Chapter 318: Someone you shouldnt mess with

    Chapter 318: Someone you shouldn't mess with

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Fish Creek

    "Oh, your He Liu sect people are this cocky? But you really took the words right out of my mouth: even if the heavenly emperor comes, I, Ye Mo, will still annihilate the He Liu Sect." an even colder voice sounded.

    "Brother...." Ye Ling was the first to react and rushed over into Ye Mo's arms.

    "Who hit you?" Ye Mo saw the red and swollen face of Ye Ling and immediately surged with fury. At the same time, he put his hand on Ye Ling's face and with the use of chi, the internal blood was removed and soon, her face recovered to be smooth.

    The four looked at Ye Mo and a sliver of surprise went across their eyes. They also don't know when Ye Mo came in but they reacted quickly. They immediately split into four cornering Ye Mo. They were thinking that Ye Mo should be in Chun An now. How did he appear in Beijing? But since he came, he wouldn't be able to leave.

    "I hit her, and I also smacked out her two teeth, so what? Oh, I forgot to tell you. I also broke that Ye Zifeng's leg. This wasn't it. You saw the ten coffins outside? They were all killed by me. Originally, I wanted to go to Chun An to kill you but you came here yourself. Haha, perfect." The short man amongst the four jeered.

    Ye Mo's eyes were ice cold. Although he knew that Ye Ling wasn't his biological sister but she was still his sister in his heart and was no different to Tang Beiwei. Now, someone dared to insult Ye Ling like this, he could no longer control the fury in his heart.

    "It is perfect." As soon as Ye Mo spoke, he came in front of the short man and grabbed his chest. He raised his hand and there were countless slaps. The short man couldn't even struggle in Ye Mo's hands. He could only open his eyes and look as Ye Mo kept slapping his face.

    The sound of beating echoed across the hall. When the other three reacted, Ye Mo came back to Ye Ling's side. That short man he beat up was casually dumped on the ground. He was shriveled like a shrimp and the other 3 could tell that all the meridians in his body were destroyed.

    The short man no longer had any flesh on his face much less teeth. There were only bones at his face. Yet, there were no signs of blood on Ye Mo's hand. It was clean as though he had done nothing.

    "You're asking to die..." another man also reacted and pierced towards Ye Mo with his long sword. It was fast like lightning.

    Clank, the long sword pierced towards Ye Mo was sliced apart by Ye Mo and fell on the ground.

    Then, Ye Mo's hand flashed and this man was decapitated. Blood splurged out but the body was a few meters away from Ye Mo. No one saw how Ye Mo broke the sword, nor did they see how Ye Mo decapitated the man. All they could see was a purple light. After a clank, this man lost his head.

    Seeing the body on the ground and the shorty who had no flesh on his face, the remaining two men immediately went pale. Ye Mo was this petrifying? Did he surpass great heaven? Even the great heaven state wouldn't be able to kill people as cleanly and swiftly as him. This was instant kill.

    At this moment, the two men actually stood dumbfounded.

    Ye Mo sneered, "Mere four earth level fighters dare to start trouble here. You He Liu sect think too highly of yourself."

    Ye Beirong looked at Ye Mo in shock. He didn't even dare to believe Ye Mo came from the Ye family. Mere 4 earth level fighters? God, even one was enough to easily decimate the 5 great families but he said a mere four earth levels. Who was this grandson of his?

    Ye Beirong shivered and looked at the Ye family people in the room, some of them were vomiting, and immediately ordered: "All members of the Ye family leave. There's no business for you here, Beiguang, you go out and take care of the burial of the dead of Ye's family. Ye Long, you stay."

    Then, Ye Beirong looked at the pale faced He Liu sect warriors and surged with excitement. He seemed to have returned to that warring era as hot blood coursed through his veins. Earth level martial artist, actually stood shakily in the hall of the Ye family. Looking at the two, Ye Beirong just wanted to laugh out loud. He wanted to let out the satisfaction in his heart. But when he thought of the deceased who had been ridiculed and insulted yesterday, he felt despondent again.

    "What do you want?" the older man said shakily.

    At this moment, the two were standing still, shivered in terror. They now knew the terror of Ye Mo. No wonder he could easily kill many people of the He Liu sect. With his power, it was very easy for him to kill the entire sect. Funny that they were laughing about bodies everywhere in the Ye family and how the Ye family was begging on their knees when they just came into Ye's mansion just now.

    There was begging but it wasn't from Ye Mo. It was from them.

    The He Liu sect was over. It messed with someone they shouldn't have. They were over too. They had never encountered such a master. It was their bad luck.

    Before they came, if someone said that Ye Mo killed earth levels like scarecrow dummies, they would've thought that person was dumb or crazy. But now, the reality was in front of their eyes. Now, they understood that there were really such masters in the world.

    The era of the hidden sect standing at the top of the world had passed all because a monster like Ye Mo appeared. Unless the hidden sect had a great heaven level master, otherwise, no one would be a match for Ye Mo in the entire outer hidden sect. It was way too easy for him to kill a sect. If he said he was going to exterminate the He Liu sect, he wasn't scaring them. It was the truth.

    Ye Mo sneered, "What do I want? You came to Beijing to kill my brother and my sister yet you ask me what do I want? You just said that the Ye family was going to disappear from Beijing. Why are you asking me now?"

    "How can you let us go? Whatever you want we can do for you." The one begging was the older man.

    Ye Mo reached out his hand and two fireballs flew out. The body and that still struggling earth level immediately turned to dust.

    "Inner qi condensing into fire?" the older man's face went even paler. He had already tried to overestimate Ye Mo but he just realized that he was far from understanding Ye Mo's true power. Inner qi condensing into fire. It was said that even great heavens couldn't do that but this young man did it. Their He Liu sect deserved to be annihilated. He wasn't even thinking about the He Liu sect now. He was thinking about his own safety.

    "Ye qian bei, as long as qian bei will have mercy on me, and spare Si Hong's life, I'm willing to tell qian bei where the He Liu sect is."

    That older man saw Ye Mo fire out the fireball and could no longer control the fright in his heart and knelt down. When death comes, he found that he wasn't willing to die at all. He still had wishes unfulfilled. How could he die like this?

    The hidden sect ancient martial arts cultivators were prideful but no matter how prideful they were, they still feared in the wake of death. Because other than old age, there was no one who could take their lives. But now, Ye Mo just reached his hand and he could kill them. If he had another chance, he would rather hide in a place for the rest of his life than see Ye Mo. Now, he understood that it was very easy for hidden sect earth level masters to die.

    "Let you go? You killed so many people and you want me to let you go?" Ye Mo sneered.

    "I didn't kill the Ye family people, qian bei. It really wasn't me."

    Hong Si suddenly thought that he hadn't killed a single Ye's person. Perhaps he could really survive and his desire to live strengthened.

    "I killed the people. Give me your life." The man who didn't talk at all suddenly jumped up. His sword turned into a beam and rushed for Ye Mo's head.

    If Ye Mo was still stage 3 chi gathering, he could only barely dodge this and use his flying sword to kill the opponent. But Ye Mo knew that this sword was far from the full combo. Even if he dodged it, there would be more moves after it. Perhaps before he used his flying sword he would be at a disadvantage.

    But now, Ye Mo wouldn't give him a chance. His flying sword was far superior than the speed the man could attack. Before his beam reached Ye Mo, Ye Mo's flying sword had cut his wrist. At the same time, he kicked on this man's dan tian. This whole process only took one breath. One breath, and it was already over.

    This man was kicked flying out and fell onto the ground spitting blood. His soulless eyes glanced at Ye Mo and suddenly yelled, "Gong Qiunian you animal....."

    Before he finished, he died.

    Hong Si who still knelt on the ground looked sadly at the man who had his dan tian shattered by Ye Mo's kick. He felt more fear. This was the second time. The second time yet he still couldn't see what Ye Mo used to cut his companion's wrist. He only saw a pale purple ray fade away. But what gave him a deeper impression was that kick. That kick shattered his companion's dan tian.

    Ye Mo just looked plainly at Hong Si who knelt on the ground and didn't talk.

    Hong Si couldn't tolerate the choking silence of death and said shakily: "This time, it was the elder Gong Zizai's idea to come out and rob the blood coral. Elder Gong is earth level tertiary stage. He wanted to use the blood coral to ascend but he died in qian bei's hands. Gong Qiunian is the brother of Gong Zizai. He wanted revenge for elder Gong, so, so....."
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