Chapter 337: Seek Vengeance

    Chapter 337: Seek Vengeance

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    Ye Mo took back his spirit sense. He really didn't consider this Xie Weizheng a threat. He was waiting for one eyed and Han Zai. If they couldn't finish the job he gave them, then not necessary to keep them alive.

    One eyed didn't stay out for very long. An hour later, he had come back to Ye Mo's room with Han Zai. However, he held in awe and veneration when he looked Ye Mo. Ye Mo knew that it was his fireball charm that shocked him.

    "Ye qian bei, the mission is done."

    Ye Mo nodded: "Not bad. Draw a map of your HQ for me."

    "Yes." One eyed sat down and took out pen and paper. Soon, he drew a rough map.

    Ye Mo took the image and looked. It was indeed different to the one Chen Qing gave him last time. It seemed that the Earth Fiend HQ wasn't at where the two drew but these two places were two gathering spots.

    Seeing Ye Mo frown at the map, one eyed immediately said: "Ye qian bei, when our killers are out on a mission, they will report back the situation every day. If at night someone still didn't report back, then it meant that something had happened to that killer. If we depart for Hong Kong at this moment, that person would've been long gone by the time qian bei get there."

    Ye Mo smiled plainly: "I'm sure that when I arrive he won't be gone yet. You don't need to worry about it. Now I have another mission for you two. If you can do it well, then you don't need to call me qian bei, and you can go work for my company. If you can't, then I don't need to say anything else."

    "Yes, qian bei, Yang Jiu and Han Zai will be able to finish the mission." One eyed heard Ye Mo's words and rejoiced. He was very smart. He knew that Ye Mo had some concerns for them two. Now that Ye Mo said this, it meant that if they did the mission well, they could be treated as Ye Mo's own men.

    Just by Ye Mo's power, he felt that it wouldn't be too bad working for Ye Mo and he didn't need to worry about Gu bug.

    "Okay." Ye Mo clapped: "In the room 206, there's a guy called Xie Weizheng. He was attacking my friend so I beat him up. I'm busy tonight so I don't have time to play with him. You two can treat him. I guess this guy is calling people for help. If they do things over the top, you can kill them. I will take the responsibility."

    Yang Jiu immediately said out loud: "Qian bei don't worry. Such a clown I can kill in the flip of the hand." He was worried that Ye Mo looked down on his power because ever since Ye Mo walked in, they didn't even have the ability to resist. If Ye Mo looked down on their abilities, then he wouldn't give them too important tasks so he needed to show himself and his true capabilities now. He needed to tell Ye Mo that other than him Ye Mo, everyone was a piece of cake for an earth rank killer like him.

    "Okay, perhaps I will come back tomorrow. I will see what you do. That friend of mine is called Su Jingwen. She was originally the person you two were going to kill. Okay, I'm going." Then, Ye Mo left the room and disappeared without a trace.

    Seeing Ye Mo suddenly disappear, Yang Jiu wiped the sweat from his forehead and gasped. Ye Mo gave him such a huge pressure. Especially that last sentence, he almost knelt down.

    "9th uncle, this Ye qian bei is too strong. I've never seen someone as strong as him and that fire ball charm, it's just, it's just..." Han Zai stuttered.

    Yang Jiu sunk into silence for a while before saying seriously: "Han Zai, I've gone to many places and experienced countless dangers. I've seen some tough people even some ancient martial artists. I've even killed a yellow level martial artist myself but I've never seen someone as strong as Ye Mo."

    "9th uncle...." Han Zai looked hesitantly at Yang Jiu.

    Yang Jiu stopped him and continued: "Han Zai, we can also take this as an opportunity. Ye qian bei is definitely the strongest person I have seen. If he can really finish the Gu king, then we can sell our lives to him and don't plot anything. We will only get stronger if we follow the strongest.

    He thought of the fire ball charm Ye Mo gave him and still felt fearful. There were many strange things in this world but he had never seen a piece of paper that could turn a living person into flying dust in an instant. This was too out of this world.

    Yang Jiu waved his hand and said: "As for whether this is our fortune or hell, it all depends on this mission. Su Jingwen is the target we have to protect. You can see that Su Jingwen definitely isn't only an ordinary friend of Ye qianbei. Perhaps she's Ye Qian bei's woman so we must not fail this mission."

    "Yes, 9th uncle, I will listen to you." Han Zai wasn't dumb. Dumb people wouldn't be able to enter Earth Fiend. He obviously knew how important this mission was.

    Yang Jiu nodded and said: "If we succeed this time, we can follow Ye Mo qian bei but if we fail, then death is the only thing that awaits us. So, even if we die, we can't let this mission fail."

    "9th uncle, I think we might as well go in and do this to that Xie guy." Then, Han Zai made a cutting pose with his hand.

    Yang Jiu sneered, "Can we go kill people in the open now? As soon as we kill that Xie guy, we will be hunted by the police. And if we are hunted by the police, how can we take care of Su Jingwen once that Xie guys people attack her? Our main goal is to protect Su Jingwen, not kill this Xie Weizheng. Plus, even if we are going to kill him, we must not let anyone know."


    Ye Mo found Su Jingwen sitting in a coffee shop dazing. He didn't know about Su Jingwen's feelings towards Xie Weizheng so he didn't go interrupt her.

    In Ye Mo's heart, Su Jingwen had always been his friend, a knowing friend. He didn't think too much. As to what Su Jingwen said at the door way, he treated it as anger words.

    But, he felt that Su Jingwen had no feelings for that Xie guy at all. Su Jingwen wasn't as easy to talk to as she seemed. She had this stubbornness in her heart. If she had determined something, then no matter how you persuaded her, she would follow her own opinion. She was very strong-minded while that Xie guy was too subjective. It was very hard for Su Jingwen to like such a guy.

    Ye Mo walked by Su Jingwen's car and opened her car door. He put a few fire ball charms on her seat before leaving quietly. Although he believed Yang Jiu's words, he couldn't believe anything completely. He still left Su Jingwen with some self protection measures.

    If Su Jingwen was hurt due to him, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

    Su Jingwen sighed and walked out of the coffee shop. She didn't know why she said such words. It wasn't because of his cousin but he was afraid Ye Mo would look down on her for saying such stuff. And, would Ye Mo misunderstand due to her cousin's words. But, she couldn't go up to Ye Mo and explain such things. This made her very troubled.

    Although her cousin's attitude and vicious words hurt her a lot, that wasn't the main thing now. She didn't even care about it at all now because she had completely seen what sort of person her cousin was. Before she felt apologetic for rejecting her cousin, but now she didn't feel that at all. She still couldn't believe that the person she met today was the cousin who was usually very gentlemen-like.

    Su Jingwen opened the car door and felt lost. At this moment, she suddenly really wanted to go look for Ye Mo but didn't have the courage.

    Hmm, Su Jingwen looked at the 5 fireball charms on her seat in shock and suddenly felt warm. Ye Mo came but saw that she was absent minded in the coffee shop and didn't go in, but he still cared about her and left 5 charms fearing that her cousin would do bad things to her.

    Although she knew that her cousin wouldn't do something over the top, Su Jingwen still grabbed the fireball charms tightly. She was very grateful for Ye Mo.


    Ye Mo stood on the flying sword and flew to Hong Kong like a speeding comet.

    Earth Fiend was too nefarious of an organization, killed so easily. A minute that this organization existed, Ye Mo felt uncomfortable for a minute.

    Ye Mo felt a little tired flying to Hong Kong because this distance was a little far. His cultivation level was still a little low. Ye Mo found a place where no one was and landed. He was prepared to rest a little bit before releasing the Gu bug and following it to the Gu king.
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