Chapter 332: Marks that disappeared very quickly

    Chapter 332: Marks that disappeared very quickly

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    Luo Xuan thought that she did stay in the same room with Ye Mo last night and now that her martial sister asked, she felt embarrassed. Her face was even burning a little. Originally, she thought it was fine and Ye Mo didn't say anything but now that her martial sister asked, she felt perhaps it wasn't so appropriate.

    Luo Yin could tell that if she didn't meet Luo Xuan in time, it would only be a few days before Luo Xuan also lost her virginity. Although she didn't like Ye Mo, she had to commend on Ye Mo's means. How long has it been and even Luo Xuan was so admiring of him. She was sure that Luo Xuan met Ye Mo after moving into the new place.

    Looking at her martial sister's face, Luo Xuan knew she misunderstood her again so she could only say: "Big martial sister, we'll talk about this later. Ye brother is still waiting for me over there. Let's go over first."

    "Luo Xuan, tell me, if you didn't meet me, where were you going?" Luo Yin asked seriously.

    Luo Xuan peaked at her martial sister's face and said without much confidence: 'Originally, Ye brother was going to Ning Hai and I was going with him, then, then...."

    She thought about it for a long time and eventually didn't say that she was going with Ye Mo to the He Liu sect to kill people. If she said this, perhaps her martial sister would rage immediately.

    "Okay, now you don't need to go anywhere since we met up. Come back with me immediately." Luo Yin said decisively.

    "But, but...." Luo Xuan hesitated before looking back at Ye Mo and then said: "but martial sister, I've already promised Ye brother I'll be going with him...."

    Luo Yin immediately interrupted Luo Xuan's words, "No, Luo Xuan, you must come back with me. So many things happened this time, and Luo Lin is already with that Qi Yulin. If something happens to you again, what would master do?"

    Luo Xuan said pitifully: "Big martial sister, Ye brother was tricked before and he lost his love. If I go back on what I promised him, he would be tricked again..... so, so...."

    "You're still denying that you're not in a relationship with him. What's his losing love got to do with you? You need to comfort him? As time goes on, you can replace that woman who tricked him right? No more so's, we must go back. This isn't just about you and him, it's also about the Ni Luo Sutra. Do you know how important the Ni Luo sutra is to our sect? now that we found the book, we must get news back immediately to prevent more people outside from knowing." Luo Yin said seriously.

    "Big martial sister, are you preparing to go back now?" Luo Xuan didn't dare to say much after her big martial sister mentioned the sect.

    seeing Luo Yin nodded, Luo Xuan fell into silence. After a while, she said while looking at the ground: "Then big martial sister, I'll give Ye brother a notice."

    "Mhm, go quickly. I'll go buy the plane ticket." Then, Luo Yin also headed towards the ticket window.

    Ye Mo saw the two discuss for nearly half an hour before Luo Xuan came back. He could guess some of the things that was about to happen.

    "Ye brother....." Luo Xuan came over and said with difficulty. She didn't know how to break it to Ye Mo. She said that she would follow where Ye Mo went but now, she was going to go back on her words.

    Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on and smiled: "Is your big martial sister telling you to go back?"

    "Mhm, but I already promised Ye brother to go with you to the He Liu sect." Luo Xuan said guiltily.

    Ye Mo waved his hand and said: "Then go back quickly. You know about my power so if fate brings us together again, we'll meet in the future."

    "But, but...." Luo Xuan said a few buts. She really wanted to stay with Ye Mo and go around. If she goes back, she wouldn't be able to come out again. And, she felt very comfortable staying with Ye Mo and everything she wanted to was successful. She had been looking for the Ni Luo sutra for two years and as soon as Ye Mo came, he helped her solve the problem.

    Ye Mo felt the dependence Luo Xuan had for him. He thought about Ye Ling and Tang Beiwei and subconsciously rubbed Luo Xuan's head. Luo Xuan's face blushed. She didn't expect Ye Mo to do this but she didn't move. She actually quite liked it.

    "No buts, go back with your big martial sister. She's right. The Ni Luo sutra is very important to your sect, go back and cultivate." Ye Mo also quite liked this smart yet very innocent Luo Xuan.

    He thought of when she nervously went to the 9th floor to catch the ghost and when her face when she gave him the qi recovery pill with worry. She even promised him and closed her eyes and jumped off the building. Thinking about all that, Ye Mo actually felt a little disappointed she was leaving.

    "Ye brother, will I be able to see you again?" Luo Xuan saw Ye Mo's expression and suddenly remembered Ye Mo's lonely face last night and felt guilty. She was almost about to say, I can stay back with you. Although she knew that after this departure, she would never be able to see him again. She still couldn't resist asking the question.

    Ye Mo came to his sense and his face returned to normal. He took out the last chi increasing pill and tens of fire ball charms and gave it to Luo Xuan: "these things don't have much use to me, you can keep that to reach earth level. And these charms, I made them. You can throw them at your opponents, you only need to say the word Lin."

    Luo Xuan took the things Ye Mo gave him and said helplessly: "Ye brother, I can't take this pill. It's too precious."

    "Take it. If I need it I can make it any time. As for whether or not we can see each other again, that's not important, after I'm done with my things, perhaps I will go there. Your big martial sister is here. I'm going." Ye Mo turned to leave. He knew that Luo Xuan's big martial sister doubted him so he didn't want to see her.

    Luo Xuan suddenly said: 'Ye brother, wait."

    Luo Xuan took out a small jade bottle from her pocket carefully and gave it to Ye Mo: "Ye brother, there's only 3 qi recovery pills here Keep them."

    Ye Mo took the jade bottle. It was because of these pills that he truly understood Luo Xuan.

    Seeing Ye Mo disappear from her sight, for the first time, Luo Xuan disconsolate. She had this unexplainable feeling of lost and sadness in her heart. She knew that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to get into the small world at all.

    "Luo Xuan, do you like him?" Luo Yin suddenly appeared beside Luo Xuan and looked at Ye Mo and asked.

    Luo Xuan was shocked awake. She quickly put the things in her hands into her pocket and said with a bursting red face: "Martial sister, what are you talking about. Ye brother has someone he likes, and, I'm a dao cultivator...."

    After a while, as though asking her martial sister or as though asking herself, "Can we meet again?"

    Luo Yin smiled, "Luo Xuan, you gave your most qi recovery pills to him, and you're still going to say you don't like him? Perhaps the most precious wasn't the qi recovery pill but that jade bottle."

    "Martial sister, you, you saw it?" Luo Xuan's face was blushed but it was more due to longing and sadness.

    Luo Yin sighed: "Let's go Luo Xuan. We're not of the same world as him. You're right. You won't be able to meet again even if he's from the outer hidden sects. Some things are best left aside, if you think about it too much you will hurt your spirit. And, the things he gave you, don't let master see when we go back or she will be disappointed."

    "Mhm, I know, martials sister....." Luo Xuan looked down.

    She knew that Ye Mo would not be able to enter the small world even if he knew the entrance no matter how strong he was. And after she went in, she wouldn't be able to come back out. Even if she could, it would be 50 years later. 50 years, how many 50 years can a person live?

    A rumble sounded, a white passenger jet shot into the blue sky disappearing amongst the clouds. Luo Xuan could no longer control her emotions as her tears splashed on the stony ground but the mark disappeared quickly.

    Luo Yin sighed and heled Luo Xuan's hand: "just like the your tears on the ground, he will disappear quickly. Let us go, Luo Xuan."


    Ye Mo saw Luo Xuan and her martial sister get on the plane and ensured there were no masters following, before turning to leave Chun An airport.

    Half an hour later, Ye Mo appeared at Ning Hai. He packed away the flying sword and called a taxi returning to that house he lived at with Ning Qingxue.

    Standing at the door, Ye Mo actually felt empty. His spirit sense immediately scanned that Xu Wei wasn't there. Did she move away? Her room was empty. There was nothing. It seemed she really moved away.

    Ye Mo opened the door lost in thought as he walked in. there were many leaves on the ground in the yard, obviously, there hadn't been anyone to manage the garden for a long time. Only that silver heart grass on the flower pot barely survived but its dry leaves showed that no one had been caring for it for a long time.

    Ye Mo silently walked to the flower pot and touched the silver heart grass with his hand gently. As though feeling something, the grass seemed a little more alive.

    Ye Mo took out a bottle of water and tipped it around the silver heart grass. The water soon seeped in.

    At this moment, a voice sounded from outside, "who's back, can I come in?"

    Ye Mo scanned his spirt sense out and thought strangely, why would she be back?
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