop. One of them was actually the young master with an earring. It was he who brought Ye Mo out of Liang Po. Although he didn't know what he did, Ye Mo was very grateful.

    This young master obviously didn't come to drink soy milk. He walked up to the girl straight away and looked at her in shock until the girl started to frown. Then, this youth was like a drooling pig and sat down in front of her, "Pretty girl hello. I'm Wu Zhenjun. I saw you once at Ke Uni yesterday, and it was like meeting a goddess. I originally thought I would never be able to see you today but I didn't expect to meet you here. We're really fated to meet again."

    The youth wanted to act scholarly and poetic but his words and his outfit was completely opposite. It was quite funny.

    The girl frowned: "Sorry, I don't know you. Please move aside."

    "It's fine, it's fine. First time stranger second time friends." Wu Zhenjun waved his hand and said.

    The girl stood up abruptly and said coldly: "If you don't move aside, then don't blame me for what's going to happen."

    Wu Zhenjun quickly said: "That's fine. Do what you want to do. I just really want to know you. We can talk outside. There are too many people here...." Then, he was going to grab the girls' hand. It was unknown if that was intentional.

    Ye Mo shook his head thinking this young was bold enouge. But from this, it could be seen that this Wu Zhenjun had some background, otherwise, he wouldn't be starting to drag a girl in public.

    As expected, this girl with one kicked kicked Wu Zhenjun out far away. Wu Zhenjun smashed on the ground with a bloody nose.

    But, this girl didn't stop there. She was going to step on him. Ye Mo knew that if that she stepped on him, perhaps this Wu young master would have inner wounds for the rest of his life. Those who cultivated ancient martial arts really didn't care about the lives of normal people and neither did this spiritful looking girl.

    Ye Mo immediately went in front of Wu Zhenjun and stopped the girl saying: "He didn't touch you and you've already kicked him. Let it go. Why are you still going to beat him."

    Ye Mo owed Wu Zhenjun. Although Wu Zhenjun didn't know, it was not okay to beat Wu Zhenjun in front of him. He stopped this girl and if she really was still going to attack, then he wouldn't be so polite anymore.

    When Ye Mo stopped the girl, everyone in the soy milk shop froze and so did the girl in front of him. Although she didn't really talk with the neighbor but she was a girl and the one being harassed. This man actually went to help the young master instead. Did even he have any conscience? Or was it that this man wanted to suck up to the rich young master that he was being so shameless in public.

    Wu Zhenjun immediately knew he met a tough one. The youth who came with Wu Zhenjun quickly helped Wu ZHenjun up but didn't dare to look for trouble with this pretty girl. Although he was a hoodlum, he wasn't dumb and knew he would get bashed so he immediately picked up the phone and was about to call people.

    The girl looked coldly at Ye Mo but didn't continue the attack. Just when she was prepared to leave, a police car stopped in front of the soy milk shop. It seemed some people feared the girl would be harassed and as soon as Wu Zhenjun came, someone called the police. He didn't expect the police to come this fast.

    Two police officers came quickly and Ye Mo immediately recognized one of them. It was that woman who was sweeping for sex trade. He heard the male police call her Zhang Feng. He didn't expect to meet her today.

    "It's you again? The one who bought sex was you and the one having public brawls is also you. What's your excuse now?" that policewoman looked at Ye Mo with disgust.

    Hearing the policewoman's words, that pretty girl looked at Ye Mo in disgust and turned to leave.

    Ye Mo smiled to the policewoman: "did I use your money to buy sex? Does it have anything to do with you? I like visiting hookers, so what? Brawling? Which eye did you see me brawling with? You want to be police with your level of skills? Don't make me laugh."

    "You...." Zhang Feng was going to rage again.

    But the cop who came with her quickly stopped her and looked coldly at Ye Mo. But before he spoke, he recognized Wu Zhenjun who stood behind Ye Mo. This policeman's face changed immediately but immediately returned to a smile. He walked in front of Wu Zhenjun and said: "Young master Jun, don't worry. Did this kid attack you? I'll take him away immediately."

    "Shut up." Wu Zhenjun interrupted him and said to Ye Mo: "Thank you brother. I didn't expect this spicy chick to be so harsh. If it wasn't you, I really would be suffering now."

    The policeman dazed. He didn't think Ye Mo was actually helping Wu Zhenjun but he immediately understood. Although he admired Ye Mo's foresight, he wished he could kick Ye Mo aside.

    Zhang Feng looked at Ye Mo in contempt. This man was bad to the bones. She had understood that the one who attacked was the girl. She didn't expect this lustful man was also a fawn.

    "It's nothing." Ye Mo said casually and immediately walked out of the soy milk shop. He had no interest in being connected with a young master like Wu Zhenjun. He only helped this time because Wu Zhenjun helped him.

    Seeing Ye Mo walk out of the soy milk shop, Wu Zhenjun raised his thumb and yelled at the back: "Brother, next time you want a woman, come find me. I promise to take you to a place you'll be satisfied with."

    That police listened awkwardly to Wu Zhenjun's words but was helpless.
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