Chapter 317: No one can be saved

    Chapter 317: No one can be saved

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    At this moment in the Ye family mansion, there were ten coffins all containing direct lineage of the Ye family. But, Ye Beirong sat in the meeting hall with a bleak face not saying anything.

    The words of those people who came still rung by his ears: "Ye Beirong, the first day is 10 people, the second day will be 50. If we don't see Ye Mo by the third day, the Ye family will disappear from Beijing."

    This was the second day, although there were a lot of anti riot policemen here, no one dared to open fire. No one knew when they would appear and where. It could be said that they were ordered to protect the Ye family but didn't not receive orders to kill the perpetrators.

    Ye Beirong knew what was going on of course. This was because the country's negotiation with the hidden sects was that both sides must not start a conflict. If the government started trouble with the hidden sects or even killed the people in the hidden sects, the hidden sects could kill the offender and the government must not intervene.

    If someone or a sect damaged the government's interests, the government could destroy this person or sect at all cost and the rest of the sects must not intervene.

    But, the reasons the government could tolerate the existence of the hidden sects might be due to that there were indeed powerful people in the hidden sects and could destroy a place easily but a more important reason was that the hidden sects were an important part of the country. Even in the hidden international battles, the main source of power of the country was from the hidden sects.

    Now, Ye Mo started feud with the He Liu sect of the hidden sects and killed seven of them. Thus, the He Liu sect came for revenge. If Han Zaixin didn't intervene, perhaps the first day, the He Liu sect would've annihilated the entire Ye family. Even though Han Zaixin intervened, he only delayed it for two days and at the cost of many lives of the Ye family.

    The normal citizens wouldn't know at all that there were hidden sects in this world much less the crisis the Ye family was facing now.


    "The He Liu sect people are too cocky this time. Do they really think we're afraid of them?" Zhang Jue was very angry. He was the first to go over when the incident at the Ye family occurred. But yesterday, he was injured. If it wasn't for his identity, perhaps he would've been killed like the others.

    Han Zaixin shook his head, "Of course we're not afraid but we can't annihilate them all. If they really want to annihilate the Ye family, no matter how many anti riot policemen we send, it would be useless. You can kill one or two but can you kill everyone in the hidden sects? The country can't just kill off the hidden sects."

    "Elder Tan should be great heaven now right? Wouldn't it be very easy for him to deal with a He Liu sect that doesn't have great heaven state." Zhang Jue hesitated for a moment and said. He was quite close to Ye Mo and now that the He Liu sect people were going to kill all of the Ye family, of course he wasn't going to watch. But, he was no match and couldn't see the He Liu sect people going into the Ye family mansion. He had nowhere to use his power and he knew that the elder Han's words were right. If they really wanted to kill off the Ye family, there was no use even if they guarded the mansion everyday.

    Han Zaixin didn't answer Zhang Jue's question directly and said: "Elder Tan also came from the hidden sects, so did elder Feng. Plus, there are many masters in the hidden sects. Who knows if they have great heaven level masters or not? Plus, the hidden sects have always had contributions to the country. If we completely side with the Ye family on this, it's not suitable.

    But, the Ye family was different from the Ou family. Elder Tan wouldn't ignore it. He would probably persuade the He Liu sect to let the Ye family go. However, Ye Mo haven't appeared now so he can't really say it yet."

    "Hmph, the Ye family is too cocky. That Ye Mo dare kill multiple people from the He Liu sect. I heard that the Broken Fist Hall was also annihilated due to him. If this Ye Mo doesn't give us an explanation, I won't intervene with the Ye family business." A cold voice sounded and Han Zaixin and Zhang Jue were shocked.

    Zhang Jue immediately went into the mansion and checked and then came out: "That was elder Tan, he probably came and left."

    Han Zaixin frowned and after a while, he sighed: "Ye Mo killed too many this time and angered elder Tan. Zhang Jue, don't contact him anymore. Even if Ye Mo came back, it wouldn't help at all but only get himself killed. Ye family, Ye family, sigh...."

    "But hearing what elder Tan just said, as long as instructor Ye comes, he will help mediate the situation." Zhang Jue immediately said.

    Han Zaixin shook his head but didn't say anything. Zhang Jue didn't understand Tan Jiao but he did. Tan Jiao was very loyal to the country but so was he to the hidden sect. it was impossible to let someone like him let go Ye Mo who killed many people of the He Liu sect, which was one of the six big sects. And according to him, the Broken Fist Hall also fell in Ye Mo's hands. It could be seen that Tan Jiao already had prejudice against Ye Mo. This time, he was going to use the He Liu sect to kill Ye Mo.


    At this moment, in the Mi Yang lake in Beijing, inside a bamboo building, there were two elderly men in their 50's sitting opposite to each other. Beside them stood a woman about 25-26 years old. This woman seemed very elegant and peaceful.

    "Elder Tan, after a year of solitary training, your temper seemed to have grown. Are you really going to let the He Liu sect people kill off the Ye family?" the man wearing grey robes asked worriedly.

    Another lean build man with white top sneered: "This Ye Mo is too arrogant and very cruel. Yuanyi was quite possibly murdered by him. I even suspect that he annihilated the Qiao family but Han Zaixin is helping him saying that the Qiao family incident isn't related to him. This time, not only did he annihilate the Broken Fist Hall but also killed multiple people of the He Liu Sect. if I'm still going to keep him alive, how will I face the Dao colleagues in the hidden sect?"

    The grey clothed man sighed: "The president has spoken, the Ye family's situation is different from the Ou family and Song family. The two are suspected of selling the country but Ye family isn't. if we annihilate them, the president wouldn't allow this to happen. Our great China just suddenly have one of its big families being exterminated..... even the Song family is living well in another province. Plus, the president has a good impression of that Ye Mo."

    Tan Jiao's face sunk: "I owe Song Yuanyi. This will be repayment to him. I didn't expect in our time of solitary training, such a monster appeared. I will talk with the president. The Ye family doesn't need to be killed all, but murder must be paid with life. We'll let the He Liu sect kill some to ease their anger but Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng must die. Why can he Ye Mo kill people but others can't kill him?"

    The grey robed man sunk in silence for a moment before saying: "I know that you're being like this because Song Yuanyi and Gong Zizai died in Ye Mo's hands. But, the country has laws. If we do things according to the hidden sects' fashion for everything, the government won't allow it. The hidden sects are strong, but if they fight with the army of the country, the ambitious forces around will use this opportunity to attack our country. Then, what would be the point of us martial arts cultivators? What face do we have to go see our ancestors?"

    Seeing the bleak faced Tan Jiao, the grey robed man said again: "Plus, this time we went into solitary training together and you reached to greater heaven first. It could be said you're at the pinnacle of this world. The more powerful you are, the more careful you need to be or one mistake is the endless pit."

    "Wait another day, if Ye Mo still doesn't come back today, Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng must die. As for the others, we'll have to see what the He Liu sect people say. Even if the He Liu sect people planed to come, it wouldn't be now. They would wait til night." Tan Jiao said.

    The grey robed man said disappointedly: "I heard old Han say that Ye Mo is quite a valuable person but he's just too aggressive. Sigh, he needs to learn a lesson. Young people, too much arrogance."


    "Second uncle, how about we let Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng leave first." The Ye family meeting room was suffocating and Ye Long started.

    Ye Beirong shook his head, "No use. Ye Zifeng already had his leg broken by them and I'm sure that if one person leaves alone, he would be killed by them immediately. Although we don't see them anywhere, as soon as one of us goes out, they would come out."

    "I won't go. My brother will definitely come back after he hears news of this." Ye Ling rubbed her red eyes and said. There was a clear palm print on her face. Yesterday was a disaster to the Ye family. If elder Han didn't come, who knew how many more they were going to be killed.

    Second brother just said one sentence and had his legs broken. The reason they didn't kill him was to wait for Ye Mo to come back. The same was for her as well. They said they would kill her and her second brother in front of their big brother to let big brother know the consequence of messing with the hidden sects.

    As soon as she said this, some people already started looking at her with animosity. This thing was completely due to Ye Mo. If it wasn't for Ye Mo, the Ye family wouldn't suffer such a huge disaster. Yet, the one causing the trouble didn't even come back. If they didn't fear Ye Mo's revenge, they would've started swearing already.

    Ye Beirong looked around and knew how these people thought. He just said plainly: "This is a life and death situation for our family, not a time to complain. If it wasn't for Ye Mo, perhaps our Ye family would've been long devoured by the Song family."

    "Grandpa, why is no one here?" a young member of the family said.

    Ye Long scanned him and said: "The flying snow and anti riot police are out there to protect us but is there any use? When they left, did anyone catch a culprit? And, I'm sure when they come today, no one would notice as well."

    "You're right. We have come but no one noticed us indeed. If our He Liu sect wants to annihilate your family, there's no use even if the heavenly emperor comes." A bleak voice continued Ye Long's words. Before the sound finished, 4 men suddenly appeared in the meeting room. No one even saw how they walked in.
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