Chapter 356: Luo Fei with nowhere to go

    Chapter 356: Luo Fei with nowhere to go

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    However, Ye Mo immediately began to worry a little. Luo Xuan's big martial sister wouldn't do anything to her, but what if Luo Xuan found out that the Ni Luo Sutra was on Luo Ying? Then what would she do?

    Ye Mo was sure that Luo Xuan might be killed once she became aware that the Ni Luo Sutra was on her big martial sister. He just didn't know if the big martial sister would be able to do it.

    Ye Mo sighed. Three sisters eventually ended up like this, all due to a mere Ni Luo Sutra. He looked sympathetically at Luo Fei and asked slowly: "Is there someone you suspect?"

    Luo Fei hesitated for a long time but shook her head in the end. Even if she did suspect her big martial sister, she wouldn't say it.

    Blood dripped along Luo Fei's leg, and Ye Mo just realized that Luo Fei's situation wasn't as positive as it seemed. It was hard to tell because there was too much makeup on her face, but from the sweat running along her forehead, the situation seemed dire.

    "You're having a miscarriage?" Ye Mo frowned and realized the seriousness of the issue. After hearing Luo Fei's words, he no longer had any killing intent towards her. He only had sympathy. It would seem she was too inexperienced to have actually been enchanted by that handsome and gentlemanlike Qi Yulin.

    Ye Mo shook his head, thinking that this woman was truly tragic. She had that man's seed in her and was still being hunted by him. Eventually, the child in her belly had been kicked by that man. No wonder she mentioned to Qi Yulin that she didn't care about her life, but there was something she did care about. It was probably the child in her stomach.

    He thought of a certain saying; "Men are afraid of entering the wrong career, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man." Luo Fei's situation was a classic example of following the wrong man. She sacrificed so much for him, yet he didn't even believe her and hunted her down.

    Ye Mo took out a lotus life pill and put it into Luo Fei's mouth. It melted upon contact turning into endless life force while nourishing Luo Fei's body. She looked up at Ye Mo in astonishment. The moment the pill entered her body, she could tell it wasn't simple. She wouldn't have expected that he would be willing to give her such a pill when she had been the one to ambush Luo Xuan.

    Ye Mo took out a few bottles of water, heated them a little with his chi and put them in front of Luo Fei. Then, he gave her some towels: "You can deal with it yourself. I'll be waiting for you up ahead."

    When Luo Fei saw the bottles of water and the towel, she was shocked even more. She clearly saw that Ye Mo didn't have any bags on him, so where did the water come from? This person was too mysterious.

    Compared to this, the hot water didn't mean much, because anyone who cultivated inner qi would be able to heat the water.

    When she came to her senses, Ye Mo had walked a long distance away.

    Ye Mo shook his head. He knew his heart had gone soft. This Luo Fei's encounters were too pitiful. Not only was she tricked and hunted by the man she loved, she was also completely used by her big martial sister. She didn't even dare go back now.

    Ye Mo sat on a rock. He was waiting for Luo Fei. Luo Fei definitely wasn't going to go back to the small world. She owed him, hence if he asked her some things now, she probably wouldn't reject.

    Luo Fei did things really slowly. Ye Mo waited for an hour but still didn't see her come out. However, Ye Mo couldn't really use his spirit sense to check. She was having a miscarriage after all. Ye Mo didn't worry that anything would happen though. His lotus life pill was enough to cure something ten times more serious.

    In his boredom, Ye Mo took out his phone and was about to call Zang Jiayan. Luo Yue was developing and its fame was rising rapidly. This made Ye Mo very happy. The first step of his plan was already working. Now, he just needed to continue working, and it wouldn't be a problem to establish a commercial empire in the pharmaceutical industry.

    As long as he became the number one commercial empire in the world, he believed he would be able to collect all the spirit herbs very easily.

    When Ye Mo took out the phone, he realized that phones also needed charging. The battery was out despite it having been turned off.

    Ye Mo put down the phone in disappointment. He had already noticed Luo Fei walk over, so he stood up. Luo Fei had removed her masquerade and seemed like a completely different person. She was a very beautiful woman. Her leaf like brows were very enjoyable to look at. Although she was a little lesser than Su Jingwen in looks, her cultivation method made her have a more aristocratic and royal temperament.

    Ye Mo suddenly thought cheekily that if she were to go like this to the night club as a prostitute, she might cause a full on craze in Yu state.

    The lotus life seed was indeed a good thing. One couldn't tell what she had gone through at all. Even her face was ruddy. However there was still a little sadness and despondency in her eyes forming a stark contrast with her face. Seeing that her body was completely clean, Ye Mo praised her in his head. She seemed to have taken a shower with that little amount of water. Women were really unimaginable creatures.

    He suddenly thought of Luo Ying. In the desert he had given her a pond and at that time, Luo Ying had used that little amount of water to wash herself completely clean like the purest of goddesses.

    Luo Ying... Longing flashed across Ye Mo's eyes. He had been searching for a few months, but there was still no news of her.

    Luo Fei walked in front of Ye Mo and bowed respectfully before saying: "I don't know what Qian Bei is called, but thank you for saving my life. I know that Qian Bei must have something to ask me. I will tell you everything I know."

    Ye Mo applauded this woman's intelligence. He waved his hand and said: "No need to call me Qian Bei. I'm friends with Luo Xuan. Luo Xuan calls me brother Ye, thus you can call me that too, or Ye Mo is fine as well."

    Hearing about Luo Xuan, Luo Fei got a little absent minded again but immediately came back to her senses. She looked at the powerless phone in Ye Mo's hand and knew that Ye Mo wasn't able to make a call. So, she passed over her phone and said: "Brother Ye, here is my phone. You can use it."

    Ye Mo took it and gave Zang Jiayan a call.

    Receiving a call from Ye Mo, Zang Jiayan was very excited. He had simply admired Ye Mo's character before and followed him to Flowing Snake impulsively. But in this short time, they actually became hugely successful. Countless CEO's and managers came to Flowing Snake in person for no other reason but to see him.

    Zang Jiayan reported the sales of Luo Yue Corporation in detail, but there wasn't much progress with the herbs Ye Mo had asked them to collect. They didn't even collect some of the rare herbs, much less the spirit herbs. Ye Mo was very disappointed.

    It seemd that Zang Jiayan understood this problem as well, therefore Luo Yue was prepared to look for a partnership in Beijing in two days. According to their plan, they would look for 4 partners around the globe. Luo Yue would provide them with some ingredients to make the beauty pill, while they would in return help Luo Yue Corporation look for those materials.

    Of course, all the partners could develop and contract subsidiary companies, thus spreading the mission of the Luo Yue Corporation around the world.

    Ye Mo was rather happy about this method and told Zang Jiayan that he would be leaving his phone on in the near future, so if there was any problem, he could call Ye Mo. If he finds the time, he might go to Beijing too.

    Ye Mo then hung up the phone and returned it to Luo Fei.

    Luo Fei took the phone and looked at Ye Mo in shock: "You are the big boss behind the Luo Yue Corporation?"

    Ye Mo smiled, "You don't need to make me sound so mysterious. The reason I don't show myself is because I've got other things to do. Luo Yue corporation is indeed mine. But who would've thought that someone like you would care about such things."

    There was some struggle in Luo Fei's eyes as though she wanted to say something but couldn't make up her mind to say it.

    Ye Mo could tell and said: "If there is something, just say it. If I hadn't saved you, you would've already been dead. What do you still need to hesitate about?"

    Ye Mo was very straightforward, but in her mind, Luo Fei felt Ye Mo was right. If Ye Mo hadn't saved her, she really would've been dead.

    Taking this into account, she bit her lips and said: "I don't have anywhere to go now. I heard that beauty pill is very nice and I would like to buy it too. But, I don't have any money. After finding out that you're the big boss of Luo Yue, I wanted to go to your company, but then I realized that I can't, so..."

    "Oh, how come?" Ye Mo asked.

    Luo Fei fell silent and replied after a while: "Because my origin is very mysterious. That Qi Yulin came from the same place as me, but his status is higher than mine. Now that he disappeared, the first one they would be looking for is me. Besides, due to the Ni Luo Sutra, I've become a target of a lot of people. Once news gets out, everyone would think the Ni Luo Sutra is in my hands.

    If I get caught by myself, I just die. But if I join your company, then I could perhaps bring disaster to it. Plus, even without these things, as long as I don't go back I might be found by them, and they would kill me without hesitation."

    So that's the reason. Ye Mo smiled, "So mysterious how, it's just an inner hidden sect. Bring disaster to my company? Although I didn't agree for you to join my company, it's not because I was afraid of you bringing them to me. I really don't care about your hidden sects. If they don't mess with me it's fine, but if they do, I can be a very vengeful person."
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