Chapter 329: Lost Memory

    Chapter 329: Lost Memory

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    "Why is it like this?" Luo Xuan's mind went blank. There was only one sentence in her mind, "Don't reply casually. If I jump off the building, will you jump with me...."

    Ye brother jumped off because he lost his love but I promised him that I would do whatever he did. The thoughts flashed across her mind like lightning while Ye Mo fell down like a comet.

    In Luo Xuan's eyes, the only one she could rely on now was Ye brother but Ye brother actually jumped off the building. Her mind got blank. She suddenly thought, did Ye brother jump off because that woman promised him something but dumped him in the end?

    But I also promised him as well. The word promised kept ringing her mind. Was he going to be cheated again? At that instant, she didn't want to think about it anymore. She just closed her eyes and jumped off like that.

    The fresh wind brushed past her and she actually felt some sense of satisfaction. Although it was a very short time, she finally realized her dream before her death. She managed to fly for a brief moment. In that instant, she actually felt tranquility and didn't have fear in her heart. She didn't want to think about anything in that moment, whether it was Ye Mo or her sect or her two martial sisters.

    No wonder Ye brother said, perhaps my dream could be realized. Although it was a very short time but it was realized indeed. But what was Ye brother's dream?

    Luo Xuan suddenly felt strange. She should've fallen on the ground long ago. Why was she still not on the ground?

    She opened her eyes and yelled out in surprise: "Ye brother? Did we all die? How come I don't feel the pain of falling on the ground?"

    Then, she subconsciously looked down and realized that she was getting higher and higher, not falling lower.

    What was this?

    Ye Mo stood in front of Luo Xuan with his hands behind his back and said with a lonely tone, "Luo Xuan, thanks for jumping off with me. Let me help you realize your dream. Now, you can fly in the skies."

    Luo Xuan dazed for a really long time before reacting. She looked at the endless sky underneath. It was like a dream. She looked at Ye Mo and asked: "Ye brother, are we really flying in the sky?"

    Ye Mo smiled plainly: "Yes, we are flying now."

    "Ye brother, are you an immortal?" Luo Xuan dazed and asked with more shock. She had long known Ye Mo wasn't ordinary but had never expected him to be this extraordinary.

    Ye Mo shook his head. His expression grew sadder. Immortal was his goal but he and this goal were tens of galaxies apart. He might even never accomplish this goal. He knew he wasn't an immortal.

    Ye Mo didn't reply and Luo Xuan didn't ask. She looked carefully at where she stood and realized it was on the body of a huge sword. Where did this huge flying sword come from? She had never seen such a huge sword by Ye Mo.

    After the initial shock, she finally calmed down. Although she had too much questions, she knew these things weren't something she could understand. If Ye Mo didn't say, she wouldn't ask. She stood by Ye Mo and felt this peaceful night sky and the broad view.

    Light wind brushed past and Luo Xuan had this indescribable excitement and aspiration.

    After long, when Ye Mo felt his spirit chi depleting, he went back on top of the building again.

    Luo Xuan stood on the top of the building. She didn't have any questions nor ask where Ye Mo's flying sword went. She just looked at Ye Mo and said: "Ye brother, thank you. You fulfilled my dream. Although it was just one night, I'm satisfied."

    Ye Mo smiled, "It's fine. I just happened to be able to do it and you happened to be willing to believe me."

    Luo Xuan's mind seemed to have suddenly matured a lot. For ordinary people, the hidden sects people were the apex and mystical beings but to her, Ye Mo was also the apex and mystical being.

    She heard Ye Mo's words and smiled peacefully, "I just don't want Ye brother to be disappointed again or perhaps I didn't think too much at the time and was just a sudden decision. If I had to do it again, perhaps I wouldn't dare to jump."

    Ye Mo looked gratefully at Luo Xuan and didn't speak. Ning Qingxue's attitude after she lost her memory dealt him a heavy blow. It was something he couldn't let go and now, it suddenly got a lot better.

    "Don't tell anyone about me." After a moment, Ye Mo said.

    Luo Xuan nodded. Even if Ye Mo didn't tell her, she wouldn't tell anyone. Tonight's event was too shocking. If this spread out especially to the hidden sects, who knows how great rupture it can cause.

    "Let's go. Let's go downstairs. Those people probably wouldn't be coming tonight." Ye Mo turned back and smiled to Luo Xuan.

    Luo Xuan dazed. She understood now that other than coming up to catch the ghost, he also wanted to wait for her second martial sister to come.


    Yu state.

    Ning Qingxue felt the necklace on her chest and her expression was lost. Ever since that day Ye Mo left spitting blood, she started feeling this heart ache and wearing this necklace could ease that pain.

    But no matter how hard she thought, she couldn't remember where she bought this necklace. And that pill Ye Mo brought last time, ever since she ate it, not only did her skin get a lot better, she also had this immortal vibe to her. It was as though she was going to ride the wind and fly. Although Li Mumei asked a few times what was going on, Ning Qingxue wasn't willing to believe it was due to Ye Mo's pill.

    How could she have any associations with Ye Mo? What sort of a person was Ye Mo? Although Ning Qingxue wasn't too clear, she could understand through what others thought of him and she also knew that the marriage between them was due to family issues. But ever since Ye Mo was cast out by the Ye family, the Ning family had never mentioned the marriage between her and Ye Mo. Did something really happen in this year?

    Ning Qingxue frowned and sat there dazily for a long time until Li Mumei came in.

    "Qingxue, let's go out for a walk. It's not good to stay inside all the time." Li Mumei said worriedly to Ning Qingxue.

    Ning QIngxue shook her head and said: "Mumei, I really don't believe that there's any connections between me and Ye Mo but why did he come to Yu state?"

    Li Mumei's face seemed morose. She didn't want to explain anything to Ning Qingxue. Some things, it was better to stay forgotten for Ning Qingxue. Her mother was right. Since Ning Qingxue stayed with Ye Mo, she was heavily injured twice. And, Li Mumei also knew that Ning Qingxue probably went to Flowing Snake alone once. Although she didn't know exactly what happened, she knew it wasn't simple.

    Seeing that Li Mumei didn't talk, Ning QIngxue sighed: "Is there really something I don't know?"

    Li Mumei sat down, "Qingxue, don't think too much. In the past year, you've seen Ye Mo a few times. I think, I think he probably fell in love with you."

    Ning Qingxue nodded. She knew about herself. She knew that she was too pretty and was getting even prettier recently but she really didn't care about that. What she cared about was accomplishing a successful career. Since her parents already left the Beijing Ning family, she needed to do something for the family. That was her goal. It was very normal for Ye Mo to fall in love with her but it was impossible the other way around.

    Seeing that Ning Qingxue seemed to have agreed with her words, Li Mumei felt relieved. "Okay, Qingxue, I'll take you to see some old friends in Beijing. It's not good to always stay here by yourself in Yu state."

    Ning Qingxue shook her head, "Mumei, I don't really want to go to Beijing. I don't like that place. Mumei, do you know where this necklace came from? It's really good. I can feel it curing my heart ache."

    Li Mumei looked worriedly at Ning Qingxue's necklace. Although she didn't know where it came from, she was certain it had something to do with Ye Mo.

    "I'm not too sure. I think you probably bought it in Beijing. But this necklace looks really good. If you remember where you bought it, even I want to go buy one. It seems to be made from warm jade. It's really pretty." Li Mumei liked this necklace even though she knew it was related to Ye Mo.

    Ning QIngxue put the necklace down and said after a while: "Mumei, I've searched for some cases of memory loss on the internet. If it's a really soul etched memory, then even if you lose it, you will have some impression but I have no impression for Ye Mo at all. This means that although there is him in my lost memory, it's not very important. So, I don't really mind if I can recover this memory or not. You don't need to worry."

    Ning QIngxue saw the worry in Li Mumei's eyes and comforted her.

    Li Mumei thought and agreed. If Qingxue was really deeply in love with Ye Mo, then how can she have no impression at all. Perhaps Qingxue was right. Was she tricked by Ye Mo's sweet words during the days she stayed with him.

    Thinking about this, Li Mumei wished she could tell Qingxue's mum immediately. Maybe they thought wrong from the beginning.

    Li Mumei suddenly thought of something and asked Ning Qingxue excitedly: "Qingxue, do you know the Jue Yun temple?"
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