Chapter 324: Lost

    Chapter 324: Lost

    Translator: Tim  Editor: Fish Creek

    Ye Mo followed but he didn't go far before he was stopped.

    "You are Ye Mo?" the person stopping him asked uncertainly.

    Ye Mo looked at the woman in front of him and realized it was the person he was coming to see today. It seemed that she looked at him for quite a while before stopping him but because Ye Mo changed so much that she wasn't certain.

    Seeing it was Wang Ying, Ye Mo immediately smiled: "Yea, I'm Ye Mo but I came for some business with you today."

    "You really are Ye Mo. you've changed so much. I don't even recognize you. Last time I heard Ye Ling talk about you. You actually came to Beijing!" Wang Ying called out with surprised joy. Although Ye Mo was well known, she hadn't heard of what he had done and neither had a lot of people.

    It was because the people she was connected to were in a whole different league to the people Ye Mo was associated to. And, Ye Ling didn't tell things about Ye Mo to Wang Ying.

    "By the way, you said you were looking for me, what for? But Ye Mo, I haven't seen you for more than a year and you've become so handsome. Did that Ning Qingxue dump you? How about to let me be your girlfriend?" Wang Ying was still so carefree but Ye Mo finally felt some familiarity.

    "Nothing important. When I was at Ning Hai uni, you helped me a lot so I came to thank you. As for girlfriend, never mind, I can't afford a rich girl like you."

    Wang Ying waved her hand generously, "It's nothing. Don't mention it. Let's go, big sis will treat you to a big meal."

    Then, Wang Ying pulled Ye Mo and called a taxi. She then turned to look at Ye Mo, "Don't think that I don't have a car. I'm about to buy a car soon. If you don't have anywhere else to go, just stay in Beijing with me. I'll find you something." Wang Ying was being genuine. She knew that Ye Mo wasn't welcomed in the Ye family and knew that he didn't have any good connections. She was purely trying to help him.

    Ye Mo suddenly remembered about Nie Shuangshuang and scanned his spirit sense out but he couldn't see anything. Normally, Ye Mo would be grateful to Wang Ying treating him to food and would go, but today, he had a lot of things to do so he could only reject.

    "Wang Ying, let's go. Why are you still here? Let's go Luo Luo tonight. I'm telling you that Chi Xuanfeng will also be going." At this moment, a woman came out of the office building behind Wang Ying and said. She subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and Wang Ying, wondering what relationship they were and who Ye Mo was.

    Wang Ying immediately rejoiced, "Really, you're saying that Chi Xuanfeng will really go tonight?"

    "Pfft, why would I lie to you."

    Wang Ying said apologetically to Ye Mo: "Sorry, I can't invite you to dinner tonight. Next time. This is my number. Remember to call me. Shanshan let's go together."

    Ye Mo took the name card and said: "It's fine, next time then. But by the way, I want to ask, that last time you gave me 20k, who told you do so?"

    "It's Li Mumei. I'm going Ye Mo." Then, Wang Ying and that woman got on the car and disappeared.

    "It was Li Mumei?" Ye Mo repeated but he soon understood that Li Mumei wouldn't give him money. The only possibility was that Ning Qingxue told her to do so.

    Although he knew that Ning Qingxue was using him as a shield and that 20k was to compensate for that, Ye Mo was very grateful. To Ye Mo, he didn't lose out on anything and he really needed money at the time. If he didn't have any more contact with Ning QIngxue later on, he would at most thank her but now, it re-ignited his reminiscence for Ning Qingxue.

    "Qingxue...." Ye Mo murmured and remembered the one at Shen Nong Jia, Di Tuo Peak. A girl who risked her life to find him. How could she forget him? How could she be so heartless? Did she not have any memories at all?

    Ye Mo no longer had the mood to look for Nie Shuangshuang. He wandered cluelessly at the streets of Beijing when reminiscing all the relevant event details of Shen Nong Jia, bottom of the cliff. He thought about that small silver heart grass in that yard in Ning Hai and that blood stain on the silver heart grass.

    "Perhaps, I should go back to Ning Hai to have a look." Ye Mo murmured again.

    Ye Mo didn't know how long he had walked for when the crowd ahead interrupted his thought for Ning Qingxue. He found that he already came by the Yan river unknowingly.

    The Yan river and Mi Yang lake of Beijing didn't intersect. They were two famous sites. Those living around the Mi Yang lake were all the wealthy and powerful so it was also called the wealthy lake. Meanwhile, there were very little people around the Yan river. Those who lived here were usually outsiders. Although it didn't have the name of poverty lake, it wasn't much different.

    At this moment, Ye Mo came to the Yan river and the people were gathered around a dead body. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense.

    It was a youth in his 20's. His face was grey but what was scary was that his eyes weren't closed and his terrified expression remained on his face.

    "Ah, Ye Mo, it's you. I'm Xiao Lei. Do you remember me?" A female journalist yelled in joy and walked rapidly to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo saw Xiao Lei who was a little skinny and remembered how she went to Flowing Snake and Shen Nong Jia alone to interview and couldn't help to laugh: "Of course I remember. Are you the great journalist Xiao who's always first to run to the front line? I didn't think you would be covering such a small incident."

    Xiao Lei's face seemed a little sad but she soon recovered, "This isn't small. This man is the 6th that died in Beijing. Everyone died the same way. Terrified expression. I've followed the crime squad for more than a month but we have no leads at all. Sigh, let's not talk about this... um, are you free tonight?"

    "Tonight....." Ye Mo hesitated and said: "I'm leaving Beijing tonight so I'm not free."

    "Oh....." Xiao Lei had some disappointment on her face. She finally met Ye Mo but Ye Mo said he wasn't free. She looked hesitantly at Ye Mo and said: "Ye Mo, I just want to treat you to dinner once. I'm very grateful for last time, so...."

    Ye Mo smiled: "No need haha. You already did last time we went to Shen Nong Jia. Next time, I will treat you to dinner but I'm really busy today."

    "Xiao Lei." There were already people in the crowd calling for her.

    Xiao Lei looked helplessly at Ye Mo, "Okay then, next time, but you must not say you're busy again next time."

    Ye Mo stared at Xiao Lei for a long time until Xiao Lei started blushing before he suddenly said to her: "Give me your hand to me."

    "Huh....." Xiao Lei hesitated for a long time and looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

    Ye Mo laughed awkwardly, "Sorry, I was too straight forward. Did you notice where the people usually die?"

    Xiao Lei looked around nervously and suddenly reached out her hand in front of Ye Mo, "It's fine, here." It was as though her hand was just a thing that she could give to Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo didn't reject but he didn't grab her hand. Instead, he grabbed her wrist. Xiao Lei blushed and wanted to struggle. She didn't understand why Ye Mo did this. In her impression, Ye Mo was a very traditional person. Even if there weren't people here, he wouldn't do such thing much less with so many people.

    Ye Mo's spirit sense felt that there were large amounts of bleak chi inside Xiao Lei's body, just like Zhuo Yangqing before. He immediately knew that Xiao Lei was invaded by this bleak chi. If this continued to increase, she would die sooner or later. Even if it didn't, she would be very sick.

    Since he encountered it and it was someone he knew, Ye Mo didn't mind helping her. If she didn't agree to give her hand out then, never mind. Xiao Lei wasn't Zhuo Yangqing. Zhuo Yangqing was Zhuo Aiguo's niece, so he would help. If Xiao Lei didn't reach out her hand, he wouldn't help her.

    The bleak chi was soon forced out of her body by Ye Mo. Xiao Lei also felt she seemed to be more energetic and light. At this moment, he realized that Ye Mo seemed to be treating her. When Ye Mo let go, she immediately asked: "Ye Mo, is there something wrong with me?"

    Ye Mo nodded: "Yes, try to avoid touching these body. These bodies just died and they have some bleak chi on them. After you touch them, this deathly bleakness will invade your body. Once or twice is fine but you must've arrived the scenes first every time. If this continues and if your immunity is weak, then you would become very sick or might even die."

    "Huh....." Xiao Lei dazed for a long time before saying: "No wonder recently I kept feeling sick and after what you did to me just now, I seemed to feel a lot lighter. So that's it. You saved me again. Thank you Ye Mo."

    Ye Mo frowned. He just found some leads and immediately turned to Xiao Lei and said: "You're welcome. We'll talk next time. I have business to do."
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