Chapter 308: Catching the thief and loot

    Chapter 308: Catching the thief and loot

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    Hearing Luo Xuan say that, Ye Mo's face looked bad and said: "It's fine if I go but it must be a week later. It can't be these few days."

    Even if he were to expose himself, it would have to be after he made his pills and reached stage 4. Otherwise, he would rather not take the pills. But hearing this little girl's words, she was already suspecting him.

    Luo Xuan smiled sweetly, "There's still some time before that qian bei's birthday so you don't need to worry."

    Looking at Luo Xuan leaving, Ye Mo suspected even more that his little tricks had been seen through. Perhaps she knew long ago that the qi recovery pills were on his hands. How were the little girls so smart these days?

    Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mo go down and then murmured: 'My qi recovery pills were definitely taken by him. I didn't think he was this bad. He's a young man but he's not only lazy and also calls up hookers. He even tricks my things. He's really bad.

    Big martial sister is right. The people outside are too evil. I just don't know where he hid my qi recovery pills. I'll let you meet the Huo Que of Chun An uni. You're fault for tricking my qi recovery pills. When you offend Huo Que, let's see what you are going to do? When you beg me for help, you can give my pills back."


    When Ye Mo came back, he noticed that people were already here changing the door and Luo Xuan was watching from the side. She saw Ye Mo and nodded but didn't say anything. The door was changed soon but Luo Xuan gave the money. Ye Mo didn't have much money and she broke the door so he didn't offer to pay the money.

    Looking at Ye Mo close the door Luo Xuan felt very uncomfortable. She thought, this man was not only bad but also stingy. Even though she broke his door, if he offered to pay, she wouldn't let him pay. But he didn't even make a courtesy offer.

    But Luo Xuan thought about it and still took out her peach wood sword and hung it on Ye Mo's door. Ye Mo could see it clearly of course and this time it was a peach wood sword indeed. It seemed this Luo Xuan still had some conscience.

    Ye Mo saw Luo Xuan get on the bed and sleep so he took back his spirit sense. He knew she didn't sleep last night.

    Originally, Ye Mo planned to concoct some other pills for practice but looking at the ingredients in his storage ring, they were very little. If he used them all, perhaps he wouldn't even be able to concoct the chi increasing pill.

    Ye Mo thought and decided in the end to try making the chi increasing pills first. He had Luo Xuan's qi recovery pills now. Although he didn't have 100% certainty to succeed but it wouldn't be like yesterday when he had no chance at all.

    He was sure Luo Xuan had fallen asleep before he cut a half of the blood coral and took out the shen nong cauldron. He dumped the ingredients in and started to melt them into liquid like yesterday.

    Two hours later, Ye Mo felt the depletion of his chi. He immediately took out a chi recovery pill and put it in his mouth. Although his chi recovered some, it was still far from enough. Ye Mo sighed, this qi recovery pill really wasn't good but Luo Xuan still treated it like treasure.

    Ye Mo tipped out 5 pills and dumped them all in his mouth. After eating 6, Ye Mo finally felt his chi recovered by half. The withered chi fire at the bottom of the cauldron grew fiery again. Another hour later, Ye Mo ate another two and the liquid had started to coagulate.

    Ye Mo kept all his mind inside the cauldron. He only had this chance. If he failed, he had no more qi recovery pills left despite having another cauldron full of ingredients. If it was in the cultivation realm, he could set up a chi gathering formation but now, he had nothing.

    The liquid started to coagulate more and more. Although Ye Mo wanted to eat two more qi recovery pills, he couldn't split his attention to do it.

    More and more sweat appeared on Ye Mo's body. His head even started to steam but at the same time, the aroma from the cauldron grew more and more intense. Eventually, all the pill liquid formed into pills. Ye Mo yelled and a crisp sound came from the cauldron. A few faint red pills flew out from the cauldron and Ye Mo quickly put them in jade containers.

    He actually made 9. Ye Mo was overjoyed. This far exceeded his expectations.

    Ye Mo packed away the cauldron and then realized that he was drenched in sweat. He felt a sense of weakness. Making this cauldron of pills made him lose a lot of power. He felt gratitude towards Luo Xuan. If he didn't meet this girl, then even in his best state, he wouldn't be able to make them.

    Just when Ye Mo stood up, his door was kicked open.

    Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mo who was full of fatigue and couldn't even say a word.

    After a long while, only one word came out of her mouth, "You....."

    Ye Mo looked at Luo Xuan helplessly. He wanted to cry. This girl kicked his door twice. The first time, front door, the second time, bedroom door. Luckily he finished making the pills, otherwise he would be finished.

    "Luo Xuan, can you not kick my door next time please. All my privacy is being leaked by you." Ye Mo sighed.

    If it wasn't because Luo Xuan supplied the qi recovery pills and he just finished concocting a cauldron of chi increasing pills, and he was in a good mood, perhaps he would've kicked this woman out already.

    "Sorry, I didn't know what you were doing. Luckily I left a key to the front door and I called for you a long time and pressed the door bell but you didn't open. I thought something happened to you, so...." Luo Xuan said awkwardly.

    Ye Mo looked at Luo Xuan helplessly "Am I not allowed to go out? I'm not your husband. You don't need to keep your eyes on me day and night. Please, don't kick my door again. And, don't keep saying sorry." Ye Mo sighed. Thinking that the good thing was he already made the pills, he would move away in a few days. He was scared of her.

    Luo Xuan couldn't say that she left a sign on his door and she would know if he went out or if someone or some ghost came in, she would also know. How could she bear to say such a thing. Although her intention was to see if ghosts had come into his room but she was too embarrassed to say that. But soon, her eyes fell on a bottle beside Ye Mo. It was obviously her qi recovery pills bottle.

    Ye Mo soon realized Luo Xuan's eyesight and could no longer say anything to criticize Luo Xuan. This was catching the thief and the loot.

    Ye Mo laughed awkwardly: "Aiya, hahaha look, I already helped you find your qi recovery pills. You can take it back but I think there's only 3 left. I think the rest were eaten by ants. These ants are too evil. Do they not know that these things are very precious? " Then, Ye Mo stuffed the bottle back into Luo Xuan's hands.

    Luo Xuan took the bottle and opened it. Seeing that there was only 3 pills left, tears started to swell around her eyes again.

    Ye Mo stood there in embarrassment. After a long while he said: "Sorry, I took your qi recovery pills. It's because I'm also cultivating a martial arts and these qi recovery pills have some little use to me. What I said before was a lie."

    Looking at Luo Xuan's sad face, Ye Mo really couldn't get himself to lie to this girl again and he told the truth.

    Luo Xuan wiped her eyes and held the jade bottle tight but didn't say anything.

    Ye Mo sighed: "Okay, when you go to that qian bei's family for birthday, I'll go help and I'll annoy that Huo Que so he can look for trouble with me. Is that okay?"

    Luo Xuan took back the pills carefully and her face recovered. She looked up at Ye Mo: "I've known that you took the pills. When you ate the pills and were fine, I thought about it and knew you must also be cultivating inner qi. I originally wanted you to give a few back to me but because of me, you were almost killed by the ghost so I didn't say anything."

    Ye Mo dazed, so this little girl already knew but he was still putting up an act. This was really awkward. It seemed that if you thought of others as fools, then you'd be the real fool.

    Looking at Ye Mo's awkward state, Luo Xuan suddenly felt better but she continued: "I originally planned for that Huo Que to make trouble for you but since you gave me back my pills, I'll let you go. Come with me. I wont let that Huo guy give you trouble in the future. Don't worry, just, just....."

    "Just what? If you have something, just say it." Ye Mo was shameless. Since the awkwardness was over, he recovered to normal immediately.

    Luo Xuan looked at Ye Mo and said hesitantly: "Since you are also praising ancient martial arts, I need to tell you that the taboo for martial artists is distraction and lust. I see that you're not bad to the bones so I need to remind you. It's up to you if you listen or not."

    Ye Mo was shocked by Luo Xuan's lightning words. He knew what he was in Luo Xuan's eyes. That policewoman said he was a whorehound.

    Ye Mo waved his hand: "I know, you go back first. I will go in seclusive training these few days. Don't kick my door again. After I finish, I will come out and find you."

    Although he wanted to compensate two qi increasing pills to Luo Xuan, he wouldn't do it before he ascended.

    "Psch". This was the first time Ye Mo saw Luo Xuan laugh like that. He dazed. Luo Xuan said speechlessly: "Sigh, I suggest you not to do that. You probably watched to much fighting dramas. Hahaha, don't forget to eat then. I'm going first."
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